The Beginner's Guide to Go-Kart Parts

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The Beginner's Guide to Go-Kart Parts

Putting together a Go-Kart is a great activity for parents and kids that can help them bond. This task does require some mechanical know-how, but most people can learn this with the right knowledge and determination. Before delving deep into mechanics, it's a good idea for beginners to first gain an understanding on kart parts.



The chassis is perhaps the most essential part of the Go-Kart. This is the metal framework that holds the entire cart together, and the builder attaches parts like the seats, engines, and wheels. There are many different types of chassis to consider. Some designs have an open configuration and some have a roll cage. Others have a centred seat and some have them on the side like a regular vehicle. Buyers must consider the type of terrain, driving style, and preference when choosing a chassis.


Engine and Transmission

The engine is the next most important part as it powers the cart. Most karts need small four-or two-stroke engines to give enough power to run. Air-cooled four-stroke engines can offer as much as 50 horsepower and several manufacturers like Kohler, Honda, and Tecumseh offer these types for fun karting and racing. The two-stroke engines usually come from manufacturers who focus solely on making engines, like Yamaha, Vortex, and Titan and can deliver up to 90 horsepower and 125cc displacement. Many also offer the more advanced water-cooling system. The power from the engine has to reach the Go-Kart's axles, which is the part the transmission plays. The type of engine dictates the type of transmission system, but it's essential to know this in case replacement become necessary.



The body refers to the outside shell of the Go-Kart. This piece should be made of a lightweight material so it does not weigh down the kart too much and should have some aerodynamic design considerations to reduce air drag. Of course, a nice, flashy body also looks great on the road and can help intimidate other drivers.


Other Parts

There are many other parts that a Go-Kart requires. The proper tyres for the terrain are necessary to ensure the kart has a grip on the road and prevent accidents. The braking system is another essential part and, like cars, buyers can choose between the drum or the disc brake type. The engine has many supporting parts which can make in a different when it comes to performance. The radiator cools down the engine and prevents it from overheating. The throttle controls the mix of air and fuel which spurs the combustion process, at least for petrol engines.

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