Television Minefield LCD - Plasma - Freeview - HD Ready

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I recently wrote a guide and highlighted the Sony Bravia, well for those who do not want to pay too much there is an alternative.

My main concern that I have come across is that some retailers are not giving good advice it seems that all they are interested in is selling a TV and not what is best for the customer.

Primarily my preference is LCD but that is not to say that it is better than Plasma it is just my preference from having worked with an awful lot of TV sets in peoples homes.

Try to ensure that any set you purchase has built in Freeview although it is not the end of the world if it has not as all that need be done is to plug in a separate freeview receiver and you have almost the same result.

Make sure that the set has at least 2 scart sockets.

HD ready does not at this stage really matter it is not the end of the world if it is not HD ready, personally I am a little disappointed with HD, yes it is good but I would not say that it blows my socks off.

For the cheaper set Tesco is as good as anywhere, their after sales is first class, my experience has been that their policy is no quibble they simply swap the set when under warranty which is 1 year, not that I have seen many that have had to be returned.

The cheap sets available are not too bad, my experience has been that they are on the whole pretty reliable and I have not seen any with a bad picture so long as the aerial is OK so do not be put off by some of the strange names that are out there and they are nearly all pretty easy to operate. One or 2 of the smaller sets can have somewhat tinny sound so check that out before you buy.

Happy viewing folks.

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