The Complete Guide to Buying Commercial Coffee Machines

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The Complete Guide to Buying Commercial Coffee Machines

The consumption of coffee has been around for centuries. Although the methods used to brew coffee have evolved over the years, coffee consumption is still a staple for millions of people throughout the world. As such, a quality commercial coffee machine is often essential to a well-run business or company. Many consumers depend on coffee, for various reasons, to get their day started and to function adequately. The commercial coffee machine often functions as a meeting place within a business, where employees and customers alike are able to secure their coffee fix. While many of the features of a commercial coffee machine are the same as home coffee makers, such as the Tassimo; commercial coffee machines must serve a larger number of people, and cover a variety of preferences.

Commercial coffee machines are available at business supply stores, industrial retail stores, and online at eBay. There are many different facets to consider when buying a commercial coffee machine. Consumers should consider the features, types, and brands of commercial coffee machines available before making a purchasing decision.

Features to Consider When Buying a Commercial Coffee Machine

There are a variety of features to consider when looking to purchase a commercial coffee machine. Many of these features touch on the function and capacity of the commercial coffee maker to satisfy a multitude of consumers at the same time.

Water Dispensing

One feature to consider when purchasing a commercial coffee machine is how the water is to be dispensed. Commercial coffee machines generally come with either an automatic, or a pour over water dispensing feature.


Automatic water dispensers are hooked directly to a water source. The water source allows for the automatic flow of water into the correct compartment of the machine, minimising the need to monitor water dispensing. The automatic water dispenser automatically fills the compartment until it reaches full capacity.

Pour Over

Pour over style coffee machines require that a person actually pour water from a separate container into the appropriate water compartment. Although this requires more work on the part of the user, it also allows the user to make as little or as much coffee as desired.

Brewing Capacity

One of the most important features to consider when buying a commercial coffee machine is the brewing capacity desired. Depending on the number of people the coffee machine is servicing, commercial coffee makers are available that produce between 10.98 litres to 71.54 litres of coffee per hour. Similarly, pod commercial coffee machines produce up to 60 23.66 centilitre cups of coffee per hour.

Speciality Options

While brewing capacity and water dispensers are important considerations, there are also a number of speciality options available on commercial coffee machines. These specialty options include, hot water faucets additions, digital capabilities, and multiple warmers.

Hot Water Faucets

Some commercial coffee machines come equipped with a hot water faucet. Hot water faucets are useful for making tea and other hot beverages, as well as foods that require instant hot water.


Commercial coffee machines often come with digital capabilities. Some commercial coffee machines come equipped with digital functions that allow the user to preset the time for the coffee machine to begin brewing coffee. This allows more flexibility to the user and avoids the hazard of forgetting to manually set the coffee maker on a daily basis.

Multiple Warmers

Commercial coffee machines often come with multiple warmers. Multiple warmers allows a user to brew and serve multiple pots and varieties of coffee. This is particularly helpful for serving a large group of people with different tastes and preferences.

Types of Commercial Coffee Machines

There are several different types of commercial coffee machines. Each type of machine is designed for a specific application. Each should be thoroughly researched in order to make an informed buying decision.

Decanter Coffee Machine

Commercial decanter brewers combine the flexibility of traditional coffee makers with the brewing capacity and speed of a commercial coffee machine. Decanter brewers allow the user to set the amount of coffee brewed, and are available with one or multiple decanters, warmers, and brewers. Commercial decanter brewers allow customers and employees to pour and serve their own coffee. Commercial decanter brewers often offer additional features such as multiple warmers, digital capabilities and utilise the traditional pour over water dispensing style.

Thermal/Airpot Coffee Machine

Commercial thermal/airport brewers are similar to decanter brewers. Thermal/airport brewers are made to brew coffee directly into the serving device. However, as opposed to the decanter brewers, these servers are meant to be stored away from the brewing device, making thermal/airport brewers particularly good in terms of transportability. These brewers often have airport racks, which act as warmers to hold up to six different servers, depending on the rack purchased. Thermal/airpot brewers are typically insulated stainless steel and are often utilised in meeting rooms, specialty coffee shops, and restaurants because of their stylish appearance.

