The 4 Golden Rules of Website Design and Implementation

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 1: Planning
How to structure a site, and plan your content so that it will stand out from the crowd. This starts with a domain name that is catchy and actually spells out what you are either selling, the service you provide or what its purpose.

CHOOSE A NAME - GET THE NAME - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE .CO.UK AND THE .COM before spending lots of time and effort on your new enterprise

2: Production
Do you really need to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) ? Not really, but it does help if you know some of the basics of HTML so that if any errors do occur when the source document is published and transferred to your host or server, the simple problems can be ironed out.

There are programs you need to help you build a web page. The real star package is dreamweaver, flash and photoshop.  Even today you can knock up a really stunning website with these tools. 

3: Publishing
Web servers explained, and how to get your webpages from your computer onto the WWW.  Search on google for a domain host.  Really spend a few hours finding the best reputable host. THERE ARE MANY COWBOY HOSTS OUT THERE.  Promise you the world and do not deliver.  Take time to find the right one

4: Publicising
How to ensure that someone other than family or friends will actually visit the site you've put so much effort into.  This is the tricky bit.  you have this far and no one lloks at the masterpiece you have built.



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