Ten must-have features to competitively sell

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1)Easy to remeber Ebay names;

Names are critical to the success of any business. Short and qwerky names are best because they are easiest to remember.

2)Provide convenient payment method;

Shoppers will appreciate secure and quick payment methods. There is no better example than Paypal. Sales will be won and lost because of the payment methods you offer. It is worth offering multiple payments to broaden your target audience.

3)Promote Trust and security;

Tell the ebay shopper about your feedback and keep them up to date. A customer who received excellent customer service is much more likely to be loyal than a angry customer. Remember, it can be quite intimidating pressing "pay now" or "submit", we all now from experience.

So what promotes Trust?

Detailed product descriptions that show you're knowledgeable about the product/service your selling OR a statement that explains how you are going to handle any problems the customer may have.

4)Choose Goods and Services that buyers want;

If you are going to buy wholesale make sure you do your research. Don't spend £100 on a job lot of something that you dont actually know will even sell. You can check "completed items" to see how much they sold for and how often.

5)Have a regular influx of new products;

Once you have got your loyal customers dont bore them with your usual goods, try selling new stock in a completely different catergory.

6)Be current with Upkeep and improvements;

Dont be left behind by other sellers if new payment protections are available or services that may benefit your sales. Read emails sent to you by ebay and read blogs ! You can sometimes get a heads up on whats going to be popular for the month.

7)Personally interact with your customers:

Produce a Blog or Memo about yourself so buyers can trust you more. Its simple and effective. Also send courtesy messages after a sale has been completed as well as polite feedback messages.

8)Advertise your products in the right catergories;

Self explanatory

9)Blow your own trumpet;

Customers will be asking "who is this guy" , "Why should i trust this place" and "who are these people". Be sure to brag about your experience, your background anything that may reassure customers.

finally . . . . .10)Create a well organised web site;

Use your description space wisely. Create a attractive yet professional advertisement to sell you rproduct. Take time to design a template and use it consistently. Use colours or underlinings, especially paragraphs. Check for spellings as well. 90% of customers will not buy from someone if there is a spelling mistake !

Thank for reading and go sell some stuff . . . . . Ryan

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