The Absolute Truth About Roulette Systems From The Cash

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Roulette Systems.

Roulette systems have been around as long as the game itself.  There is nothing wrong in having a little fun trying out different schemes to see how you get on.  However, there is a huge amount of nonsense written about systems so I thought I should put the record straight.

I am known as "The Cash".  I ran Scotland's top casino for over twelve years and have had much to do with casino gaming for over thirty years.  I taught many croupiers, inspectors and managers about the business and have educated them and gamblers alike on the truth about numbers systems. Methods of training which I introduced decades ago are still being used in casinos all over the world.  (Of course, these days the majority of casinos are run by accountants who understand figures and percentages but have no clue about how to run gaming.  They do not use my methods and, although they inevitably make large profits, they are mainly the ones with the problems regarding poor reputations.)  In other words, I know a bit!

The reason I wished to write this guide is, not to break any great secret held by casino operators (because there isn't one), but simply to make one thing clear. .  .  .







That statement is as clear as I can make it.  Most sensible people are surely aware of this fact but, for some inexplicable reason, roulette system sellers appear to get sufficient business from the sale of such.

The important factor to bear in mind is the phrase, "In the long term".  Plenty of systems will produce wins at some point or other but that proves nothing. If I told you the next time you walk into a casino the first number to come up will be 27, I would probably be correct in quite a few instances and some of the more gullible would be convinced of some super knowledge or divine intervention.  The fact is, no one can ever predict what number will come up and when.

I offered £10,000 to anyone who could demonstrate a true numbers based roulette system which guaranteed winning in the long term.  No one has ever claimed it.  Strange, since so many people are stating they have possession of such a system.  Of course no one will claim it. There is NO SUCH THING.  Please take my word for it.  If you still feel there just might be a way of beating the odds, I suggest you spend a little time studying the way the game operates.  It really is not to difficult to see why no player can win in the long term. A winning numbers based roulette system is like religion or ghosts; for some inexplicable reason, people just believe it exists. 

There are credible systems for some games.  Black Jack being the most well known.  I did sell my Black Jack System for some years but do not do so any longer.  There have been numerous television programmes and various articles about "card counting" since I developed it.  A number of people claim to have invented it.  Most available today are corrupted versions of my elegant system but still make money for lots of people.  The reason I will not sell the original is because, in my opinion, the effort and time required to win substantially does not equate.  I have to admit, lots of players find it is worthwhile for them.  I just do not agree.

The method I used for over thrity years to win at roulette has nothing whatsoever to do with any number system.  I discovered how to use a little-understood principle by using roulette to generate large wins.  I kept it a secret for over thirty years and have used it word-wide totally undiscovered.  It is only since 2005 that I started to licence the method (at around £5,000) to boost my retirement and I genuinely limit the annual sales to 100.  It must be stressed, it has absolutely nothing to do with a numbers system, merely a method of using the actual game of roulette to provide returns.  Most of the licencees have difficulty understanding why it is successful and not all of them are able to follow it through.  The easiest way to explain is to state I will probably lose more often than you, or the "normal" player.  The difference is, WHEN I win (which everyone does sometimes), I win substantially.

Anyway, to get back to the point of this guide.  There is no numbers based system which will win in the long term.  FACT.

In twelve years of running the casino, I welcomed ALL system players who were banned from ALL other casino because they won!  Although a few of them repeatedly won large amounts, they all ended up losing eventually  (I even permitted Black Jack card counters!  Modern casino operators just don't know how to cope with these players and just ban them as a matter of course!)   

There are lots of roulette systems which will win on lots of occasions.  So what?  You WILL lose in the long term.  Read about them free from the likes of Scarne or maths experts.  You will learn a lot more than paying for a variation of some D'Alambert system bought from one of the so-called system sellers.

In order to protect the gullible members of the public I believe .  .  .  .

It should be made illegal for anyone to sell, or attempt to sell, numbers based roulette systems.

For those who still wish to play roulette I do offer some elementary advice on my eBay site on how to save a little money for gamblers who bet multiple numbers.  I regard it as pretty basic knowledge but have not met a player who worked it out for themselves.

If you play roulette, enjoy yourself.  Enjoy your percentage of a few winning sessions.  Play in the sure and certain knowledge you will not win in the long term.  No one has and no one ever will.

 It might be interesting to see what this stirs up.  I am ready to respond to any poor, deluded soul who might still claim they have the winning system!   

  The Cash.

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