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Always easy to write a negative when things go wrong. To balance the debate I bought a Rage 6 man tunnel tent back in April for my Holiday in "sunny" Cornwall August 2008 from Tentastic.

This is the first camping experience I have ever had (persuaded by my Sons that "it would be fun". As you know this Summer has been a disaster, and my 2 weeks in Cornwall were very very wet as it rained every day, anyway back to the tent the tent was easy to put up not via instructions but just common sense. When erected it was as described "very large living area". Just one problem one of the poles split on erection, soon remedied with good Duck tape. The bedroom areas were very comfortable and warm at night.

Throughout the holiday other Campers were leaving the site as their tents were leaking and poles breaking in the night with the strong winds, my one saviing grace was my tent it never leaked even in extreme "summer" conditions and the poles stood firm throughout (we did have a gravel pitch). At the end of the holiday I left my tent for disposal, but this was nothing to do with the quality I just decided that camping is just not for me.

My Sister and Brother in Law were with us in their new £300 + Outwell tent which performed very well, they enjoy and camp on a regular basis their tent was noticably more comfortable due to the sewn in main groundsheet all around the tent, however I spent just under £80 with postage which did protect us from the very poor weather and the split pole fixed for 1m of ducktape, just as well I hadn't spent £300 + just to learn that I just don't enjoy camping !!    

I hope this can help balance the debate



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