The Complete Guide to Buying Action and Adventure Games

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The Complete Guide to Buying Action and Adventure Games

Action and adventure games are some of the most popular video games for everyone from children to adults. Most action and adventure video games are role playing games, where users are able to control a specific character or team. Although action and adventure games are played by people of all ages, not all games are suitable for everyone. Games are rated based on age, and have ratings based on the suggested age group, as well as content descriptions that explain explicit content featured in the game.

Video games can be purchased in brick-and-mortar electronic stores, or online using eBay.. They can also be rented from brick-and-mortar video stores. While renting is convenient to test out the game, constantly renting video games can get costly. To save money when buying video games, buyers should search for their favourite game on eBay. Because of the large selection of action and adventure games on eBay, eBay offers competitive prices, which makes it easy to find low prices on all video games. eBay also has a large selection of older video games that are no longer found in stores. When purchasing action and adventure video games, it is important to consider the rating and content of the games, as well as the type of action and adventure games.

Action and Adventure Game Ratings

While most people follow ratings on videos, not everyone knows that video games are also rated based on their content. Like movies, video games have content that is not suitable for all ages. All video games are rated based on age appropriateness from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board or ESRB. Because of the adult content found in many action and adventure games, not all games are suitable for children. Not only does the rating show the suggested age group, it explains the adult content in the game, such as extreme violence or inappropriate language. It is especially important to check the rating when purchasing action and adventure games for children. By understanding the different ratings, buyers are able to find game suitable for players of any age.

Video Game Rating

Description and Age Group


Early childhood - suitable for small children age 3 and up


Everyone - suitable for all ages

E 10+

Everyone 10 and up - suitable for age 10 and up


Teen - suitable for age 13 and up


Mature - suitable for age 17 and up

A or AO

Adult or adults only - suitable for age 18 and up


Rating pending - game has not yet been assigned a rating

Games usually only have an RP rating before they are released to the public when they are mentioned in articles or other forms of marketing. Before they are released, the RP rating is replaced by a suggested age rating.

Another thing to consider when deciding on video game age rating is the content descriptors. Next to the rating, the video game describes the content descriptors, which explains why the video game received the rating. If buyers are on the fence about a rating, they can check the content descriptors to determine if the content is age appropriate. For example, a game may be rated mature or adult based on nudity or alcohol use. By understanding the content of the video games, buyers are able to make better decisions on whether the games are age appropriate.

Types of Action and Adventure Video Games

The next thing to consider when choosing action and adventure video games is the types of games. The types of games determine what the players are doing when they play the games. Video game ratings also vary depending on the types of video games. Understanding the different types of video games helps buyers determine which are the best choices for them.

Action Video Games

Action video games are most commonly fast-paced games featuring fighting and violence, so they usually have higher ratings of M or A. Many action games are complex, so users must solve problems and defeat challenges to advance in the games. Most action games feature fighting from person to person, or person to monster or alien.

There are two main types of action video games: first-person action games and third-person action games. First-person action games, also known as real-time adventure games, feature users as the main character or shooter,, so the gamers can see what the characters see. Third-person action games feature a slightly higher camera angle, so the users are able to view the whole avatar.

Adventure Video Games       

Like action video games, adventure games feature a complex plot where the users must solve problems and challenges to advance in the games. Adventure games are also known as role-playing games.. Unlike action games, adventure games are not-violent centric, but may contain some violence. Many adventure video games take place in fantasy lands, where users must defeat science fiction characters such as dragons or witches to advance. First-person and third-person adventure games are available, similar to action games. Adventure games usually have ratings that are suitable for younger ages, but the ratings vary by the content of adventure games.

Strategy Video Games

Strategy games are similar to action or adventure games, but are slower paced and require more strategic thinking to solve problems and challenges to advance in the games. Action and adventure strategy games usually feature warfare, where the players are in charge of troops instead of a single player.

Other categories of strategy games also require skilled thinking, such as board games like a chess game, but do not contain the violence found in action and adventure strategy games. Strategy games usually have ratings more suitable to older players since the games require skilled thinking to succeed and they may contain violence.

Stealth Video Games

Unlike first-person or third-person action and adventure games, players do not openly fight enemies in stealth games. Stealth games usually focus on staying undetected throughout the games. Stealth games may also offer complex plots, where the players must solve problems or challenges to advance. A player may be acting as a secret agent or a hostage trying to escape. The ratings of stealth games vary based on the content of the games.

Driving and Simulation Games

Other types of action and adventure games are driving or simulation games. In driving games, the players controls cars, while in simulation games, the players usually control planes or helicopters. Driving games are either racing games or mission based games, while simulation games are generally focused on warfare, where the players must defeat enemies to advance in the games.

Depending on the content of the games, driving and simulation games vary in ratings. Some racing games are geared toward children and feature cartoon characters, while others contain violence and other adult content.


eBay not only has a large selection of action and adventure video games, but affordable prices that help buyers stick to their budgets when buying games. Instead of paying full price for games at a store or throwing away money renting games, eBay has a wide variety of games under retail prices.

Another way eBay helps buyers stick to their budgets is by allowing them to set their price maximum. By setting their maximum price, buyers do not have to waste time searching through action and adventure games outside of their price range. The site also allows buyers to narrow their search results based on the type of game console or ESRB rating, so they can find compatible games suitable for their console or computer and age range. Users are able to search through the most popular games to find an action and adventure games that are both entertaining and affordable.

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