The Complete Guide to Buying Mens Designer Shoes

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The Complete Guide to Buying Men's Designer Shoes

Men's designer shoes are made with style and quality in mind. For many men, shoes are an important accessory for every outfit. There are two main styles of shoes for men; dress shoes and casual shoes. A man needs to have shoes in a range of styles in his wardrobe to match any occasion. Designer shoes are expensive to buy. Designer shoes are available at major department stores, many men's shoe stores, as well as specialty designer stores. Buyers can also head online to buy designer shoes from brands like Balmain for H&M. Websites such as eBay offer buyers the opportunity to purchase top quality men's designer shoes at competitive prices.

This guide is designed to provide the information a man needs to buy the right pair of designer shoes that accommodate his budget. In this guide, buyers will find information on what to look for in a pair of designer shoes, how to find men's designer shoes that fit comfortably, the popular designer shoe brands available, and how to buy men's designer shoes on eBay. 

Different Styles of Men's Designer Shoes

No matter how one may try, there is not one style of shoe to be found that can be used for all occasions. Men require a selection of shoes of different styles to complement their entire wardrobe and offer comfort and style for different occasions. Individuals can choose from two broad styles of men's designer shoes, and they are men's designer dress shoes and men's designer casual shoes. Within these two groups are further sub-categories of different shoe styles.

Men's Designer Dress Shoes

Men's designer dress shoes are designed for formal occasions. These include shoes for office wear, evening wear, and formal events such as weddings. Designer dress shoes are commonly made from brown or black leather, although other colours are available. They usually feature leather upper, leather lining, and leather soles. Men's designer dress shoes are grouped by their method of fastening.


Oxfords feature lace-up fastenings. They are a formal type of dress shoe, ideal for wearing with a suit or tuxedo. When it comes to style, the thinner the sole, the more formal the shoes are considered to be. Brogues are a type of oxford dress shoe that feature patterned punching in the leather, usually across the top of the foot and toe area.


Loafers are similar in shape and style to oxfords, with the exception that they do not feature lace fastening. Instead, they are designed to slip onto the wearer's foot. Loafers are less formal than oxfords and can be worn with a suit, dress pants, or casual dress pants. Loafers can feature tassels and other decorative embellishments. Loafers are commonly made in brown leather. However, they can come in a range of stylish colours.


Dress boots are similar to other types of dress shoes for men, except they extend up over the ankle. They are ideal for wearing in cold, wet weather as well as for daytime formal wear. They can feature lace-up fastenings or they can be slip-ons. The more common type of dress boots for men are black leather oxford boots. Dress boots tend to be more expensive than loafers and oxfords.

Men's Designer Casual Shoes

Men's designer casual shoes range from slip-ons and sandals that are ideal for wearing in summer, to casual athletic and boots designed for cooler weather. Men's casual shoes also include the range of athletic shoes designed for specific sporting and recreational activities.


Men's designer slip-on casual shoes come in a range of materials, styles, and colours. They range from dressy leather slip-on shoes, ideal for an evening out with friends, right through to inexpensive casual canvas slip-ons, ideal for wearing to the beach. As the name suggests, slip-ons do not feature lace or buckle fastening. They simply slip onto the wearer's foot. Casual slip-on shoes are designed to be comfortable shoes that are suitable for all types of casual dress situations.


Sandals tend to be the least expensive style of casual shoe. Sandals are an open shoe that are ideal for wearing while relaxing around the home, at the park, beach, or mall. A common type of casual men's sandal is the flip flop. This is a sandal that offers minimal coverage, is very lightweight, and is comfortable to wear in hot weather. Men's designer flip flops may be made from comfortable rubber or leather.


Athletic shoes are designed for wearing during various sports and recreational activities. There are athletic shoes designed for walking, running, hiking, water sports, and various other sporting activities. Athletic shoes are designed to provide optimum comfort, support, safety, and durability. Although athletic shoes are not designed with style as a major component, there are many designer brands such as Lacoste, that offer men the opportunity to buy athletic shoes that are practical as well as stylish.