Satellite Coffee Machine

Commercial satellite coffee machines are typically used in quick-serve settings to deliver fresh, hot coffee with the pull of a handle. Satellite coffee machines are meant to brew in bulk quantities, and typically come with a single or dual brewer. Satellite coffee machines are often used in self-serve stations but do not offer the option of a transportable server. Therefore, commercial satellite coffee machines are optimal for meeting rooms, cafeterias, or other quick-serve settings where the machine is set to be a permanent fixture and customers, or employees, can pour their own fresh cup of coffee. Satellite coffee machines are often equipped with an automatic water dispensing function.

Pod Coffee Machine

Commercial pod coffee machines are very similar to traditional home pod coffee makers. Commercial pod coffee makers requires inserting a specialty pod into the brewing device. The commercial pod coffee maker then brews a single cup of coffee. Commercial pod coffee machines often offer the user a choice in size. Reusable filter baskets are also available when utilising loose coffee.

A commercial pod coffee machine brews coffee right into the user's mug or cup. Commercial pod coffee machines are best-suited for small offices, or offices with only a small number of coffee-drinkers. Commercial pod coffee makers allow each individual to pick the exact style and taste of their coffee with each new cup brewed. Commercial pod coffee machines offer both pour over water dispensers or small water storage units.

Comparison of Commercial Coffee Machine Brands

Regardless of what type of commercial coffee machine a consumer is interested in purchasing, there are several quality brands of commercial coffee machines available. The following chart provides a brief comparison of several commercial coffee machines, including what types they offer, and select features.






Ideal for small businesses

Water storage unit

Custom brew technology

Brews a variety of beverages


Decanter, Thermal/ Airport, Satellite, Pod

Offers many specialty options

Wide variety of sizes and brewing capacities available

Automatic or pour over water dispensing options

West Bend

Decanter, Satellite

30 to 100 cup capabilities

Satellite comes in polished or matte style


Decanter, Thermal/Airport, Satellite

Pourover or automatic water dispenser available

Ready-to-brew light indicator

Electromechanical family of products


Decanter, Thermal/Airport, Satellite

Offers tea options

Grind and brew options available

Wide variety of add-on accessories.

This chart is not meant to act as an exhaustive list of the brands of commercial coffee machines, but rather give consumers an idea of what options are available. Consumers should still do their own research to determine what commercial coffee machine meets their unique needs.

How to Buy a Commercial Coffee Machine on eBay

A quality commercial coffee machine is an important part of a well-run business, office, or shop. Whether you are looking for a traditional commercial decanter coffee machine or a modern, individualised commercial pod coffee machine, eBay has thousands of purchasing options spanning various brands. Perhaps you are interested in a Bunn commercial coffee machine for your office meeting room. Simply navigate to the eBay website portal and type Bunn commercial coffee machine into the search box. After you click the search button, a list of options matching that description is populated for you. You can follow this exact method whether you are searching for a Bunn commercial coffee machine, Keurig commercial pod coffee machine,, or anything in between.

Consumers aiming to purchase a quality commercial coffee machine should take advantage of eBay's Top-rated seller function. Sellers on eBay qualify as Top-rated sellers if they consistently earn 5-star ratings from buyers and complete at least 100 trouble-free transactions each a year. By purchasing from a Top-rated seller you can ensure that the seller you are purchasing from consistently delivers items, offers accurate descriptions, and charges fair postage. This is just one way eBay makes purchasing a commercial coffee machine easy and worry-free.


Commercial coffee machines are often the centre of meetings, restaurants, coffee shops, and employee lounges. As a result, commercial coffee machine should be tailored to fit the individual needs of the customers or employees that utilise it. Luckily, there are multiple brands of commercial coffee machines available that offer a wide variety of makes and models to fit almost any business's coffee needs. The first step toward purchasing a commercial coffee maker is determining what features are important to the users. Commercial coffee machines are available that function similar to traditional home machines. Commercial coffee machines are also available that have a large brewing capacity, automatic water dispensers, and digital brewing capabilities.

Once a consumer has narrowed down the features they are searching for, it is easier to decide what type of commercial coffee machine is appropriate for purchase. Whether choosing a commercial decanter brewer, a commercial pod coffee machine, or any other type, the appropriate research helps a consumer ensure that they are choosing the right commercial coffee machine for the target business.

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