The ACTUAL postage cost of DVDs or computer games.

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I thought i would write this guide not to annoy or anything but rather to inform people about the true postage cost of sending a DVD or computer game.

The idea behind it is to stop those people who sell fake or copied goods but try to con you by saying that "they have no case but this is ok as it makes postage cheaper" or some variant of this.

The fact is it costs around 66p to send a single dvd or game. I understand people have to buy the envelope etc or might want to pay for their E-bay costs with the postage, but this shouldn't mean charging £3 for a single dvd or game. But of course there is no box (why not?) so it will only be £2.50 "what a deal!".....rubbish.

What's more if you buy two, then the price is doubled.....i dont think the post office works that way somehow so they shouldn't either (what happened to buying in bulk so you get some reduction?). I mean paying £5 postage for 2 dvd is not on, the postage cost actually comes to under a pound.

OK this is more of a rant than a guide, but ive seen this too many times and it just annoys me so much. So just be aware of it and pass the message on and maybe we'll make it a more fair and honest place.


Any ideas you have towards this subject would be appreciated.

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