TeaCakes Brewing Guide

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The ceremony Our suggestions to make the perfect cup every time.
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The Ceremony

~~As with all the finer things in life a little care and attention to a few crucial details makes all the difference. Following these recommendations will make the difference between a good cup and an outstanding fulfilling tasting tea.

Quality Tea

~~The perfect cup of tea is made with fresh high quality tea leaves, our teas are of the very highest quality and in many cases bought direct from the farmer, with no long supply chain we truly believe our teas be some of the best freshest teas on the market.

The best water

~~The best tea is only as good as the water with which it is prepared. Fresh water is important as it contains more oxygen, which will enhance the taste of the tea. Tap water is acceptable (allow the water to run so the water is aerated), we recommend using bottled spring water or filtered natural mineral water for best results. Distilled water is not recommended due to the lack of mineral content this will cause a flat infusion. Never use hot water from the tap or water that has previously being boiled as this will result in a flat, dull tasting tea with little aroma.

Measure Tea Carefully

~~In order to produce consistency and make small adjustments to strength.

Water Temperature

~~Please see our suggestions for each individual tea on the product page. Traditionally, green tea should be brewed at 180°F/82°C, modern society makes it necessary to consider that water may not be free of harmful bacteria and other impurities. Therefore you need to boil water to kill bacteria. If you wish to use traditional brewing temperatures bring the water to a boil and allow it to cool to brewing temperature.
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Brew the Tea

~~Tea brews better in a teapot than a cup, the water has more room to circulate around the leaves to produce a better infusion. Timing is a crucial element, the taste and quality of your cup of tea can differ according to the brewing time. Steeping time will depend on the type of leaf and the leafs grade, many teas can be a pale colour so brew by recommended time not by colour. The steep time should be long enough for sufficient flavour elements and tannins to be extracted. A short steep time will result in a thin insipid tea, over steeping will turn the tea bitter and it will have an overpowering imbalance of tannin.

Ensure the Teapot is Clean

~~Pre-warm the teapot by swirling a small amount of boiled water in it then discard, if hot water is poured into a cold pot, the temperature of the water will drop too quickly and the full flavour of the tea will not be extracted, pre-warming the pot helps to keep the tea hotter during and after the brewing process.

The Cup

~~Just as important as all the previous steps is to pre-warm the cups, it does make a difference to flavour and also prolongs the heat in the cup.

Brewing tips

~~If you prefer a stronger flavour from your tea, its best to add more tea instead of increasing the brewing time. Sensitive teas will taste bitter if infused longer than the recommended brewing time. If you are brewing two or more teas together, we recommend using the shortest brew time and lowest temperature of all the teas, hotter temperatures are critical for Oolong tea, it releases the fragrance and the teas top notes of flavour.

Adding Milk or Sugar

~~Adding milk, sugar or a sprig of mint to black tea is a matter of your own personal taste, we only sell the best loose leaf tea and would recommend tasting the tea first before adding anything extra, some people believe adding sugar masks the true taste of the tea. If you prefer a sweeter tasting tea we recommend you try one of our fruit teas or a white tea which are so delicate and naturally sweet that milk and sugar is not needed. Milk is not normally required for green teas, but if you prefer a sweeter taste we recommend a little honey.

Share the Love of Tea

~~If you found this guide useful or interesting please click the green thumbs button below, it will help Ebay tea drinkers discover new tastes. Whole Leaf Tea tastes amazing, and it's super beneficial to health. Our all natural subtle flavours complement our high grade teas perfectly. Make someone day just a little better and share us with social media. Thanks you're amazing.
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