The Complete Buying Guide to Mens Belts

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The Complete Buying Guide to Men's Belts

For most men, a belt is more than a simple accessory that helps keep a pair of pants in place. Instead, it is considered a fashion statement, designed to complement an outfit in just the same way a good quality pair of shoes does. A number of considerations can affect the purchase of a new men’s belt; a buyer should consider the length of the belt he needs, whether he prefers a leather or a synthetic belt, the colour of the belt, and the type of buckle he prefers. When a buyer has already taken the time to think about what is important to him in the purchase of a belt, he can easily find just the right belt to complement his wardrobe.

Men’s belts are sold at retailers such as men’s clothing stores, department stores, and leather goods stores. Belts are also sold online. A buyers looking for a good quality belt can also choose to visit the online auction site, eBay, where a number of listings of men’s belts are available at competitive prices.

The Right Length for Men’s Belts

Men’s belts come in a range of lengths, designed for different sized waists. A belt that is either too long or too short looks unattractive and is likely to be uncomfortable to wear. From a style point of view, a shorter belt is more fashionably acceptable than a belt that is too long. The following table provides a list of belt sizes and the corresponding lengths in centimetres and inches.

Belt Size






Waist in cm






Waist in inches






When purchasing men’s belts, buyers should remember that the ideal belt length for a man includes a few inches of extra belt past the buckle. There should be enough belt length remaining to slip it securely into the first trouser loop or the belt’s loop, if applicable. Another method of choosing the correct belt length is to identify the belt that matches the wearer’s trouser size, and then choose one size up.

Choosing Leather or Synthetic Men’s Belts

Men’s belts are available in a range of materials, based on how durable, formal, or expensive the belt is. Choosing the belt material should depend on the outfit that the belt is to be worn with as well as the buyer’s budget.


Men’s leather belts are considered to be durable and are ideal for both formal and casual attire. Top quality leather belts are expensive and feature tight stitching and supple leather. Although they tend to be fairly expensive, leather belts offer the most flexibility with any wardrobe and are among the more common types of belts for men.

Men also have the option of exotic leather belts. These belts, commonly made from alligator, crocodile, ostrich, or snake skin are very expensive and designed for casual wear. They feature interesting patterns and are of high quality.


A canvas belt is worn with casual pants. They tend to be fairly durable, comfortable, and inexpensive. Canvas belts come in a wide range of colours. When looking for a canvas belt, be sure to buy one with reinforced belt holes for durability.


Men’s polyester belts are inexpensive, durable, and come in a wide range of colours and patterns. Polyester belts are usually worn with casual trousers. They come with different styles of buckles.

The Various Colours of Men’s Belts Available

When it comes to men’s belts, there is a range of colour options. With leather belts, the more common colours are black and brown. When it comes to choosing a formal belt to wear with an outfit, buyers should remember to match the colour of the leather belt with their leather shoes. The rule with casual belts is more flexible. A formal belt that has a shiny leather finish should be paired with shiny leather shoes of the same colour. A matt leather belt should always be paired with matt leather shoes.

Buckle Options in Men’s Belts

Men also have a few options when it comes to belt buckles, which range in colour, size, shape, and type of clasp. Buckles can best be divided into dress belt buckles and casual belt buckles.

Dress Belt Buckles

Dress belt buckles are predominantly either silver coloured or gold coloured. The rule when it comes to dress belt buckles is that the smaller the buckle is, the more formal it is. A dress buckle is usually square or rectangular in shape and is very simple with no embellishments. It is important to remember that, when wearing a dress belt, one should match the colour of the belt buckle to other accessories. For example, when wearing gold cufflinks or tie pin, one should choose a gold belt buckle; when wearing silver accessories, one should wear a silver belt buckle.

Casual Belt Buckles

When looking for casual belt buckles, the rules are more lax. In general, a casual belt buckle can be any shape or colour. It may have embellishments, lettering, or motifs. A casual belt can be worn as an eye-catching fashion statement or as an understated clothing accessory. The best way to choose a casual belt buckle is to match it to your current wardrobe.

A Few Tips for Wearing Men’s Belts

There are a few tips that men can take advantage of when looking for new belts. These tips relate to fashion etiquette and ways to stylishly accessorise with a belt.

The width of a belt should be considered. Dress belts are generally narrower than casual belts, and a belt should always sit comfortably within the trouser loops. It should neither be too narrow nor too large for the trouser loops. A belt is fed into trouser loops around the left side of the waist first, so that the end of the belt will be tucked into the left side loops once buckled up.

In general, belts are not usually worn with shorts. The only exception is when one is in a semi-formal setting, such as at a golf club or country club. When it comes to fashion, one helpful tip is to always wear a belt when wearing a shirt tucked into trousers, and be sure to match a dress belt with dress pants and a casual belt with casual pants. Try to stay away from wearing a dress belt with casual pants or casual belt with dress pants.

One final tip that every man should remember is to never punch holes into his belt. If his belt is too small, then he should buy a longer belt that fits him properly.

Storing Men’s Belts

A properly stored belt should provide the wearer with years of accessorising pleasure. Belts range significantly in price, and a top quality designer leather belt needs to be taken care of. Belts should be stored by being hung vertically in the wardrobe, from the buckle. They should be kept away from direct sunlight so that they do not fade. They should also be kept away from direct heat sources so that the material does not dry out or crack. Belts hung vertically retain the shape, and seams stay intact longer.

Finding Men’s Belts on eBay

Men looking for belts on eBay can take advantage of the website’s simple search methods. The easiest way for a buyer to search is to type "men’s belts" into the search bar on eBay’s home page. This provides a long list of belts for sale on the website. To further refine their search, buyers can use the more advanced category search options. These include searching by seller and price. For the buyer who knows exactly what type of belt he is looking for, he simply needs to type this into the search bar. For example, typing "men’s black leather Gucci belt" or "men’s canvas belt" can bring up lists of belts for sale that match these terms.

In order to make the buying experience more enjoyable, eBay offers seller feedback profiles. Buyers are recommended to always check a particular seller’s feedback rating before making a final purchase. The detailed seller ratings show buyers the level of service they can expect. Sellers who have received negative feedback should be dealt with cautiously.


When buying men’s belts, there is more to it than heading to the closest belt rack in the department store and buying the first one that catches the eye. Belts are more than a simple clothing accessory. Rather, a man’s belt can help to complement his outfit. A man can use the right belt to make his outfit more or less formal, and his belt can create a fashion statement, or it can be quietly stylish. When it comes to men’s belts, buyers need to know the length of belt they need, the type and colour of belt they require, as well as the style of buckle they want. It also helps to have an understanding of how different types of belts should be worn, when choosing a new belt. Belts range significantly in price and quality, and good quality belts should be stored correctly so that they offer years of wear. A buyer looking to purchase a belt on eBay can take advantage of the website’s useful search tools.

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