The Complete Guide to Buying Car Rubbing Strips on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Car Rubbing Strips on eBay

Car rubbing strips used to be a standard component on automobiles, but manufacturers began producing cars without them a few years back. Many consumers prefer the look of cars without strips running along the perimeter because the look is cleaner without them. Manufacturers originally tried to paint the rubber or plastic rubbing strips to give them a more integrated look, but they found that completely removing them from car designs was better suited to customers' preferences. This was an unfortunate development for those consumers who prefer the added protection that car rubbing strips can provide.

Fortunately for these consumers, it is still possible to replace rubbing strips on their cars if need be. eBay is a good source from which to buy car rubbing strips due to the large selection available on this website. Successful shopping for car rubbing strips on eBay requires that consumers understand the benefits of these car parts, the OE, OEM, and aftermarket manufacturing designations, and how to conduct searches on eBay. Additionally, it helps consumers if they are aware of a few tips related to making purchases on eBay.

The Benefits of Car Rubbing Strips

The primary benefit of rubbing strips is protection of a car against minor scrapes. The rubber or plastic strips running along the sides, front, and rear of a car act as slim bumpers, preventing minor damage to the car's doors. It is common for a driver to hit the doors of an adjacent parked car when opening the door of his or her own car. If the opening door hits the rubbing strips of the adjacent car, the opening door bounces back in the direction it came from instead of denting the other car's door or chipping its paint. Rubbing strips can save a car owner a significant amount of money by preventing these imperfections from collecting around the perimeter of a car.

Although car manufacturers phased rubbing strips out of car designs years ago, it is still an appealing look for some drivers. The strips shorten the profile of a car by breaking it up into two sections. This makes a car look longer and sleeker. So, rubbing strips can improve a car's look in addition to protecting it from minor damage.

Understanding the Terms OE, OEM, and Aftermarket

The automotive industry uses the OE, OEM, and aftermarket designations for parts to inform customers of a part's general manufacturing origins. It is therefore important that consumers planning to buy car rubbing strips on eBay know what these designations mean.


OE stands for "original equipment". It means that the manufacturer of the car also designed and manufactured the rubbing strip, either in its own factory or in a factory contracted to make the part for the car manufacturer. A rubbing strip labelled OE should be exactly the same as the rubbing strip that originally came with the car. It should also come in the car manufacturer's own packaging. Many of the rubbing strips for sale on eBay are OE rubbing strips.


OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer". Like an OE rubbing strip, an OEM strip is an exact copy of the rubbing strip that originally came with a car. The main difference is that, in the latter case, the car manufacturer contracted an independent manufacturer to design and produce an OEM rubbing strip based on specifications sent to the manufacturer. It is common in the automotive industry for car manufacturers to buy parts from parts manufacturer to use in the assembly of their cars. An OEM rubbing strip is the same as the rubbing strip that originally came with the car, but the part may be sold in the part manufacturer's packaging instead of the car manufacturer's packaging.


Independent manufacturers without contractual relationships with car manufacturers produce aftermarket parts. The manufacturers of aftermarket parts design and produce rubbing strips on their own, without any direction from car manufacturers. Aftermarket rubbing strips may have different specifications than the rubbing strips that originally came with a car, so quality may vary. However, consumers can expect good performance from rubbing strips that reputable aftermarket parts manufacturers produce. Many consumers also appreciate the customisation flexibility that aftermarket rubbing strips offer to them.

Organising an eBay Search for Car Rubbing Strips

eBay has a large selection of car rubbing strips for sale. The first step to buying the right rubbing strip is locating these products on the website. Customers can use the search bar from any eBay page to begin. To search for rubbing strips, entering a basic term, such as "rubbing strip", into the search bar yields listings on eBay. When they receive the results, they may select the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category to get more relevant results showing rubbing strips for cars.

Consumers can then continue to choose more options to filter the list according to the specific types of rubbing strips they need. There are various options for doing this, so shoppers should be able to quickly drill down to a list of the right car rubbing strips.

