The Complete Guide to Buying Drill Bits on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Drill Bits on eBay

Drills are of the more practical tools because of the range of jobs they can perform. Many of these jobs require drilling holes into different kinds of materials, and this requires a good drill bit. Drill bits enable users to drill into different types of materials. They also allow users to drill different types of holes. There are many combinations of materials and hole types that drill bits are designed for, meaning that there are many different types of drill bits.

In order to choose the right drill bits, consumers should know some basic points about these implements. They should also be familiar with the various drill bit options based on which materials certain drill bits are designed to work with. Consumers can find every type of drill bit on eBay, so successful shopping for drill bits there requires basic knowledge of how to use the site. By combining good knowledge of drill bits with familiarity with eBay, consumers can acquire the drill bits they need to complete the projects at hand.

Drill Bit Basics

Although there are many different types of drill bits, there are a few features that many types of bits have in common with one another. Buying the right drill bits on eBay requires that customers be familiar with the different drill bit parts and materials. In order to successfully use their drill bits over a number of years, customers should also be aware of a few important accessories.

Drill Bit Parts

Although drill bits are relatively small implements, they are comprised of multiple parts. The table below describes the different parts that users can find in many drill bit types.




Fits into drill chuck, the piece for gripping the bit; shank diameter matches a particular chuck standard


Below the shank; twisted groove design allows for drilled material to clear the bit instead of entering the drill

Cutting Lip

End of the flute; angle determines amount of support for cutting spur; sharper angle gives greater cutting power

Cutting Spur

The sharp tip of the cutting lip; allows bit to work through material user is drilling


Sharp point at the end of the drill bit; centred between the cutting spurs; enables user to keep drill bit centred

All drill bits have a shank because this part enables users to fit bits to drills. Not all drills have all of the other parts though many do. Being familiar with these drill bit parts helps consumers understand how a drill bits functions, regardless of whether or not the bit actually has all of the parts.


Drill bits are made out of coated hard materials. Another important aspect of understanding how particular types of drill bits work is knowing how different kinds of metals and coatings affect bit performance.


Many drill bits are made from steel, though some are manufactured using carbides or polycrystalline diamond. Low-carbon steel is inexpensive, but also relatively soft. Drill bits made from this material are suitable for softwoods. It can work with hardwoods as well, but this medium tends to quickly dull low-carbon steel drill bits.

High-carbon steel is harder than low-carbon steel and therefore stronger for cutting and more durable. They also do not require sharpening as frequently. High-carbon steel is not as hard as high-speed steel, but it is easier to sharpen. High-speed steel is also more heat resistant than high-carbon steel.

Carbide drill bits are even harder than the hardest steel drill bits. Carbides are expensive, but they can cut through nearly any material. Polycrystalline diamond is also a hard material that can drill through just about anything. It is ideal for using on abrasive aluminium since its hardness makes it abrasion-resistant.


The type of coating on a drill bit also influences its performance. Titanium is relatively resistant to friction, so bits coated with it do not produce much heat. This helps them last longer. Zirconium also helps reduce friction, and it makes a drill bit slightly harder. Cobalt provides a very strong finish, and it is also highly resistant to friction. It is a good coating to have on a drill bit for drilling into hard metals.

Useful Accessories

There are a few useful accessories that consumers should consider purchasing no matter what types of drill bits they plan to use. A depth stop is a ring that goes around a drill bit to prevent the user from overdrilling holes. Oil stones and diamond stones are key sharpening accessories for many types of drill bits. Those with drill bits that feature more complex designs can use sharpening machines to sharpen those types of bits. Another important maintenance accessory is drill oil because it helps prevent corrosion on steel drill bits.

Buying Drill Bits on eBay by Work Medium

The medium into which a user plans to drill should influence the type of drill bit he or she chooses on eBay. Some drill bits are designed for use on different media, others are intended specifically for wood, and others for hard media such as metal, masonry, glass, and plastic. For each type of medium, there are different types of drill bits for different types of drilling.


Multi-material drill bits are suitable for use on different types of media. Consumers looking for a drill bit that they can use on softer materials, such as wood, and harder materials, such as metal, should be familiar with these bits.

Twist Bits

Twist bits are quite common drill bits. They are suitable for general boring into woods and metals. A twist bit features two twisting channels running along the flute to help clear away more material as it cuts.

Hole Saw Bits

Hole saw bits are designed to make large holes in thin materials. They feature a ring of saw teeth around a bit with all of the standard drill bit parts. In this case, the drill bit is for centring, while the saw cuts a wider hole into a workpiece.

Countersink and Counterbore Bits

A countersink drill bit is a cylinder that tapers widely from its centred cutting point. This design enables the bit to carve a tapered, conical space about a pilot hole for fitting a screw head. A counterbore bit is designed for the same purpose, but it is not tapered. This enables the user to conceal the screw head after fixing the screw into a pilot hole.

