The Complete Guide to Auto Grease

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The Complete Guide to Auto Grease

The smears of black on your hands after you poke around under your car's bonnet come from auto grease. Metal parts, especially those that move, such as the parts of an engine, require some sort of lubricant to operate smoothly and effectively. Since oil is too slippery for certain applications, mechanics use grease instead, since it is more viscous and sticks to the components better. Discover more about grease and find out what kind of auto grease you need for working on your vehicle.


Choose Auto Grease for the Correct Applications

Manufacturers create and sell different types of grease for different purposes. For example, if you simply need some grease on hand for the odd car repair at home and a few other projects, choose grease designed for a broad range of applications. If the components that you plan to grease function at low temperatures or high temperatures, look for a type of grease that can handle that specific set of conditions. Some varieties of auto grease work particularly well for vehicles bearing heavy loads. Avoid using specialty greases for other industries, such as those intended for the food processing or those with radiation resistance, on your car.


Consider Synthetic Blend vs. Full Synthetic Auto Grease

Buyers face yet another choice when it comes to purchasing auto grease. Manufacturers sell two kinds of grease—synthetic blend or full synthetic. Synthetic blend, as the name suggests, includes natural components. Talk to a trusted mechanic to find out which type of grease works well for your car's make, model, and year. Among full synthetic auto greases, Valvoline Synpower Full Synthetic Multipurpose grease has excellent customer reviews and recommendations.


Select Biodegradable Auto Grease If Possible

While working on the car or shopping for supplies, keep in mind that every choice impacts the environment in some way. Buyers who care about the planet and its purity should select biodegradable auto grease with low toxicity. SKF and Lubricating Specialties Co. (LSC) both supply biodegradable options for bearings and other auto components. LSC's RED-i Biodegradable grease is resistant to water, pressure, and shock-loading.


Purchase Long-Lasting Auto Grease

Opt for brands of auto grease that promise high levels of protection from wear, pressure, and temperature extremes. This is especially vital for lorries or off-roading vehicles that are likely to endure water, heavy loads, mud, and rough weather. The auto grease for these vehicles must be extra tacky or sticky to stay in place under such conditions. Look for grease fortified with polymers. Also, find grease that has special additives to prevent corrosion, oxidation, and the development of rust on car parts. Some types of grease have a bright colour, such as green, that makes it easier for owners to tell if there is enough grease or if they need to add more to a particular brake disc, U-joint, bearing, chassis section, or other part.

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