The Complete Guide to Buying Fitted Carpet on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Fitted Carpet on eBay

A carpet is essential for good insulation and comfort in the home. To make sure that the carpet optimally fulfills its functions, it is important to purchase one which can be correctly fitted. Using eBay is an ideal option as the site can be used not only to research suitable carpet types, but also to ask sellers questions about their products, and even read reviews from customers who may have experience or feedback regarding fitting the carpets.

Factors to Consider

Before buying a fitted carpet, it is necessary to consider the key deciding factors before making a financial investment. Make a list of questions as they arise so that they can be efficiently answered by the seller, as this feedback will be imvaluable when making a decision.


Of the crucial factors to consider when buying a fitted carpet is the carpet's intended lifespan. Carpets do not just add to the aesthetic appeal of the home, but should also be made to last, being that they are expensive items. Carpeting as well as the underlay should be the very best that a budget allows and a variety of good quality fitted carpeting is available for purchase on eBay. Bear in mind that for rooms which experience a great deal of people traffic, the carpet will have to be able to deal with this. Whilst they feel more luxurious, longer pile carpets tend to be flattened quite quickly when subject to frequent people traffic.

Decor and Colour Scheme

The choice of colour is also an important aspect of buying a fitted carpet. Remember to account for possible home redecoration when choosing the carpet, as what coordinates and looks good now, may not when the house or room is redecorated. Solid colours can be laid throughout a home and creates a sense of unity in the household, as well as giving the illusion of greater space. Whilst eBay sellers do post pictures of their products, do contact them if further pictures are needed to confirm the colour of a carpet.

Insulation and Soundproofing

Fitted carpets are sometimes referred to as wall-to wall-carpets. It is this wall to wall quality which helps them maintain a room's heat. To an extent, they are also believed to aid in sound proofing a room. The extent to which these qualities are important should be factored in. Conduct thorough research on eBay, and do read the guides or feedback on an item to find key reviews regarding the carpets.

Carpet Fibre

Once these issues have been addressed the choice of carpet fibre must be carefully researched if long life and attractive appearance are to be maintained. The table below details the choice of fibres available and the wear that can be expected of them; examples of each are available on eBay.



Sisal Carpets

This option is one of the most versatile and eco-friendly carpet fabrics that there is. Being a renewable, natural resource means that far less energy is expended in its manufacture. It is an extremely hard-wearing fibre which is particularly ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic, or in areas where children will be playing. It is a relatively inexpensive fabric that is easy to keep clean and is resistant to stains; it also repels static. Its natural, rustic colour would allow for a wide range of colour options for walls and general decor. A variety of these carpets can be found on eBay in an array of beautiful styles and patterns that will add greatly to the attraction of any room in the home.

Wool Carpets

Wool is another natural fibre and is probably the most extensively used in the manufacture of carpets. It is flame resistant, durable, absorbs sound and has a luxurious texture. Being a natural fibre, it also has the ability to spring back after being compressed; making it one of the more popular carpet fibres for areas such as the living room where people may congregate regularly. The way in which this fibre is woven adds a new factor to be considered. Denser weaves are generally considered the more preferable although opinions sometimes differ in this regard. Another factor to take into account is whether the wool has been blended with a percentage of man-made fibres and the compatibility with wool of the added fibre. Wool blends make up a large part of the fitted carpets available on eBay.

Wool/Nylon/ Polypropylene blends

Technology today is able to produce nylon fabrics that closely resemble the characteristics of natural fibres. Wool / Nylon blends are extensively used as some of their characteristics are compatible. The two fibres both recover quickly from compression and have similar stain resistant properties. This is by far the most popular blending in the manufacture of carpeting and one of the most durable. Polypropylene is the more stain resistant of the man-made fibres although it does not recover as well from compression.


Nylon carpets are produced in such a way today as to closely imitate the characteristics of natural fibres. They can be as soft, durable, and stain resistant as any of the other fibres and are not as costly as pure wool carpets. This fibre is the most extensively used in commercial properties where traffic is consistently heavy and its ability to withstand such wear and tear makes it extremely popular with homeowners. Nylon manufactured today is surprisingly soft to the touch and can exude the same luxurious warmth and comfortable feel of a wool carpet.

The Weave

Suitable fibres are only one part of making a correct decision regarding carpeting for a home; a carpet’s weave is considered as crucial to its life expectancy. Weaving involves the interlocking of fibres that make up the carpet’s pile with the backing yarns that secure them. Axminster or Wilton are among the most well-known and reputable types of weaves. Some manufacturers promote thicker density carpets as being the better quality, while others believe that tufts in very close proximity to one another tend to cause added friction which is then detrimental to a carpet’s life expectancy.

Fitting the Carpet

The fitting of carpets requires a certain amount of expertise and should never be undertaken lightly. Methods of carpet fitting have developed greatly over time and have been revolutionised so, that even those without professional expertise in the area may be able to undertake this task.

Gripper Strip

Gripper Strip is a term also used to describe Tack Strip or carpet gripper. This is a simple device, consisting only of a wooden strip with tacks. These strips vary in length, but generally come between one and two metres. A revolution to the art of fitting carpets, the strip is nailed down with the tacks pointing upwards. On top of the gripper strips, the underlay has to be fitted. When fitting the underlay, make sure that it overlaps with the carpet gripper. Here it is important to remember that any excess underlay has to be trimmed away and that underlay tape should be used to secure the carpet. As the carpet will have to be stretched out over the gripper, the underlay tape will prevent the carpet from moving around. Once the underlay has been put down in place, the carpet is then laid and firmly fastened in place with the use of the carpet gripper. Carpets that are inadequately stretched or overstretched can result in an eyesore which may be very difficult to correct. Consult the guides on eBay to find details on how to lay carpet if doing so for the first time. When purchasing fitted carpets on eBay, a little research into what is on offer can bring peace of mind regarding the financial layout necessary. Knowledge about a product can also assist in its care and maintenance. The cost of the actual fitting of the carpets must also be factored in to the available budget. If a homeowner decides to do the fitting personally, then many more considerations can come into play.

How to Find Fitted Carpets on eBay

Finding fitted carpets on eBay is as easy as accessing the eBay homepage. Open the All Categories tab and select Home, Furniture & DIY. Type Fitted Carpets in the search tab and do a search. The search can be refined by adding specifics such as Wool Carpets to the search. If the fitting of carpets is to be an exercise in DIY, then most of the appropriate tools can be found on eBay; simply type in the required item and search.


Purchasing fitted carpets on eBay can be a very rewarding experience once decisions on type, style, pattern, colour and quantity have been made. The manufacturer’s guarantee, and whether such a guarantee is available, is also an important factor when deciding to purchase fitted carpets on eBay. Fitted carpets can be a costly home investment and should therefore be a lasting one. If any doubt exists regarding any aspect of choosing the correct fitted carpet for a home or area in a home, then it would seem best to seek expert advice prior to committing to a purchase. It is far better to be well prepared than to live with regrets.

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