The Complete Guide to Buying Make-up Kits for Sensitive Skin

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The Complete Guide to Buying Make-up Kits for Sensitive Skin

Beauty may only be skin deep, as the saying goes, but the appearance of our skin is one of the biggest factors in how we are perceived by other people. Sensitive skin can be a really big problem for many people and those problems vary from oily and dry skin through to overly sensitive skin that reacts to products such as perfume.

History shows that skin make-up has been in use for many centuries by both men and women. However, the use of make-up on skin is not without its problems for some people, which is why there are over 2000 relevant skin sensitive products available on the eBay website. These products are perfect for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, as they contain a mixture of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera that are free from chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

Different Skin Problems

Our skin has to deal with the rigours of the outside world, moving through a sea of chemicals, pollutants and even diseases. Fortunately, most people are able to cope with these varied skin challenges successfully, but a significant minority of people are born with or acquire some form of skin sensitivity. Sometimes, it is in a transient form like common teenage acne while for others it becomes a permanent element in their lives. A fairly common problem is an allergy to a substance that might be present in a soap of shampoo, but fortunately sufferers can move to non-allergenic alternatives, many of which are listed on eBay.

Skin spots are typical of the sort of thing which make-up users wish to conceal and there are many non-allergenic beauty products listed on eBay to deal with this. Other products like shaving gel or mascara all come in skin sensitive versions as well.

Analysing Sensitive Skin

There are various ways in which sensitive skin can occur:

* In many cases, it is simply the use of the wrong type of make-up or cleansing product that has caused the problem.

* Dietary choices can be a cause, for example where food allergies are involved.

* Skin damage from accidents like burns or even severe sunburn can result in permanent sensitivity in the relevant area.

* Simple random genetic inheritance of sensitivity.

* Some types of skin disease.

Simple substitution of skin care products or foods via trial and error should reveal the culprit(s) in a short time, as skin tends to react quickly and visibly to any allergens. One key feature to avoid with sensitive skin is any product that is strongly perfumed, so look out for particular products that feature perfume-free ranges when choosing from the numerous skincare products on eBay.

Seek Professional Advice

Severe skin allergy sufferers may need to seek medical or professional advice if self treatment continues to fail. In most cases, suitable treatments can be found to alleviate or cure the problem so there is no reason to continue suffering unnecessarily. However, It may take some time to track down the cause(s) in the case of allergies, so be patient. As for medical conditions, only the doctor can provide an accurate cure and prognosis.

The table below lists some common skin problems and possible solutions.

Skin problem

Some solutions

Dry skin , lacking natural oils; often red and irritated

Soap free face washes; toner to restore pH; moisturiser to restore oils; drink ample water

Oily skin, often with acne and sometimes induced by stress/hormone levels

Face washes with astringents to combat bacterial infection; care to be taken not to dehydrate; oil free moisturising

Sensitive skin

Main focus on using non-allergenic products such as gentle cream cleansers and toners; avoid heavily perfumed products and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight or smoke

Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin

In modern life, air conditioning systems at work and central heating at home as well as our diets that sometimes lack key ingredients can all cause skin to become too dry. Long distance flights, for instance, are notoriously drying for any passengers' skin and moisturisers can help offset this undesirable effect along with drinking plenty of water.

In older males, too, hormonal changes particularly in testosterone levels often lead to drying and cracking skin which can become painful as well as unsightly. Using skin sensitive moisturisers obtained from the eBay website is the safest way to combat this common everyday problem without causing any adverse skin reaction.

Lipstick for Sensitive Skin

With their plentiful blood supply and constant exposure to foods and sunlight, lips are one of the most sensitive areas of skin on the body, and can readily react to allergens. Dry cracked lips are quite common problems especially after spells of high winds and lip balms are the usual remedy. Cold sores are quite common too and can be treated with various non-allergenic remedies. They do tend to come back, so be prepared to treat them at the first sign (usually a 'tingling' sensation on the lip).

Lipstick is used to increase attractiveness but it can cause reactions in individuals, so again switching to non-allergenic versions listed on the eBay website should solve the problem.

Blusher and Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Blusher has been used for centuries to create a youthful and sexually attractive bloom to the skin, while foundation provides an overall canvas for applying any other make-up. However, like so much make-up, care should be taken not to overapply these products, as any natural beauty the skin has becomes lost under the layers. For those who suffer from sensitive skin choose non-allergenic versions of both blushers and foundations from the eBay website.

Make-up Remover for Sensitive Skin

At the end of the day, it is often a relief to remove the now tired-looking make-up and reveal one's natural skin. Soap and water washing is all well and good, but a make-up remover is the ideal way to remove make-up without damaging the skin by stripping away the skin's essential oils. There is a range of sensitive skin make-up removers on the eBay website to choose from that will maintain the natural pH of the skin.

Make-up for Sensitive Eyes

Our eyes are particularly sensitive, important and vulnerable organs, which is why we have eyebrows and eyelashes to protect them. Our eyelids also automatically close when danger threatens - the 'blink' reaction that occurs when a threat to the eye is perceived by the brain. They also act as a window to our inner selves and in spite of their small size they are vital parts of our general appearance. A great deal of make-up is devoted to improving their appearance, from mascara to eye shadow. Yet this is a potentially sensitive skin area. For sensitive skins, look for non-allergenic eye products on eBay including eyeshadows, mascaras and pencils.

Caring for Sensitive Skin

Skin care is generally the same for all skin types with the notable exception of the minority with either greasy or dry skin, or with high sensitivity. Assuming dietary allergens are not the issue; the latter group need only concentrate on using non allergenic milder skin products from eBay, particularly with little or no perfume content. Always remove make-up at the end of the day before sleeping as sleeping with make-up on can cause problems for even the least sensitive skin.

Buying Specialist Make-up for Sensitive Skin

The adage of 'less is more' is generally the case when using make-up for sensitive skin types. Look carefully for the non or hypoallergenic label when purchasing from eBay and also check any consumer comments that might be listed. Sensitive skin problems can be the result of other life factors other than the make-up being used, for instance dietary allergies or physical damage from sunlight, so it is important to identify the primary cause either by self diagnosis or consulting the right experts.

Using eBay to purchase products for sensitive skin is easy and conducting a search for a specific product can be done by using the toolbar at the top of the page. Simply type in the name of the product that you are searching for and browse through the search results.

If you want to search for a product by category, you can go to the drop down menu under the Shop by Category section and then go to Health and Beauty. From here you can select products such as moisturiser or lipstick then type in additional words such as 'sensitive' or ' hypoallergenic'. You will then be given a list of products that match these criteria.

For further information on how to use eBay, check out the page titled Search Tips or contact eBay to ask any questions that you may have about the process.


Sensitive skin affects only a small minority of make-up users and even they can continue to use some make-up to enhance their appearance. The key for them is to search eBay for make-up products listed as being allergen free and to restrict their purchases to this category only. Subsequent trial and error selection should soon reveal what cosmetic products they can and cannot use in future without the risk of setting off a renewed skin reaction.

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