The Complete Guide to Buying Pelmets on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Pelmets on eBay

Pelmets are used to disguise the hanging mechanisms for blinds and curtains. They can also reduce heating costs in cold weather by blocking convection currents. Though pelmets can be practical, they are also designed to be decorative, and often have intricate patterns and designs. A high number of pelmets are available, and can be found to suit the decor and colours of almost any room. Consider modern, contemporary, traditional, and novelty pelmets to select items that will work well in a room. It is also important to find an appropriate colour. Consider warm colours and whites to enhance the feeling of light in a room, and blues and greens for a more relaxed feel.

eBay has a high number of listings for pelmets, and it is possible to search for these items by colour, style, price range, and other options. Learn how to navigate the website for optimal search results, and find pelmets to enhance the decor of a room.

Choosing Pelmets

Pelmets can be purchased individually or as part of a set with curtains. In many cases, pelmets are designed from the same fabric as the accompanying curtains, and are cut and stitched to maintain a consistent visual appearance. Pelmet listings on eBay include both individual items and sets. There are several ways to navigate a search on eBay, and using a combination of keywords and category options is often the best way to find specific listings.


Keywords can be entered from the homepage on eBay, or any page showing search results. Simply type in relevant search terms to find the desired items. For example, to see listings for white pelmets, type "white pelmets" into the search field. Additional keywords can be added to refine listings further. It is also possible to use category options to guide a search.


eBay’s category options are an excellent way to refine listings by predetermined criteria. Listings for pelmets can be narrowed by several different factors, including materials, primary colours, style, and brand, among others. Category options for item types can be accessed from the homepage and on search results pages. Each header in the categories list has a series of subcategories. If only the header appears, click on it to open the full list of its subcategories. For example, a category option for colour can have options for whites, beiges, reds, etc. The following list includes examples of category options buyers can use to narrow search results.


Pelmets are produced in a broad variety of styles, ranging from items with an elegant look to novelty pelmets with unusual patterns and designs. Consider the full range of items available to choose the best pelmets for a room. The following chart offers a brief description of popular styles.

Pelmet Style



Traditional pelmets feature prominent patterns and a heavily gathered style. They favour floral designs and materials like lace. Choose these items for rooms with antique furniture, or use them to create a classic look in a room.


Pelmets in a modern style tend to be very minimal, and favour neutral colours like whites, blacks, and beiges. They are normally designed with solid colours, and have only light gatherings.


Like modern pelmets, contemporary items have little or no patterns, though they incorporate a broader range of colours and styles. Stripes are not uncommon on contemporary pelmets, and some may have figurative images in a single stripe across the fabric.


Country pelmets often overlap with traditional items. These products are designed with prominent floral patterns, while others favour the classic "tablecloth" plaid. Look for country pelmets in pastel colours for a warm, comforting look. 


Novelty pelmets often exhibit images from popular culture, such as comic book heroes, sports players, or video game characters. Others have bold patterns or flags. These can be used in restrooms, and any room of a home that could do with a light, humorous touch.


Buyers can also shop for pelmets for children’s rooms. These pelmets are often similar to novelty items, though they favour cartoon characters and other popular media icons familiar to children.


The material used in a pelmet affects its visual appearance, durability, and price. Some of the most common materials include voile, polyester, satin, cotton, jacquard, and lace. Lace and jacquard have a traditional feel, while cotton is suitable for all styles of pelmets.


Buyers looking for a specific brand can also narrow their search results to match a single manufacturer. Popular brands include Dorma, Laura Ashley, Hand Made, Prestigious, Curtina, and Sanderson.


It is also important to choose pelmets that complement the rest of a room’s decor. Pelmets in black, white, and grey are some of the most versatile items available, and can be hung in nearly any room with success. These pelmets can provide a modern look, and work well with uncluttered rooms. White is a great option for opening up the space in a room, and can enhance light entering through the window. Conversely, pelmets with darker shades can cause an area to feel small. Choose blacks and greys for well-lit, open rooms for the best effect.

Warm colours like reds and yellows can brighten up a room, and work well with white. Be sure these colours will complement the furniture and wall colours in a room before purchasing. Blues and greens add a cool, calm feeling to a room, though like other strong colours, they can feel out of place in spaces that do not already have colours to echo them. Consider colours in relation to the type of room they will be placed in for maximum impact.

Other Considerations

There are several other things to keep in mind while shopping, including the best placement for a colour or type of pelmet, as well as the size of the product.


Consider the room a pelmet will be hung in for the best results. White pelmets and colours in lighter shades are ideal for kitchens, and country pelmets are a great stylistic choice also. Light colours can enhance a clean look, which works well in dining areas.

Greens, blues, and purples are more suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, as they create a relaxing visual feel. Look for contemporary and modern pelmets for these rooms.


Before committing to a purchase of a pelmet, take the time to measure the area they will be hung in. Make sure the rod or board used to hang the pelmets and curtains is wider than the window frame to ensure proper use.

How to Buy Pelmets on eBay

Take the time to research item listings and sellers on eBay to ensure a positive transaction. Click on the name or image of any item in search results to view the full listing. There, you can find the full price of the item, including shipping charges, as well as the forms of payment accepted by the seller. You may also wish to look for available delivery and insurance options. Read the seller’s description of an item, and compare it with available photos to be clear on the condition a pelmet is in. Contact the seller if you have any questions about a listing.

Review information about sellers to find the most reliable eBay users. Positive feedback ratings reflect the satisfaction of buyers within the past 12 months, and the number of completed transactions indicates the seller’s level of experience. This information is shown in every item listing, though it is also possible to see a full profile by clicking on the seller’s name. There, you can view average ratings based on specific aspects of the user’s performance. These include the accuracy of item descriptions, shipping speeds, shipping costs, and the seller’s level of communication. It is also possible to view comments left by previous buyers. In the full list of comments, look for links to the original item listings associated with the feedback. Once you have received your item, return to eBay to leave feedback for the seller. This informs the eBay marketplace about your experience, and can also help sellers improve their performance in any areas you felt could’ve been better.


Pelmets are a decorative item used to conceal the hanging mechanisms on curtains, and items made of thicker material can also help maintain interior temperatures. Pelmets are produced in a broad variety of colours and styles, and buyers can find ones to match any home decor. Choose modern and contemporary items for a minimal look. These pelmets favour neutral colours like whites, greys, blacks, and beiges. Traditional and country pelmets are designed with prominent patterns, including floral designs and tablecloth plaid. Traditional pelmets also favour lace and other textured materials. Novelty pelmets and those for children’s rooms have bright colours, and feature images of cartoon characters, sports players, and other icons of popular culture.

Consider the room a pelmet will be hung in to choose the best colours available. Greens, blues, and purples work well in living rooms and bedrooms, while warmer colours do well in kitchens and entryways. Choose whites to enhance the appearance of light in a room, and darker shades for a more subdued feel.

Shop for pelmets on eBay by using search terms and category options. Keywords can be entered from any page to find specific items or begin a general search. The search engine remembers keywords, so it is possible to add new terms on subsequent pages to increase specificity. It is also possible to use category links to narrow listings by style, colour, material, price, brand, and other options. Research sellers and items to ensure a positive buying experience, and shop around to find the best pelmets available.

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