Temperature Controlled Vehicles

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Temperature Controlled Vehicles
At New Vehicle Solutions our aim is to find the right van for you even if this means having it built to your exact specification.
As we are not tied to any single manufacturer we can convert any make model or size of van to either a chiller or freezer van.
We have joined forces with Coolkit who are unrivaled in quality and service and specialists in the conversion of temperature controlled units.

Our refrigerated vehicle (fridge van) conversions combine two basic elements which we are prepared to install at short notice, resulting in the shortest downtime for your vehicle and minimal inconvenience and lost profit for you.
Our fridge conversions are FAST, from order through build and to delivery we aim to have the vehicle with you within 3 weeks.

Firstly, Insulated Lining

The first element is an insulated lining to prevent most of the external temperature penetrating the vehicle load space. Employing state-of-the-art technology, we develop all our own insulated lining products using 3D CAD software, and manufacture them with incredible precision using CAM software and CNC machinery. The resulting products are engineered to be as light, strong, durable and thermally capable as possible. 

Secondly, Refrigeration or Heating System

The second element is a refrigeration or heating unit (usually propelled by the vehicles own engine) to extract what unwelcome heat does penetrate the lining. CoolKit will help to specify a suitable refrigeration unit so that vehicles converted using these linings will always maintain the correct temperature in ambient temperatures of up to 30°Celsius. We offer refrigeration units from the ranges of Hubbard, GAH, Carrier and Diavia. (Of course, if you have a preference, we will supply any unit of your choice).


How does a refrigerated van work?

The fridge unit simply removes heat from the inside and distributes it into the air on the outside, while the insulation prevents heat from seeping through and warming the load.          

Why do I need a refrigeration unit?

If you load your products into just an insulated vehicle, they will gradually warm up due to the warm air entering the vehicle, and heat leaking through the insulation. This is why a refrigeration unit is essential to extract this heat from the warm air and keep your product at the correct and loaded temperature.

Tips to improve efficiency

Pre-chill for approx 15 minutes before loading.
Switch the fridge unit off while loading.
Minimise the time that doors are open, and close as soon as possible.
Product should be stored at the right temperature before loading.
Do not block the evaporator air intakes or outlets.
Allow space around all sides of the load for air circulation.
Check the load temperature regularly.

 When using power standby

Check in advance that the supply is suitably rated to power the refrigeration unit.
Switch the vehicle engine off.
Switch the cab control off before connecting mains lead.

Our Customers

Foodservice, food manufacturing and wholesaling
Catering and vending 
Vehicle leasing and hire
Supermarket home delivery
Sample analysis laboratories
Blood transfusion services
Pharmaceuticals and vaccines
Forensic services
Pets and livestock
Data transportation
Metallurgical coatings

Should you have any questions or feel we can help in anyway regarding a new chiller or freezer vehicle please call us direct on 01446 773098 

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