The Complete Guide to Buying Campervan Parts on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Campervan Parts on eBay

Traversing the countryside in an all-in-one motor vehicle provides the traveller with luggage storage, plenty of legroom, and built-in bedroom, bathroom, and meal preparation areas that allow the user to avoid costly hotels and restaurants. Campervan owners often prefer the freedom that accompanies the lack of set reservations, in addition to the financial freedoms. Owners of campervans find that they enjoy the flexibility offered by owning one's own living quarters on wheels. Campervans are an excellent way to travel in style without sacrificing adventure because of the cost of accommodations. With amenities ranging from basic to modern luxury, campervans are enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

Like all motor vehicles, campervans have a number of parts that work together. After miles of use and wear and tear, these parts may cease to perform and require replacement. To find suitable replacement parts for campervans, owners should know the common features and parts, as well as where to buy. Many owners start with eBay, where they can find a wide variety of items in a range of price points.

What is a Campervan?

Campervans, also known as campers or caravanettes, are self-propelled vehicles that provide both transportation and sleeping accommodations. Several manufacturers produce their own version of the campervan, but they are typically broken down into two types: pop-up roof and fixed roof.

Pop-Up Roof Campervan

The pop-up roof campervan allows the roof to extend during camping but be lowered during travel. Pop-up roofs are typically found on the more rustic campervans. Unlike most of the fixed roof campervans, pop-up roofs are very similar to tent roofs. These pop-up roofs can be part of a van or even a removable component that is attached to the back of a pickup truck or four-wheel drive off-road vehicle. Generally speaking, luxury camping is not the goal when one owns a pop-up roof campervan.

Fixed Roof Campervan

Campervans with fixed roofs are either the modified body of a commercial van, sometimes from a high-top model, or a custom-built coach body.

Common Features of the Campervan

Campervans come with several features that allow the owner and other passengers to utilise it as travelling living quarters. These include accommodations for sleeping and eating, as well as lavatory needs. The following chart illustrates the common features of the campervan.

Campervan Feature


Sleeping accommodations

Not typically separated from the cab of the vehicle, unlike motorhomes, although the terms are interchangeable


Standard, usually equipped with mini-refrigerator, cooking surface, and sink


Usually includes a portable toilet; showers are not standard, although both interior and exterior showers are available

Additional features

Examples include battery separate from the van's, an A/C power hook-up for campground use, water heaters, space heaters, and air conditioning

The specific features found on each campervan is up to each manufacturer as well as the model. For those who decide to outfit their own campervans, available space and one's own needs will determine which features one shops for. Campervan owners should plan for their choices based on the overall best use of space available.

Parts of a Campervan

Like all things mechanical, campervans are made up of many components. The following parts are the type that might require replacing on a campervan. One can search for and purchased any or all of these parts on eBay.

Electrical Parts

A campervan requires electricity to operate many of its components. Rechargeable batteries, separate from the battery, that are used to power the automotive aspects of the campervan are necessary to charge electrical parts. The types of parts that might require replacement after time and use include battery charger and connections and sockets.

Battery Charger

For campervans to maintain power requires a battery charger so the separate battery does not run out of power. In campervans that possess batteries, a multi-level battery charger allows the electrical components to be used and recharged at various levels, depending on the state of use.

Connections and Sockets

There are several types of sockets, power cords, and power supplies that work with the battery to direct power to the different appliances within the campervan. When in need of sockets or connections, owners should consult their manuals to ensure that they order the correct part, thus avoiding any electrical incidents.

Kitchen Area Parts

There are several components to a campervan kitchen. The simpler designs may combine the sink and burner elements into one part, saving space in the small kitchen. Other more elaborate campervan kitchens may contain a separate stove.


Campervan refrigerators are compact, typically with a small freezer compartment within one main refrigerator space. As there are several options to choose from when picking a campervan refrigerator, owners may wish to take into consideration how much food they plan to store on a regular basis.


