The Complete Guide to Buying Motorhome Awnings on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Motorhome Awnings on eBay

Many motorhome enthusiasts may not consider a motorhome complete without an awning. This important component helps motorhome owners enjoy fresh air outside while staying cool in the shade. An awning can even act as an outdoor room, where motorhome owners can remove their shoes before entering the motorhome, or store equipment in order to keep it dry.

Although motorhome awnings seem like relatively simple items, there is a good deal to know about them. In order to purchase the right kind of awning for a motorhome, the consumer should know the motorhome awning options, including awning types, awning fittings, and awning brands. Consumers should also take into consideration important awning features and accessories so that they can make educated decisions regarding awning purchases.

eBay is a good source from which to buy motorhome awnings. Consumers can improve their chances of shopping successfully on this website if they are already equipped with the product knowledge.

Options for Motorhome Awnings

There are numerous options for motorhome awnings. By knowing the different awning types, fittings, and brands available in the market, consumers can successfully shop for awnings on eBay.

Types of Motorhome Awnings

There are three basic types of awning for sale on eBay: canopy, drive-away, and porch. One major difference between these awnings is their level of enclosure. The set-up process for each awning type is also distinct.

Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings roll out from the side of a motorhome, and they provide overhead shade. They are open on all other sides, but it is possible to buy an enclosure for this type of accessory. Many motorhomes have canopy awnings permanently fixed to one side of the motorhome, while other motorhomes have fittings for the temporary attachment of a canopy awning. This type of awning also has poles that run to the ground to help support the awning.

Drive-Away Awnings

A drive-away awning is like a large tent, but one that affixes to a motorhome's awning rail. It is enclosed on all sides. Unlike a canopy awning, it is possible to detach a drive-away awning from a motorhome and leave it standing alone. Whereas the main point of a canopy awning is relaxing in the shade close to the motorhome, drive-away awnings offer a more broad range of uses. Many motorhome owners use drive-away awnings as front rooms to their motorhomes. They can be places where motorhome owners change out of dirty shoes before entering a motorhome, or they may be used as dry storage spaces for equipment such as bicycles. It is even possible to use drive-away awnings as extra accommodation spaces.

Porch Awnings

A porch awning combines the features of a canopy awning and a drive-away awning. These affix to the side of a motorhome like canopy awnings do, but they are also fully enclosed like drive-away awnings. It is not possible to move a motorhome and leave a porch awning in place, but these awnings offer the front room functionality of drive-away awnings when they are alongside motorhomes. Porch awnings tend to be smaller than drive-away awnings, but they are relatively easy to set up.

Fittings for Awnings

Some motorhomes come with fittings to which consumers can affix awnings. It is also possible to attach a fitting if a motorhome does not already have one. Certain fittings are better suited to certain types of awnings, so consumers should know the fittings that work with each type of awnings. The table below describes different types of fittings and lists the types of awnings with which they work well.

Fitting Type




Appears C-shaped when viewed from one end; single piece for factory fitting; can be multiple pieces for aftermarket fitting

all types


Appears J-shaped when viewed from one end; usually found on camper vans; also serves as a gutter to divert water from door

drive-away awnings

Shallow Gutter

Less pronounced J-shape; found on older camper vans; lack of depth makes for less secure fixing of awning

drive-away awnings

C-rail fittings offer broader compatibility, and it may be possible to replace other fittings with C-rails. An individual looking to install a fitting on a motorhome may use a professional service to do so.

Brands of Awnings

There are a number of reputable brands for motorhome awnings, and consumers can find these brands for sale on eBay. Fiamma and Omnistor are among the leading brands of canopy awnings. Isabella, Ventura, and Outdoor Revolution are widely regarded as producers of high-quality drive-away awnings. Shoppers looking for porch awnings may want to consider the ones that SunnCamp produces.

Features of Motorhome Awnings

Each type of motorhome awning has specific features that are important for consumers to consider. Being familiar with some of the important features, such as materials and size, helps a consumer narrow the search after deciding on the type of awning to purchase on eBay.

Awning Material

Those who plan to use their motorhomes frequently should invest in awnings made from high-quality fabrics. Awnings tend to absorb a great deal of sunlight and deflect significant amounts of rain. Such weather can wear awnings down over time. The lower the quality of the fabric, the more often consumers must replace it. It is therefore worth the extra cost of purchasing awnings of higher-quality fabric. One specification to pay particular attention to is the waterproofness. This is rated in millimetres, and the higher the number, the more waterproof the awning is.

When it comes to awning poles, consumers can choose between steel and fibreglass. The former tend to be stronger, more rigid, heavier, and more expensive. The latter are usually more flexible, lighter, and less expensive.

Awning Size

The size of an awning is an important feature, no matter what type the awning is. For canopy awnings, the consumer should measure the length of the fitting and try to find an awning on eBay that is compatible with that length. Consumers must also decide how far they would like to be able to extend canopy awnings from their motorhomes. The angle at which a canopy awning unfurls is also important, especially for adding flaps to enclose the space beneath the awning. If a canopy comes relatively close to the ground, then consumers may not feel the need to enclose the end of the awning.

Drive-away awnings and porch awnings can vary a great deal in size. The larger the awnings, the more space consumers have to relax or store items under them. Porch awnings tend to be smaller than drive-away ones, but they can still offer ample space.

Motorhome Awning Accessories

There is a wide range of motorhome awning accessories that can enhance the use of awnings. Consumers can purchase panels to create the kind enclosure that drive-away and porch awnings offer. De-flappers help keep canopy awnings taut for good appearance and deflection of rain. No matter what kind of motorhome awning a consumer is purchasing, a good collection of pegs and pull straps should be used to keep the awning securely fixed to the ground.

Motorhome awnings require some upkeep in order to maximise their durability. Consumers can find plenty of repair tape, cleaners, and water repellant on eBay. By using these accessories, motorhome owners can expect to prolong the lives of the awnings attached to their motorhomes.

The eBay Buying Process

eBay is a good source from which one can buy motorhome awnings, because the site has a broad selection of these items. However, successful shopping on eBay requires consumers to know how to use the site. Two of the key aspects of buying on eBay are searching and evaluating sellers.


You can search from any eBay page with the search bar. Enter a descriptive term for the motorhome awning you are searching for, such as "porch awning", into the search bar and click the Search button. When eBay displays the results, choose the Motorhome Parts & Accessories category and then the Awnings option. This helps ensure that the results are related to your search term.

Evaluating Sellers on eBay

Evaluating sellers is important to giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy a satisfactory shopping experience on eBay. You can do this by checking the feedback for a seller of a motorhome awning you are interested in. When you click on the seller's username on the listing, you can see comments and ratings that past customers have left for the seller. This information can help you decide whether or not to proceed with a transaction with that seller.


An awning enhances the use of a motorhome by providing shade outside the motorhome where people can relax. It is also possible to use a motorhome awning as a front room for the motorhome where owners can store equipment or organise other items. For these reasons, many owners consider awnings to be critical components of their motorhomes.

Those who need to buy or replace motorhome awnings may avail of a few different options regarding the types of awning they would like to purchase. Shoppers can find the three main types of motorhome awnings on eBay. The website also has a broad selection of motorhome awning brands, and consumers can choose the features of awnings that ideally suit their needs. Additionally, shoppers can find motorhome awning accessories on eBay that can enable them to get maximum benefit from their awnings. With good knowledge of motorhome awnings and how to use eBay to purchase them, motorhome owners can take their enjoyment of travelling by motorhome to new levels.

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