Ten Top Tips for buying Hatching eggs on Ebay

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Ten Top Tips for buying Hatching eggs on Ebay

Wanted to take the opportunity to share with you a few tips when buying hatching eggs on the internet.

You hear of some bidders having bad experience on Ebay and not getting the product they ordered.. I have been using ebay for many years now and believe me there are some great ebay sellers out there.

Firstly finding a great seller is not that hard and please remember to rate my guide.

1. Look for sellers with a high feedback rating and positive comments.

2. Do they display a contact telephone number ( give them a call ask questions)

3. Ask for more pictures and close ups, you want to know what your buying not a picture of something 6ft away. Genuine breeders of poultry will be only to pleased to send you pics of there stock.

4. Fertility rating make sure these eggs are described as believed fertile of fertile.

5. If the seller makes a fuss about postage affecting fertility- then somethings not right! Postage affects hatching not fertility, After all these eggs your buying are belived fertile before they were sent!

6. If they have a web site check it out you will get a better idea of who you buying from.

7. Remember you are buying fertile eggs for hatching and to ensure you get eggs less than four days old.. you may have to wait a few days for them to arrive.. be prepared.

8. Postage and packaging make sure your sellers offers you the alternative to post special delivery or first class then its up to you to choose. Always insist on polyboxes these ensure the eggs arrive safely and can be re-used.

9. Check the eggs when they arrive, keep them cool and out of the sun for 24 hours before incubating, best to turn them twice during this time.

10. Add the date you incubate them in pencil on the eggs.


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