Templates for people who have trouble communicating

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I have noticed that there are a number of people that use eBay who have problems communicating. So, I thought as a public service I would create some message templates that you can copy and paste when you need to communicate with sellers.

For the purpose of this guide we shall address 2 issues.

1. Item not received.
2. Item received but not as described.


Before contacting a seller there are a few things you can check yourself. Firstly, when was the item posted. Often sellers will mark the item as dispatched and/or contact you directly to advise you that the item has been dispatched. You can also check the type of carrier service used such as 1st class, Second Class etc (this is displayed on the listing). Once you know the dispatch date and the type of service used you can assess whether an excessive amount of time has passed. If you believe that you have allowed enough time then you should contact the seller.

Avoid sending messages such as 'Where is my item'. or 'Have you posted my item' because unless sellers drive around delivering the items themselves they will not be able to tell you where the item is and if you have received confirmation of dispatch then you will already know that the item has been posted. Generally both these messages, whilst common, do not serve any purpose and don't actually address the issue that you as the buyer have which is that you have not received your item.


Hi, just writing to let you know that I have not received the item that I purchased on DD/MM/YY. Please can you advise your procedure for items not received.

This not only informs the seller that the item has not been received but also allows them the opportunity to explain the procedure so both the buyer and seller know what to expect, the timeframe involved and how the issue will be resolved.

Item received but not as described

Sometimes you will receive an item that you think does not match the description. It is important to remember that if there is a problem with the item it is unlikely that the seller has mis-represented the item intentionally. This is a common complaint from buyers - 'you sold me something you knew was faulty or not as decribed'. To intentionally miss-sell items does not make any sense. eBay have a robust buyer protection process and if the item is not as described then eBay will find the complaint in favour of the buyer and a full refund will be issued, the buyer protection case will count against the seller, the buyer will usually leave a negative feedback with corresponding low DSR and the seller will be out of pocket the cost of (at least) outward postage. So why would any seller in their right mind intentionally miss-sell an item - the simple answer is they wouldn't.


Hi, thank you for the item xxxx which has been received. Unfortunately I am experiencing problems with the item.

(Provide details)

Please can you get back to me as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance

Remember that the above may require several communications ie the seller may come back with responses to the list of problems that you have outlined. As with any relationship communication is the key. Try to remain polite, friendly and work with your trading partner to reach an amicable resolution.

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