Teenage Makeup Application Tips

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It's fun to be a teenager. Clothing fits well without effort and cosmetic colours look great. The most important point to remember when
using lots and lots of makeup as a teenager, is a good cleansing routine. Makeup can pose a real threat to teenage skin and cause more skin issues than you can handle at this age, so take care and cleanse well.

The good thing about makeup today, there is a vast amount of choice and best of all, the goodness that mineral makeup has to offer.

As a teenager, you should opt for more natural looking colours as your skin is naturally beautiful and peachy. If you love to express yourself with colour, do it with the clothing you wear.

When applying your makeup, think soft, think subtle and only apply makeup using light application. Use colours that match closely to your natural skin tone.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • If you have acne, blemishes, scarring or dark circles, then use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation if you use one. Otherwise, opt for a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover any imperfections and blend well.
  • If you love using eyeshadows, then opt for soft pinks, peachy, blues, lilacs or nude.
  • Keep your brows well groomed by brushing them regulary and fill any gaps with a soft colour brow liner to match your brow hair colour.
  • Use a soft black or brown liner to line your top eyelid as closely to your lash line as possibly and if you like using liner on your bottom lid, make sure you don't go overboard on application.
  • Apply two coats of mascara in either soft black or soft brown to the top lashes, try to steer away from using mascara on your bottom lashes.
  • Depending on your skin tone as being warm or cool, use soft colour blush such as peachy or for a cool tone, use soft pinks. Don't dab on your blush without blending into your cheekbones. Stay away from bright red colours on the cheeks. Try a light bronzer for a natural all over colour.
  • For the lips, opt for soft sheer glosses or lipsticks, but no reds.

Ready for your party now? you go girl!

My recommendation for a good mineral cosmetic line is Afterglow Cosmetics. Afterglow Cosmetics focuses on offering the most natural color cosmetics on the market, free of many of the synthetics, preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemical, dyes and fillers found in traditional cosmetics.

Afterglow's unique blend of minerals and natural pigments have been very carefully formulated with your health and beauty in mind. Afterglow create luxurious cosmetics with very few top quality ingredients to ensure effectiveness and product safety.

A great kit for teenagers to get started on is the Afterglow Glow Kits which can be purchased at AfterglowCosmetics.co.uk or FreeToExploreBeauty.co.uk. Priced at £49.00 you get lots of mineral powders enough to complete a full face and the accessories to go with it including a cruelty free vegan cosmetic Baby Kabuki Brush, suitable for vegetarians as well.


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