Tentastic refusing to accept returns on damaged goods

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We purchased a Rage Haastard 8 Berth Tent from Tentastic, at which point we had now complaint at the service received and the tent arrived within the time as described on Ebay.

However we went on holiday last week after 3 days of our holiday we went out to Newquay for the day, however due to the appaling weather conditions we returned back to our tent.

On our return we found that one of the Carbon Poles had snapped in half and ripped the Fabric of our tent, to prevent any further damage being caused we removed the damaged pole but due to the loss of one of our pods and which was used for sleeping in we decided to cut our holiday short by 4 days and return home.

I contacted Tentastic to enquiry regarding the warranty on the poles and fabric and sent the relevant photographs through to assist with the claim.

Today i received an email from Tentastic 

I am sorry to inform you that for a pole to snap in such a way it will have been placed under severe strain suddenly. Even a pole with a weakness would not snap in such a way unless put under sudden extreme force.

A further email was then sent ot Tentastic asking how to return the tent to obtain a refund as only being 3 months old, i would like a refund, a further email was received and reads:

I am sorry to inform you that the pictures you have sent show a fault that cannot possibly happen on it's own. I am quite sure that some force has been applied to the tent causing the pole to break in such a way. Poles do not break in this way normally as they would split or splinter along the length of the pole and not across the diameter.

As the damage has been caused to the tent rather than being a result of a manufacturing fault I am afraid we cannot accept the tent back.

So what Tentastic are saying is that i would go out and snap the poles on my tent to get some money back!! - why would i do when i have 2 young children and cannot afford to go abroad every year plus i have spent over £500 buying a trailer and equipment to go with the tent.

I would not recommend Tentastic at the time, due to the appaling customer service i have received, along with the liablise claims they are making against me.

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