Ten Chart Toppers of 1953

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1 "Outside of heaven" /  ** 2 "She wears red feathers" ** 3 "How much is that doggie in the window"

   "Lady of Spain"

   Eddie Fisher                          Guy Mitchell                             Lita Roza


4 Wonderful Copenhagen" ** 5 "Seven lonely days" /          ** 6 "I believe"    ** 7 "Limelight"

                                                "Til I waltz again with you"

    Danny Kaye                        Gisele MacKenzie             Frankie Laine      Frank Chacksfield


             8 "Moulin Rouge" ** 9 "Poppa Piccolino" ** 10 "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus"

                Mantovani               Diana Decker                       Beverley Sisters


Ten other big sellers: "Answer me" David Whitfield ** "In a golden coach" Billy Cotton

"Don't let the stars get in your eyes" Perry Como ** "I'm walking behind you" Eddie Fisher

"Hold me thrill me kiss me" Muriel Smith ** "Pretend" Nat King Cole ** "Broken wings" Stargazers

"Hey Joe" Frankie Laine ** "Look at that girl" Guy Mitchell ** "Swedish Rhapsody" Mantovani

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