The Complete Guide to Buying Baking Accessories

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The Complete Guide to Buying Baking Accessories

Whether it is bread, biscuits, pies, or cupcakes that are being baked, there are certain essential baking accessories that everyone should have in their kitchen. There is a huge range of baking accessories available, from baking trays and tins, to utensils, electric mixers, piping bags, and icing nozzles. Within the large range of accessories available, from both online and bricks and mortar shops, decisions have to be made before buying certain baking accessories. Decisions pertaining to style, price, shape, size, and purpose. Brand names can offer assurance of quality when buying some items, whilst other items do not necessarily need to be high quality in order to give good results.

Essential Baking Accessories

A baking tray is necessary for baking biscuits, and a baking dish or tin can be used to bake both bread and cakes in. A mixing bowl, wooden spoon, kitchen scales, and measuring jug are probably the minimum items that would be needed for most types of baking. In addition, measuring cups and spoons, a rolling pin, wire whisk, and a spatula are likely to be very useful. All of these baking accessories can come in a range of styles, sizes, colours, and materials.

Type of Accessory



Bowls come in many different sizes, and it is useful to buy at least two or three different bowls. Tiny glass bowls can be used for prepping ingredients, ready to tip into a larger bowl and mix with other ingredients, or for cracking eggs into and beating. Larger bowls are used for mixing ingredients together. Mixing bowls can be ceramic, glass, or plastic.

Rolling pin

A rolling pin is used to roll out pastry or dough and can also be used to roll out sugar paste or marzipan for cake decorating. A large wooden rolling pin may be useful for pastry or biscuit dough, whilst a smaller plastic or ceramic rolling pin may be more suitable for small amounts of sugar paste and marzipan. Rolling pins come in various sizes; a small one may be around 9 inches long, whilst a larger one may be around 15 inches long.

Cake tester

A cake tester is a long, thin, metal rod that is inserted into the cake that is being baked to check whether it is cooked all the way through. Most often the way to test if the cake is cooked is to withdraw the cake tester and see whether it comes out ‘clean’, or whether there is sticky cake mix left on it. Alternatively, there are also cake testers available to buy that are heat-sensing. Heat-sensing cake testers may turn red, or give some other indication that the cake is cooked through.

Set of measuring spoons

Measuring spoons allow accurate measuring of the small amounts of ingredients often used in baking, such as salt, flavours and extracts, baking powder, or cocoa powder. They often come in sets containing sizes of ¼ of a teaspoon, ½ a teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, and 1 tablespoon. Other sizes may also be available.


A wire whisk is essential for beating eggs, cream, or other liquids. A hand held electric whisk can save time and energy when needing to whisk something, such as cream, to whipping consistency.

Cake storage box or tin

Once the cake, bread, or pie has been baked and cooled, finding somewhere to store it is essential. An airtight tin or box is the best option. For cupcakes, there is the option of a plastic cupcake carrier, which allows the individual cakes to be placed in compartments in the carrier. A large plastic cake box can be useful for larger, decorated cakes. Cake tins are another option and available to buy in many different places including on eBay. Cake tins can vary in size, and come in a large range of designs, which can be chosen to match kitchen colours if desired..

Kitchen scales

Kitchen scales are essential for weighing ingredients when baking. There are different types available, such as manual scales or digital scales.

Baking Dishes

Whilst choosing a rolling pin or measuring jug may be relatively easy due to the functionality of those items and limited options, choosing a baking dish can require a lot more thought due to the number of different options, styles, and uses.

Choosing a Baking Dish

When choosing a baking dish, it may be an idea to consider what you will bake most often. For example, a non-stick loaf tin can be used to bake both a loaf of bread or a loaf cake. If you want to bake a round cake, however, then a round cake tin is unlikely to be as good for baking bread as a loaf shaped tin.

What Type of Baking Dish to Buy

The material that a baking dish is made out of is incredibly important, and each type of material has its pros and cons.



Ceramic or stoneware baking dishes

This type of baking dish is very versatile, and most people will have at least one of this type of dish in their kitchens. One of the benefits is that it can withstand vast temperature changes without cracking or shattering, so if you are making a pie but want to freeze the pie and cook it later, for example, then this type of dish would be a good buy.

Glass and Pyrex baking dishes

Whilst Pyrex is actually a brand name, many people use it interchangeably to mean a glass dish that is suitable for use in the oven. It is easy to clean and comes in many shapes and sizes. Pyrex, or glass bakeware comes in circular or square shapes, deep and shallow, as well as fancier shapes such as fluted edge, flan dishes. It can withstand the heat of an oven, as well as be used in the fridge or freezer. Care should be taken when changing its temperature rapidly. It is not advisable, for example, to pour cold water straight on it for washing up after it has just come from a hot oven as it may crack.

Non-stick baking dishes

Non-stick bakeware is a cheap and durable option. A variety of metal pans and dishes with a non-stick coating are available to buy . A non-stick baking tray is incredibly useful when making biscuits or cookies to ensure they can be lifted off the tray in one piece. Non-stick bakeware is also useful for ease of cleaning, due to the baked on or burnt food not sticking to the pan as much. It can be worth paying more for a premium brand non-stick pan as the quality of the non-stick coating can vary. Better quality non-stick baking dishes are less likely to have the coating scratched or come off easily, but will still need a certain degree of care. It is important not to use metal knives with the dish as the coating can be damaged.

Silicone baking dishes

Silicone baking dishes are flexible, versatile dishes that often come in a variety of bright colours. Although they may give the impression of being non-stick, they do actually require greasing and flouring before use. They can make it easier to turn out a cake or loaf of bread, if greased and floured correctly, as the silicon dish is flexible and can be turned inside out. However, if not greased well enough, the cake or bread may stick to the dish, and the flexibility of the silicone dish may mean that it is actually easier to break the cake while trying to turn it out. One of the main benefits of silicone baking dishes and pans is that they are unbreakable and can easily withstand big temperature changes.

Fun Baking Accessories

Once the essentials for baking have been purchased, there are a variety of baking accessories that can be purchased that are fun to use. Rather than circular or square biscuit cutters, a variety of shaped or themed cutters are available. Heart shaped cutters can be used for Valentine’s Day, snowmen and snowflake cutters are available for use at Christmas, and a whole variety of other shapes can also be purchased. Cupcake cases come in a variety of different patterns and colours. Foil cases, and cupcake wraps are also options to use which can transform the look of cupcakes. Lastly, there are shaped baking pans, which can be used to bake cakes in, such as a teddy bear shape for a child’s birthday cake, or a heart shape for an anniversary cake.

Find Baking Essentials and Accessories on eBay

To purchase baking accessories, head to the eBay homepage. Begin by opening the All Categories tab and clicking on the link for Home & Garden followed by Furniture & Living, and then Cookware, Dining & Bar.. From this page, click on Bakeware and Ovenware,, or Baking Accessories.. Search available item listings, or refine the search further by using new options on the left side of the page. Alternately, try entering specific terms into the search bar at the top of any eBay page.


There are many different types of baking accessory available in a variety of styles, sizes and shape. Once a baking accessory has been purchased, it can last for a long time. This is especially so if due care and attention is given to it, such as ensuring it is stored away correctly, not scratching it with other utensils, and making sure it is cleaned properly after each use.

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