The China Ems Rate , Buy a item in China

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Today i got my second negative feedback, the reason is the shipping of item, all my items are seem "Low Price , High shipping rate" , Sometime , I wanna cry out that "Does my price is cheaps is the wrong ?"  this is the misunderstand between the chinese and the western people, 'cause the western people don't konw why the chinese things are so little money ?  if the man bid a $0.01 or £0.01 things , they thought those things are wothless, so if the shipping fees is some high ,they may be anger about this, then leasve the  negative feedback.

Then How to buy a things in China :

1. Before you buy a things at Chinese seller , To ask the Total price of the items , this because the most chinese seller are earn the money not on the item itself, most are earn the money form the post office , the bonus  that post office give us ,  The cheapest shipping rate is the chinese EMS ,  the seller sell more they can get the bonus more, for the item can take up the 50% of the shipping bonus , and the ebay fees can take up the 20% of the shipping bonus , so the seller just can get the 30% of the shipping bonus , so if you ask a chinese sell the shipping fees on ebay , that shipping fees will is the 95% of the total price, this is not like the western seller, and for this selling way is be recommend by the eBay Chinese group, this is not violation eBay's low , and the buyer can got the low price things , this will be happy the them.

2. When you buy a item , you can wo see the UK seller 's price or use the Google to get  the price first , usually the chinese seller are 50% cheap that the local seller .

3. To buy the  wholesale list , 'Cause the shipping fees  are high that Uk Local shipping fees (the distance  are  not same ~LOL) ,if you just buy one PCS, the start price of the EMS are the 18 GBP form China to UK,  but if you buy  this item in the local seller , the shipping will be the 3~5 GBP.

Here are the EMS Shipping rate:

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Price List for International EMS  

Zone Destination of EMS First 500g Additional 500g          Destination of China Express 

5                  U.K.                      280CNY        75CNY      France,Germany,Ireland, U.K

280CNY = £18.6373 ;   75CNY= £5

And any Buyer wanna konw more can give me the mail :

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---letter to the buyer who give me the 2nd negative feedback----------------------------------------

Dear [hidden]:

Thanks for your fast payment of those " 50 PCS EMBROIDERED CHINESE SILK HANDBAGS " , You must  confused that why the bid price just
£0.01, but the shipping fees are the  £ 63.00 , Right ?  you must believe that i list the High shipping fees , right ?  Actually, I am not list the high shipping fees ,  just the bid price are low price ,  Let me calculated the shipping fees for you.

Shipping by Chinese EMS (this is the lowest rate one, the UPS or DHL more high price that this one) :

The the shipping rate that eBay verified, this the official website, You can give the mail to eBay to ask, thanks

[Guides can only contain links to eBay pages , so you can see the link in my items description ]

We can see the "Zone 5" ,  U.K. in the "Zone 5" , You can see  The First 500g need 280 CNY (£18.6373), and the Additional 500g are 75 CNY (£5) , and for this package 50 PCS bags , Each bag about  60 G , 50 PCS are about 3 KG, include the boxing, the final weight  are the 3KG~3.5 KG, and According to the China EMS rate, the shipping are the £18.6373+ (£5*6)= £48.6373 , and the Package & Handing Charge will be the £6 , the  final  price will be  the £54.6373 , but we can't get this money in my local bank, Use the paypal ,for a Chinese means the high paypal and eBay fees , this will the 10% of the total  funds, so we will add those fees on the £54.6373 , so the  final will be the £54.6373 X111.111111%=  £ 60.71 

And why the shipping fees is writed the £ 63.00. that must be the exchange rate , this not fixed , thanks

All the shipping fees on my list are be calculated by the China EMS  and the Item weight, this not the high shipping fees , and not violation  eBay's law.

And now , You must wanne konw why we can sell those item are so low price , if you to read my feedback, the most feedback are talking about the item quilty , noly a few feels that my shipping is high , maybe some of them are  confused  before them bid , but i explicate this to them, and all the wrong bidder ones , i cancel thires deal. Those item are very worng to buy, thing about that buy a handwork bags just need the 1~3 GBP and include the shipping fees , but those bags can sell as the 10~35 GBP on UK market , 'cause we have the original  facotry in China, the the labor force in China very we sell those things so little price.

and you can also to read my other guitar at , thanks for you time, and looking forward your reply, thanks

Bst wishes,

Yours Ryan

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