The Complete Guide to Buying Guitar Parts on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Guitar Parts on eBay

There is a good market for spare guitar parts on eBay, which are generally required by buyers for one of two common reasons: either as replacement components for those that have been worn or damaged on their instrument, or by collectors who make a hobby out of collecting and restoring vintage guitars. Furthermore, some guitar parts serve to add extra functionality to an instrument rather than fixing a broken or essential component.
This guide seeks to help buyers in making an informed decision when shopping for guitar parts on the eBay marketplace website, including commonly listed components, and advice on the procedures involved in an eBay transaction.

Choosing Guitar Parts on eBay

There are a wide range of guitar parts for sale on eBay, and these include both parts that are necessary, such as those used to replace a broken component, and those which add optional extras and improvements to the instrument or the way that it is played.
The parts available are produced by a vast range of manufacturers, including many of the big name retailers in the guitar industry, such as Fender, Ibanez, and Gibson.

Integral Components

Some of the most commonly found, integral guitar parts that are shipped as part of all guitar models are detailed in the below table. These are all listed frequently by sellers on the eBay marketplace.


Guitars function by producing sound when the strings are strummed or picked by a musician. This action causes the strings to vibrate, the vibrations resonating on different frequencies, which produces a specific sound. The sound produced by each string can be altered through tuning pegs, attached to each string. Though it is uncommon for guitar strings to snap, this can eventually happen after extended play or if handled without care. Fortunately, they are replaceable.


These strips of material are affixed to the point at which the fretboard and headstock meet, and they are commonly made of materials such as plastic or steel. They need to be durable, as the strings rest over them and they would wear away quickly if the nut was not made from strong materials. If beginning to wear, the nut can cause issues with tuning, and this can, in turn, cause issues with the quality of sound produced by the guitar, owing to the strings slipping on the nut.

Guitar Neck

This component forms a central part of the guitar's main structure, connecting to the body and the headstock, which holds the tuning pegs. The fretboard is also mounted upon the neck. These components are very frequently listed on eBay, much like guitar bodies. They are popular with musicians wishing to build their own instrument from the base up.

Optional Extras

The parts detailed in the below table are not necessarily essential to the functioning of the guitar, but can be purchased as extras to either enhance the instrument's functionality or improve the aesthetics of the instrument in some way.


Pickguards, also commonly known as a scratch plate, are components mounted underneath the guitar strings, on the central body of the instrument, which protect the finish and design from being scratched by picks or plectrums. They are additional components that can be mounted onto a guitar if desired and help to keep the instrument in good condition.


These components serve to detect vibrations produced by guitar strings and then convert them into electrical energy potential, before transferring this into an amplifier. On a traditional guitar design, these parts are seen underneath the guitar strings, usually along the fretboard. There are different types of pickups and they can be arranged and positioned in a variety of ways.


Mounted onto the headstock, the tuners, or tuning pegs, can be rotated in both directions in order to modify the sound produced by each individual string. The replacement of these parts is not generally due to breakage, but rather the customisation of an instrument. There is a wide variety of tuner designs available, including vintage guitar tuner designs.

Fretboard / Fingerboard

These are boards that run the length of the guitar neck and house the pickups and frets. The guitar strings run parallel to the fretboard until meeting the headstock. By pressing the strings against this board, musicians change their vibrating length, also changing their pitch of the sound produced. These boards are marked at intervals known as frets, hence the name.

Trusting an eBay Seller

It is understandable that buyers often feel more apprehensive over online purchases, particularly when they are for products listed by an unknown or unfamiliar seller. That's why eBay has a range of features on their website that aim to promote good, reliable sellers and protect buyers from less scrupulous merchants. Though this sort of problem is uncommon, there are sometimes issues that do arise, and eBay does their best to resolve these.

Seller Feedback Rating

A member's feedback rating is the number of feedback marks that they have received over the lifetime of their membership, and is represented by a number beside their username. This totals all feedback received, regardless of whether it was positive or not. Feedback left can either be positive, neutral or negative – with the option to leave a short comment – and aims to guide future prospective customers in deciding whether the seller can be trusted or not. Most reliable merchants have a feedback score in the upper ninetieth percentile, with very few or no negative feedback marks.
By making the decision to trade only with sellers that have good feedback, it is easier to rest assured that transactions will be completed smoothly, and items will be delivered promptly.

Ask a Question

As descriptions and listing creations are left up to the devices of the seller, it is often the case that an item might be missing an important piece of information, or the pictures of the item may be unclear. In this case, should a buyer wish to enquire about an unlisted aspect of the product, it is possible to leave a question for the seller by clicking on the relevant button from the item listing page.
When responding to a comment, a seller can choose to either reply to the originating member alone or alternatively to post his or her response as a sticky question on the item listing. This is particularly useful if the question appears to be a relevant issue that may be asked by others.

Personal Seller Spaces on eBay

When shopping on the high street or on specialist online retailers, it is very easy to find the item desired. If the first product viewed is unacceptable, there are bound to be a range of others to choose from. This is the benefit afforded to retailers trading in large volumes of similar items in a related field, as they are permitted a virtual seller space on the eBay website.
These areas of the website allow sellers to list all of their items in one place, which both makes it easier for buyers to locate similar items, while also driving greater sales traffic to the seller's other items, thereby benefiting both parties.

Finding Fender Guitar Parts on eBay

Finding a product on eBay couldn't be easier thanks to the clearly displayed item categories that make navigation of the website easy. All product listings are sorted into comprehensive categories and subcategories, which can initially be accessed from the homepage.
To find guitar parts, buyers should begin on the eBay landing page and navigate into the Musical Instruments category, which is a subsidiary of the Sports & Leisure section. From here, a vast array of instrument sections can be seen; buyers should click into the Guitars category, before then choosing Accessories.
Within the Accessories area of the Guitars category, a range of filters make it easy to locate various different guitar parts. These are listed down the left-hand side of the webpage and can be applied to narrow down the results of the item listings by parameters including price, item condition, and branding.


A range of guitar parts can be found on the eBay marketplace for a wide number of different guitar manufacturers. These parts can either be for the replacement of an old or damaged part, or to increase the base functionality of the guitar, by the addition of useful extra features.
Making a purchase of guitar parts on eBay is simple and efficient, whilst also being safe thanks to the various measures that the website has in place; many of these aim to empower the buyer by allowing them to make their own judgement on whether they can trust a seller.
It is very straightforward to find guitar parts on the eBay marketplace due to the coherent categorisation of all item listings. Guitar parts are available under the Guitars section of the website, where the Parts filter should be applied to the results.

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