The Complete Guide to Buying Dandruff Shampoo on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Dandruff Shampoo on eBay

Many shampoo products have been designed to treat and condition different types of hair. They can be used for dry hair, oily hair, straight hair, curly hair, chemically treated hair and different coloured hair. Every need is catered for, for both men and woman, and produced to suit any budget.

For those who suffer from dandruff, particular shampoos have also been manufactured to help treat the condition. As they are a specialist form of hair product they are sometimes not part of the leading brands range. In this sense, certain dandruff shampoos may not be easily found in high street outlets.

In this sense, using the internet is the most efficient way to search out the relative shampoo for your type of hair and any recurring dandruff problem. One website accustomed to selling many types of hair product is eBay, a site where some fantastic deals can also be found.

What is Dandruff?

  • In simple terms, dandruff is simply dead skin which has shed from the scalp. It appears in small flakes which, in large enough numbers, can become visible on a person’s head. Obviously, it is more conspicuous in darker hair as the dead skin is a white or clear colour.
  • Skin will recurrently replace itself all over the body, including the head. For the majority of people with healthier scalps, the detaching flakes will either be too few or too small to be a problem. However for some, the regurgitation of flakes will be at an increased level and therefore more visible to the naked eye.
  • For those with dandruff, the skin shedding can manifest as thicker and larger flakes causing psychological distress to the individual. There are a few scientific causes of the condition which can be researched further, but sometimes it can come down to sheer bad luck.


  • Curing dandruff can be a long and frustrating process if it has already set in. Some treatments will work at various degrees for different people, or not at all. The condition can never be permanently cured however, and regular care is needed to maintain a healthy scalp.
  • Washing hair on a regular basis is one of the first things to try. For those who wash their hair thoroughly only 2-3 times a week, this rate should be increased significantly. For severe cases of dandruff, washing hair even twice a day is sometimes necessary for a short while until symptoms are relieved.
  • Some skin treatments, such as over the counter creams and lotions, can be applied to the scalp to reduce flaking.
  • If increased washing with anti-dandruff shampoo or creams are not working, more advanced treatments can be utilised on the recommendation of doctors. These include antibacterial cleansers, steroid-cream medication and anti-inflammatory creams.
  • However, the first port of call for dandruff sufferers is to look at changing their shampoo or shower gel into products specially designed to relieve the condition. There are many anti-dandruff shampoos available and simple to buy from health and beauty shops or online. These should be evaluated and used for a sustained period of time before other measures are sought.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo  

To help prevent dandruff, the leading brands of hair product have manufactured specialist shampoos. They contain particular chemical elements suitable for reducing the rate of flaking. Due to the universal use of shampoos, there are many different types of anti-dandruff shampoo on the market by a whole host of companies.

Finding the right brand and type of anti dandruff from the wide selection is the tricky part; it involves a trial and error process, using different shampoos until you find one you like. It becomes difficult as every product will claim to do the same thing at a faster rate. Whichever shampoo you do decide to use, make sure to use it regularly and follow the instructions noted on the bottle before changing to another one.

Leading Brands

The leading brands of hair shampoo and conditioners all produce anti-dandruff products. By choosing one of these, a degree a quality will be assured. These include L’orėal, Garnier and Schwarzkopf.

Checking out the description of them will show they include similar formulas within the shampoo. These often include zinc, panthenol and amino cell rebuild technology designed to hydrate the scalp.

Specialist Dandruff Shampoo

As well as the more recognised and traditional brands, more specialist dandruff shampoos are available for anyone in the UK to buy. They are manufactured with nothing in mind except the consideration of treating troublesome scalps.

Some of the more recognisable manufacturers are Nizoral, Melaleuca and Vosene. They are often dermatological tested and contain ketoconazole – a powerful anti-fungal agent designed to deal with the route of flaking.


Because of the countless selection, it can save a lot of time and effort searching through the big selection of shampoos by a certain personal preference. For example, certain shampoo products will be suitable for thinning hair, whilst others are designed for dry hair.

Other types may come with a certain smell that appeal to some people, whilst some dedicated dandruff shampoos such as fragrance free such as Nizoral.  


Again, shampoos on the market will differ in regards to their size. The smaller bottles will contain roughly around 25ml whilst larger ones can stretch up to over 1000ml. A figure of around 250ml is usually the market average however.

Although you would think the differing size dimensions would be reflected in corresponding prices, this isn’t necessarily the case. Some smaller anti-dandruff shampoos can still cost a fair amount of money, above the standard rate.


The price of dandruff hair products can vary significantly. It isn’t uncommon to find branded bottles such as Head & Shoulders for under £5. More specialist anti-dandruff shampoos can stretch much further though, with some reaching prices of over £40 for a single bottle. 

Spending too much on a shampoo product which many not even relieve the symptoms of dandruff is not advisable however. In addition, to really judge how the shampoo is affecting your dandruff, consistent and frequent use is required over a continuous period of time. Spending over £20 for example on a new bottle each time will be costly in the long run.

This is why shopping on eBay is advisable as many hair-care products found in high street stores can be easily searched out on the site and potentially found for much less. Some health and beauty outlets will not stock some of the more specialist dandruff shampoos also, another benefit of shopping online. The next section will look at how to find dandruff shampoos on eBay and successfully make a purchase.


Dandruff is a condition that affects many people in the UK at some point in their lives. It is countered by numerous natural remedies, hair products and sometimes more advanced medical treatments.

Anti-dandruff shampoo is one product that many sufferers turn to first, with dozens of products on the market advertising to be the most efficient source of flake relief. If they all do work is debatable however and can simply depend on the particular scalp it is used on.

The most efficient way to find a suitable dandruff shampoo is to do as much research as possible online and harbour the views of people in the same position. Before coming to make a purchase, first check out eBay to see if there are any deals to be found for the right dandruff shampoo.

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