Teeth, claws and ATK / 5000 - OUCH

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By Sachin Mehta

Dragon Master Knight

UE02-EN001   (Limit 3)  


ATK 5000         DEF 5000

[ Dragon / Fusion ]

"Black Luster Soldier" + "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon"
This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. This card gains 500 ATK for each Dragon-Type monster on your side of the field except this card.

Casual: 4
Tournament: 2.5
Visual: 4
Overall: 3.5

Oh yeah, we've been waiting for this... well, we should have been waiting for it; it is a cartoon classic.

Fusing together a crazy Ritual Monster with a crazy Fusion Monster produces another 5000 ATK monster for the Yu-gi-oh game. Joining Five-Headed Dragon in the 5000 ATK club, Dragon Master Knight has the ability to become even larger due to its effect. Add some more Dragons to your side of the field and you could be looking at a 7000 ATK Monster. Wow. Scapegoat, D. Tribe, and Axe of Despair and this card has 8000 ATK :) ha, good luck pulling that combo off.

But seriously, what does Dragon Master Knight offer us other than the joining of Yugi and Kaiba? Use good old Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands to get Black Luster Soldier to your hand and then use Polymerization with many King of the Swamps as substitutes for BEUD... you might just be able to make a deck around this. Meh... maybe, it'd be fun to try certainly.

So if you pick up the combo pack that includes this card, why not create a deck around it... you'll feel like Yugi and Kaiba combined! (Maybe)

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