The Complete Guide to Buying Queen Victoria Stamps

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The Complete Guide to Buying Queen Victoria Stamps

Oftentimes it is necessary to use stamps to send mail and other packages. Stamps are essential to everyday life in regards to communicating via the postal service. There are various types of stamps around the world and many people collect unique kinds, especially Queen Victoria stamps from the United Kingdom. Queen Victoria stamps are highly sought after, because if the stamps are in pristine condition and rare, they are worth a lot of money.

The first postage stamps were used in the British Empire. Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch of the British Empire when modern postage stamps were introduced in 1840. By looking at a brief history of Queen Victoria, the introduction of the penny black stamps, the adjustment to the penny red stamps, and the different value of stamps, the buyer is able to satisfactorily decide whether or not he or she chooses to buy Queen Victoria stamps. Queen Victoria stamps can be purchased at antique stores, from collector's conventions, and also through the online auction website, eBay.

Purchasing Queen Victoria stamps can be difficult, but with tips on how to purchase the stamps on eBay, it is simple. Queen Victoria stamps are the only stamps in the world that do not have the country of origin or name on them, which leaves the monarchs image to symbolise the United Kingdom.

Who is Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria served as the monarch of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 until her death in 1901. She was the longest serving monarch in history and under her reign, Great Britain saw vast cultural expansion as well as advancements in the industrial sector, science, and communications. Other progressions were made under her reign such as the establishment of a more modern constitutional monarch and a variety of other political reforms.

Essentially, Queen Victoria provided stability to Great Britain and its immense empire during an era of great social and technological change. The impact Queen Victoria had prompted the postal service to create a stamp in her honour to commemorate all of her achievements.

Types of Queen Victoria Stamps

A buyer must be aware of the various kinds of Queen Victoria stamps. These include the Penny Black, Penny Red, Penny Venetian Red, and the Penny Lilac stamps. Each stamp was instituted for different reasons and some were in circulation much longer than others. Along with that, each stamp had individual letters on the corners of the stamps to denote where they were located on the printing plate. For example, the top row of Queen Victoria stamps was shown as such: AA through AL, the second row displayed BA through BL, and so on until 240 stamps were printed with letters.

Penny Black

When a buyer is looking to purchase a Queen Victoria stamp, he or she must consider the different adhesives that were used to indicate that the user pre-paid for the stamp. The Penny Black stamp was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in the postal system in Great Britain, and it was issued in 1840. Prior to the Penny Black introduction, postage was paid upon delivery of the mail and was charged for the distance that the mail travelled, as well as how much the package cost. Although the Penny Black stamp was the first adhesive stamp, it is by no means rare because it was printed in excess.

However, the only known complete sheets of Penny Black stamps are owned by the British Postal Museum. Penny Black stamps have the picture of Queen Victoria on them, and currently all British stamps still have a picture or silhouette of Queen Victoria somewhere on them.

Penny Red

The Penny Red has a different type of adhesive that was used for the Queen Victoria stamp and succeeded the Penny Black in 1841. The Penny Red stamp was used until 1879 with minor changes along the way. It succeeded the Penny Black stamp of Queen Victoria due to the inability and difficulty in reading a cancellation mark on the black stamp. When using the Penny Red, the black cancellation mark is easily read.

Initially, there were no perforations on the stamps and they had to be cut individually with scissors, but in 1854 perforations on the stamps were adopted. The stamps were printed in sheets of 240 stamps and around 21 billion Penny Red stamps were printed.

Penny Venetian Red

A third type of penny postage stamp was created and issued in Great Britain in 1880. The Penny Venetian Red was quite similar to its predecessors in terms of style and purpose. However, it was coloured venetian red to distinguish it. While in use, there were over 1.5 million Penny Venetian Red stamps which were printed. The Penny Venetian Red had a short run in the British Postal Service and was replaced by the Penny Lilac stamp.

Penny Lilac

The Penny Lilac stamp was the final stamp which was used under Queen Victoria's reign in Great Britain. It was instituted due to the Customs and Inland Revenue Act of 1881, which called for revenue from stamps that were purchased throughout the British Empire. Other than the difference with the Lilac colour change to this penny stamp, the stamp also revealed new words across it, which now stated, "Postage and Inland Revenue". Prior to the Penny Lilac stamp, stamps just stated "Postage".

Stamp Values

Although these penny stamps were the most popular and were instituted for various reasons, there were also stamps that were sold for different prices including, a halfpenny, two pence, and three halfpence. Even though the penny stamps were much more accepted, the introduction of other types of stamps occurred at the same time. The name of each stamp is based off of the colour and cost of each stamp. The types of stamps include: Penny Black,, Two Penny Blue,, Penny Red,, Halfpenny Rose Red, Three Halfpence Red, Penny Venetian Red, and Penny Lilac. The years the stamps were created range from 1840-1891.


Type of Stamp

Years Created


Penny Black



Two Penny Blue



Penny Red



Halfpenny Rose Red


Rose Red

Three Halfpence Red


Rose Red

Penny Venetian Red


Venetian Red

Penny Lilac



By looking at the different types of stamps, the Queen Victoria stamps revolutionised the postal service in the United Kingdom. When the Inland Revenue Act was instituted, the Queen Victoria stamps helped generate money for the postal service and the Kingdom, in general.

How to Buy Queen Victoria Stamps on eBay

When the buyer is fully educated on the specifications and the characteristics of Queen Victoria stamps, it is time to purchase some. eBay provides a vast selection of Queen Victoria stamps. The easiest way to search for these stamps is to perform a keyword search. Begin the search on eBay by using the search bar located at the top of every page. In the search box, simply type in "Queen Victoria stamps&",a couple hundred options may appear in the search results. If the buyer is looking for more specific types of stamps from the Victorian era, he or she should alter the keywords to be more specific, such as "Penny Black Queen Victoria stamps&" or "Penny Red Queen Victoria stamps&". The buyer can then go through and select specific types of Queen Victoria stamps which he or she wants.

To ease the buyer's mind when purchasing Queen Victoria stamps, there is an option to evaluate the seller's feedback. The seller's eBay history includes all the feedback ratings from buyers within the last 12 months. The advice provides the buyer with the details from past interactions with the seller, allowing the buyer to make a much better, more informed decision. The feedback is beneficial for the seller because it lets the seller improve his or her services to buyers. It is important to leave any comments or feedback for a seller after the buyer receives the items, because it is necessary to inform the eBay marketplace on the seller's helpfulness.


Queen Victoria stamps are a vital part to the history of the postal system in Great Britain as well as the United Kingdom as a whole. There are many different types of Queen Victoria stamps that provide options for the buyer to choose whichever stamps are best for him or her. When deciding what stamps to purchase, the buyer must decide what he or she is looking for and what is the meaning behind the stamps. Whether the buyer is a stamp collector or is interested in British history, Queen Victoria stamps are a great product to buy on eBay. The buyer has to decide what types of Queen Victoria stamps he or she wants to purchase. That being said, the types of Queen Victoria stamps are ultimately up to the buyer's preference.

Fortunately, eBay offers a large selection of Queen Victoria stamps to meet every buyer's needs. In addition to Queen Victoria stamps, eBay also offers a variety of other stamps which can be collected. Finding the exact Queen Victoria stamps should not be a hassle. With the right amount of research, the buyer can ensure he or she has made a great purchase.

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