The Classic Mini - A Tall Persons Guide

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Tall People and the Classic Mini - Never the Twain shall meet?

I often have tall people tell me that they are just too big for a Classic Mini although they would love one. This just isn't true. With a few very cheap alterations we can get even the lankiest of our friends behind the wheel of our beloved Minis.

I am going to ignore the method used by one of my customers as he is 6ft 7in and simply removed the back seat and bolted a bucket seat to the floor then fitted a harness. Top man !

Step 1 - The Seat Extender

This is the 1st step in my 3 steps to tall happiness. These are so simple its silly. The fit between the seat and the floor to let the seat be moved further back. How easy is that. Rear passenger leg room may vanish but who cares! These can also be fitted to passenger seats if you have a tall partner.

Step 2 - The Steering Column Drop Bracket

As you will now be sitting further back the position of the steering wheel may make you feel like a Bus Driver. This simple little bracket changes the angle of the steering column so you will no longer need arms as long as a monkeys. The wheel will once again be in a comfortable position.

Step 3 - A Mountney 10" Steering Wheel

This step is not really necessary and not all of you will want one but a lot of my taller customers have found these useful a they prevent banging of the knees. They also give a great race feeling to go with the seating position.

The Best Bit

Steps 1 and 2 only cost around £13 and can be fitted in 30 minutes. It really can open up the whole World of Minis to lots of people who have only dreamt about it.

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