Car Make and Model

The first step a buyer should take is to choose the make and model of his or her car. For example, if the buyer owns a BMW 5 Series, then the options for this make and model must be chosen from the appropriate menus. eBay can then filter the listings to only include car rubbing strips that are compatible with BMW 5 Series cars. Browsing through the listings without choosing the car make and model options can be time consuming. Filtering the listings makes for more efficient searching.


The next step is to choose the condition of the car rubbing strips. Buyers can choose either new car rubbing strips or used ones by choosing these options from the Condition menu. The former are brand new car rubbing strips that are likely still in the manufacturer's packaging. The latter are car rubbing strips removed from another vehicle. New rubbing strips may cost more, but they should be unblemished. Used rubbing strips can yield bargain prices, but the actual condition can vary. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the seller's description of the rubbing strips.

Part Manufacturer

Buyers may have the opportunity to choose between OE, OEM, and aftermarket car rubbing strips by making a selection from the Part Manufacturer category. Many of the car rubbing strips listed on eBay are OE, and this may be the only option listed. Those that are categorised as "Not Specified" may mention the manufacturing designation in the listing.

Placement on Car

Buyers can may only need a rubbing strip for certain areas of their cars. They can specify an area by choosing one from the Placement on Car menu. Staying with the BMW 5 Series example, this make and model of car has rubbing strips on all sides, so buyers can choose the Rear option to see listings for rubbing strips for the rear of the car.

Classic Car Parts

Some rare and obsolete car rubbing strips may be listed under the Classic Car Parts menu. If buyers are interested in these rubbing strips, they can choose the Show Only option from this menu. This displays all of the older cars' rubbing strips that may not be in production any more, but are available for sale on eBay.

Accessory Products

In addition to car rubbing strips, buyers may see clips among the listings. These are important accessories, as they help fix the car rubbing strips in place. Buyers may also search for "body adhesive" and choose the Vehicle Parts & Accessories menu when they receive the results. This item is also important in fixing car rubbing strips into place, as the original adhesive may have lost its sticking property. In that situation, buyers would have to apply new adhesive in order for the car rubbing strip to hold in place and form a seal with the groove into which it is placed.

Additional eBay Buying Tips

Finding the right kind of car rubbing strips is a significant aspect of successful shopping for this product on eBay. However, buyers should also know how to evaluate sellers and how to use eBay Shops. They are more likely to shop successfully on the site if they are familiar with these facets of the buying process.

Evaluating Sellers

One effective way to evaluate eBay sellers is to check their feedback. This is a collection of comments and ratings that past buyers leave for sellers regarding their experiences shopping with those sellers. Prospective buyers can check a seller's feedback by clicking on the username on the listing. They can then decide how likely they are to have a positive experience buying car rubbing strips from that seller.

Using eBay Shops

eBay Shops can be helpful in buying car rubbing strips on eBay. A seller can open a shop on eBay where all of the products he or she is selling are listed in one convenient place. To find an eBay Shop that sells rubbing strips, visit the page for eBay Shops and use the search term "rubbing strip" to search for shops stocking this type of product. This can be a good way to find a reputable dealer for car rubbing strips.


Car rubbing strips are not among the more sophisticated parts on cars, but they can play an important role in maintaining a car's appearance. Rubbing strips protect cars from minor dings, dents, and scratches by deflecting wayward objects before they come into contact with a car's body. They may also enhance a car's appearance, depending on some consumers' tastes.

eBay is a good source from which to buy car rubbing strips, but successful shopping for these parts on this website requires background knowledge. Consumers should know what the OE, OEM, and aftermarket designations mean. They should also know how to organise searches on eBay. A productive search starts with the right search term, and consumers can make searches even more efficient by choosing the right options from the available eBay menus. Shoppers should also know how to evaluate eBay sellers and how to use eBay Shops. By learning about how to shop for car rubbing strips on eBay, consumers can keep their cars well protected and also save money in the process.

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