Casual Athletic

Casual athletic shoes are designed for style and comfort over sporting practicality. A good example is the plimsoll. These styles of shoes are not designed for running or hiking. Instead, they are intended to be worn with casual clothes such as jeans, cargo pants, and shorts. They can be worn during the day or when heading out to the clubs and bars at night with friends. Casual athletic shoes come in a range of styles and colours. Many men's designer casual athletic shoes are made from soft comfortable leather and feature supportive rubber soles.


Men's designer casual boots can include fashionable boots, work boots, hiking boots, all-weather boots, and western boots. Casual boots are ideal for wearing in cooler weather. They tend to be comfortable and durable. The range of casual boots is vast, and they range significantly in price. Therefore, buyers should identify where they plan to wear the boots before making final purchase decisions.

What to Look for in Men's Designer Shoes

When buying men's designer shoes, it is important to understand what to look for. Designer shoes can be expensive, and buyers need to ensure they buy the style and fit that they can get the most wear out of. When it comes to shopping for men's designer shoes, a buyer should consider quality, comfort, and style.


Most men's designer shoes are made from leather and feature leather uppers as well as leather lining. They may even feature genuine leather soles, as with many designer dress shoes. Designer shoes should have quality stitching, secure fastenings, and durable soles. A pair of designer shoes should look and feel balanced and offer comfort for the wearer. A good quality pair of designer shoes should be durable, offering years of comfort to the wearer.


Buyers pay a lot of money for designer shoes not only for their style, but also for the comfort they offer the wearer. The lining should support the foot, the sole should cushion the foot with each step, and the toes should have enough movement without being too cramped. A pair of designer shoes should feel as comfortable at the end of the work day as they did when they were put on in the morning.


Men's designer shoes offer the latest in fashion style. They are designed to complement the new trends in men's clothing fashion. Any man looking for the latest style of designer shoe can simply look to the fashion catwalks to find out who is offering the newer styles that suit his taste. A good designer shoe works with a range of outfits and can turn a dull wardrobe into a fashion statement. As men's shoe designers offer various styles, buyers should choose a designer that suits their personal dress sense.

Find Men's Designer Shoes that Fit

It is important to find a pair of men's designer shoes that fit comfortably. Feet swell as the day progresses, and this affects the shoe size. To get an accurate fit, men should try on designer shoes in the afternoon. Be sure to wear socks when trying on shoes. The following table provides an average sizing chart for men looking to buy a new pair of designer shoes.

UK Men's Shoe Size










Size in Centimetres










European Size










Buyers should note this table offers general measurements. Sizing measurements can vary from one designer brand to another. Buyers should always try on shoes for an accurate fit before making a final purchase.

How to Buy Men's Designer Shoes on eBay

Buyers looking for men's designer shoes on eBay have a few options when it comes to finding the right pair of shoes. An easy way to find designer shoes is to type "men's designer shoes" into the search bar on eBay's home page. If one is looking for a specific type of shoe, this can be typed into the search bar as well. For example, typing "men's size 11 dress shoes" or "men's white leather dress shoes" will bring up a list of appropriate items for sale on the website. Buyers then have the opportunity to further refine their search by using the available search categories such as size, style, condition, price, and brand.

Buy from Reputable eBay Sellers

When a buyer finds a pair of men's designer shoes that he would like to purchase, it is recommended that he finds out more about the seller's reputation on eBay. In order to see the seller's full profile, simply click on his or her name. Here, one can see how other buyers have rated a particular seller's service by reading the customers' feedback posted on the website.


Some men love to go shopping for a new pair of designer shoes, while others dread the thought of having to replace their tired, worn out favourite pair of shoes. In order to find the right pair of designer dress shoes or casual shoes, there are some specific things that buyers should consider. This can include the quality, comfort, and style that the shoes offer. When it comes to buying men's designer shoes, finding the correct fit is important. Designer shoes are expensive, and every man wants to ensure that he can receive years of comfort out of a new pair of designer shoes. Men have a number of popular brands of shoes to choose from, and the shoes can range significantly in price.

Designer shoes as well as casual shoes are available at a wide range of stores as well as at online retailers such as eBay. Buyers can search through the listings on eBay to find the ideal pair of designer shoes that meets requirements.

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