Whether separate from the burner component or not, campervan sinks are designed to minimise messes. For this reason they are deeper, and usually have the water tap installed inside the sink as opposed to hovering above. Fliptop covers can be raised for use, allowing the campervan owner to keep the area clean.


Stoves in campervans are typically a two-burner unit combined with the kitchen sink. A heat-resistant cover helps keep the area safe as well as clean in between uses. Stoves in campervans are either electrically-powered or gas-powered.


Like the refrigerators, campervan ovens are compact and smaller scale. Some units are a combination of grill and oven. As ovens are not a standard campervan item, an owner who plans on doing a lot of cooking should consider it a necessary accessory.

Bathroom Parts

Bathrooms in campervans have a small basin sink, toilet, and sometimes a vanity cabinet and shower. Since space is limited, campervan bathroom parts are smaller than those in a regular bathroom. Many of the bathroom components can be stored between uses.


In campervans, sinks come in two main varieties. Tip up models fold in when not in use, while triangular units fit compactly into a corner space. Owners should choose which model best works for them depending on the specific campervan they own.


Campervan toilets are considered 'porta-potties'. Some come with swivelling seats that can be stored flush with the walls of the bathroom area when not in use. Since they are located in portable vehicles, owners must empty the waste tank, usually at campground facilities.

Vanity Cabinet

The campervan bathroom wall may include mirrored cabinets. Locks are provided to secure any contents during travel times. Additionally, restraint bars may be provided for further security of items whilst in transit.


Showering capabilities, if available at all on the interior, are very basic. Shower trays collect and redirect waste water after use. Exterior showers are also available and shielded by an awning.

Water and Waste Parts

In order for the water and waste to be collected and stored, several parts are necessary. Owners must maintain these parts and replace them periodically. The following components work together to collect and contain water and waste.

Waste and Water Tanks

Depending on the level of use, there are several different sizes of waste and water tanks for collection, all of which need to be emptied periodically. When emptying waste and water tanks, owners must be sure they are doing in approved locations.

Pumps and Water Hoses

Water pumps direct the water and keep it from reversing flow through the use of non-return valves. Hoses must maintain their integrity in order to successfully transport water. Both of these items require monitoring for any leaks or cracks.

Service Doors

Service doors provide access to water tanks, gas cylinders, toilets, and even storage areas. These doors maintain seals when locked, which keeps secure areas from suddenly opening during travel. These doors are also water resistant.

How to Buy Campervan Parts on eBay

To purchase campervan parts on eBay, use the general search bar found on most eBay pages and type in a general keyword such as campervan parts. You may choose to further limit your search by selecting between the category and subcategory options displayed, or by choosing one of the suggested searches, such as 'campervan accessories' or 'campervan interior', should they match your desired item. You may also restrict your search by other parameters, including price, the condition of the item, whether new or used, and any other relevant keywords.

Once you have chosen an item or limited your decision to a few items, take the time to read through all the details of the listing carefully. Pay attention to any provided photos and be sure they match the written description. If the item you are considering is previously owned, examine the photos for any flaws or signs of use. Click on the name of the seller to be redirected to each individual's eBay feedback page. On this page, you can read comments left by previous buyers involved in transactions with the seller. Additionally, you may contact the seller securely through this page with any questions or concerns about the listing without having to provide a personal email address.


Finding replacement parts for a campervan on eBay can seem like an overwhelming task when first begun. If one owns an older campervan, it might in fact seem like a hopeless undertaking, with finding the specific part tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

Owning a campervan provides wonderful opportunities for travel and adventure. Just like owning any other major investment, particularly one with moving parts, campervan ownership requires the owner to familiarise him- or herself with how they operate and what they require to remain operational. Learning about the various types of campervan parts available for replacement is an important step in this process, as it helps the potential purchaser to become familiar with all the components necessary for a comfortable and operable campervan. Once one learns about the different available parts available, shopping on eBay for campervan parts is a simple exercise that one can undertake with confidence, from the comfort of home.

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