Left-Handed Drill Bits

A left-handed drill bit is designed for removing broken screws and bolts. The fins on the flute are cut in reverse, but the bit still sinks into holes. This design enables the bit to catch onto broken screws and bolts and twist them out of the objects they are stuck in.

Installer Bits

Installer bits are for installing wiring and cabling for telephones, televisions, and cable boxes. This type of bit features a hole at its tip through which the user threads the wire or cable he or she wants to install.


Wood is a relatively easy material to drill into, and wood workpieces often require drilling for screws, bolts, and other types of fasteners. Those planning to work with wood should be familiar with the different types of bits designed to drill exclusively into wood.

Brad Point Bits

A brad point drill bit is a common type of bit for boring into wood. It has a centre point with two cutting points around it. The centre point keeps the bit fixed into the wood while the two cutting points create a hole with clean edges.

Wood Spade Bits

Wood spade bits have two paddles around a centre point. Each paddle has a point of its own, and together they cut larger, rougher holes into wood.

Adjustable Wood Bits

Adjustable wood bits give users flexibility over how large the holes are that they drill into wood with a single bit. This type of bit has a centre point with a bar above it. The bar has a single point on one side, and a screw above the bar enables users to adjust the point's radius length from the centre point. Users can therefore drill different size holes by adjusting the radius.

Auger Bits

Auger bits have a threaded point and a deep coil winding around the flute. This design is ideal for maintaining accuracy while drilling deep holes, and the drill usually requires significant torque for this operation.

Forstner Bits

A Forstner bit looks like a saw tooth bit, but it does not have full cylinder of saw teeth around the centre point. Drill presses and lathes help users drill accurately with this type of drill bit.

Plug Cutters

Plug cutters are good bits to use in conjunction with counterbore bits. The latter leaves space above screw heads so that users can conceal them. The former cuts wooden plugs that hide the screw heads. Consumers can buy a set of different plug cutters to cut different sizes of plugs.

Hard Media

Drills can work with a range of hard media, such as metal, masonry, and glass, so long as users have the right drill bits. There are numerous types of drills bits for different types of drilling into hard media.

Core Drill Bits

A core drill bit is for widening existing holes in hard materials, such as metal. It uses a cylinder with a few sharp-edged teeth to accomplish this. They usually do not have centre point since there is no need to start a hole.

Ejector Drill Bits

Ejector drill bits create deep holes with large diameters in metal. A carbide point gives this type of bit the strength it needs for this function. The flute has a tube inside of it that delivers water to cool the bit as it drills.

Masonry Bits

Masonry drill bits look like twist bits, but the cutting edges are made of tungsten carbide for the greater cutting strength required for cutting into stone. They work well with hammer drills, which generate extra torque for drilling into masonry.

Scaling Chisels

A scaling chisel is another type of drill bit for masonry. It is distinct from other types of drill bits because it features a flat paddle with a sharp edge rather than some kind of point. Designed for use with rotary drills and hammer drills, a scaling chisel chips away at stone.

Diamond Core Bits

Diamond core bits are also good for masonry drilling because the diamonds embedded around the cutting edge make these bits very strong. Users should operate their drills at low speeds when working with these bits.

Glass Drill Bits

A glass drill bit looks like a metal arrow. It has a sharp paddle at the end with a carbide centre point. They produce a great deal of friction and therefore do not last long, but they drill cleanly into glass.

How to Buy Drill Bits on eBay

eBay is a good source from which to buy drill bits. The site has a large selection of bits, and it is easy to search for the ones you need. eBay also enables you to evaluate sellers to help ensure that you are satisfied with your shopping experience.

Searching for Drill Bits

You can search for drill bits from any eBay page with the search bar. Enter the term for the drill bit you are search for, such as "brad point drill bit &", into the search bar and click the Search button. Choose the appropriate category when you receive the results, and then browse the listings to see which ones appeal to you.

Evaluating Sellers

You can improve your chances of having a satisfactory buying experience on eBay by evaluating sellers. To do this, click on the seller's username on a drill bit listing you are interested in. This brings up the seller's feedback, a collection of the comments and ratings other buyers have left for the seller. You can use this information to determine if you are likely to receive good customer service from the seller.


Drill bits are important implements because they help give drills their versatility. They enable users to drill a variety of different holes into a variety of materials. Drill bits can bore into wood, metal, masonry, and glass, and they can also create special holes that allow users to conceal screw heads. They are capable of many other types of specialised drilling as well.

Consumers should understand a few basic points about drill bits, such as the parts that comprise them and the materials from which they are made, in order to successfully purchase them. Consumers should also know which types of drill bits work best with which kinds of media. It is also important that they understand what kind of holes different drill bits create. eBay is a good source from which to buy drill bits, so consumers should know how to use the site. Successfully shopping for drill bits on eBay can help consumers complete their projects more efficiently and save them money in the process.

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