The Complete Guide to Buying Speakers on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Speakers on eBay

Speakers, or loudspeakers, are an important integral feature of any device that creates a sound, including televisions, radios, in PA systems, and music players. Speaker units can be connected to devices such as music players and televisions to maximise sound output in the home or for commercial use. The sizes, outputs, and types of speakers available ensure that every buyer will find a suitable speaker that offers exceptional sound quality. Investigate brands and consider a range of individual items to find ideal speakers at a competitive price. A wide range of speakers are available to purchase on eBay.

About Speakers

Loudspeakers produce sound in response to an audio input, created by a range of electronic devices, such as hi-fis and televisions. Speakers offer a range of frequency outputs, with each frequency range produced by a different driver: tweeters produce the highest pitched sounds, then mid-range drivers, woofers and subwoofers, which emit the lower frequency bass notes. These drivers are usually combined together into a full-range or wide-range loudspeaker system, though can be purchased separately for more specialist sound production.

Subwoofers are most commonly available as separate speakers. The input, or source, is usually connected to the speakers by cables, though some speakers, such as docking stations, connect directly to the source. Ensure the input requirements correspond with the speaker unit specifications. Some speakers may require an independent power supply, such as mains connection or batteries. Speakers are produced by numerous manufacturers, including companies that produce audio equipment, visual equipment, computer components, and musical instruments.

Choosing Speakers

The ideal speaker will depend largely on its intended use. For example, commercial loudspeakers designed for maximum volume in a crowded environment will differ greatly from the small speakers required to produce sound from a portable music device such as an mp3 player. Speakers with a good range of frequencies and will produce the greatest variety of sounds. Research individual items and eBay sellers before making a purchase.

Speakers for Home Use

The market for audio equipment for personal use is vast. The following table briefly considers some of the options available when purchasing speakers for home use.

Speaker Type


Stereo Speakers

Stereo speakers are a set of at least two wide-range speakers (though these can sometimes be contained within the same unit) that each produce a range of sounds, hence the 'stereo' effect. Available with assorted input options, stereo speakers can be used for a range of audio devices and can often be used for televisions and computers. Not all stereo speakers include a subwoofer.

Surround sound speakers

Particularly popular when connected to a television set, surround sound is usually obtained by arranging assorted speakers around the room to literally surround oneself with the sound.

Floor standing speakers

As opposed to the more common bookshelf speakers, floor-standing speakers enable greater freedom of placement and reduce reverberations caused by speakers vibrating on a shelf. These speakers are often larger and so more easily fill a room; their greater size enables great sound depth. Floor standing speakers typically have greater bass power, while the tweeters are at an ideal height for optimum sound quality.


With speakers positioned in several locations around the bar, different sounds are projected into different areas of the room, creating the surround sound effect with a single speaker. Soundbars can be used with televisions or audio devices, and some brands have enabled wireless operation.

Docking station

Another wide-range speaker option is the docking station, which enables portable music devices such as mp3 players and iPods to be directly connected to an audio output.

Portable speakers

Portable speakers are among the smallest loudspeakers, which makes them ideal for travel. Possible variations of portable speakers include USB connections, wireless transmission, and waterproof speakers, which are ideal for outdoor use.

The majority of speakers for home use are produced in a variety of styles, colours, and materials to increase aesthetic appeal and complement interior design. Similarly, a range of sizes offer an ideal sound solution for every room of the house.

Speakers for Commercial Use

For events from parties to conferences to concerts, larger loudspeakers can produce greater volumes. A wide range of speakers for commercial use is available to purchase on eBay. It is worth noting that the power, expressed in Watts (e.g. 600W), is the maximum input the speaker can handle, not its expected output.

Speaker Type


DJ or Karaoke speakers

The speakers required for a DJ or karaoke set-up will need sufficient drivers to enable a range of frequencies and subwoofers to provide the bass. The ideal size and power of the speaker will depend on the capacity of the venue. Also consider logistics of transporting the speakers to an event. Speakers for audio entertainment can be purchased as part of a set or kit.

PA systems

Public announcement systems are versatile, featuring a microphone to magnify the voice through an arrangement of speakers. Portable PA systems are designed to be transported from venue to venue, whereas static PA systems can be more tailored to optimise sound quality in one specific location. Wireless PA systems are also available.


Often used with electric instruments, amplifiers convert electrical impulses into sound before transmitting it through a speaker. Large amplifiers, or cabs, are very large units with high power output that can reach great volumes.

Frequency, size, drivers and power are all important aspects to consider when purchasing speakers for commercial or business use, as well as the anticipated crowd volume and acoustics of the venue.

Used Speakers

Provided they are well maintained, a good quality speaker should provide many years of use. Hundreds of used speakers are listed on eBay; purchasing used speakers can be a way to obtain high quality products at very competitive prices. Always read the item description carefully to assess the condition of a used item. Speaker damage can occur if the input is too high; for example, if music is played too loudly.

Damage to the internal components will have serious adverse effects on the performance of the speaker. Damage to speaker cables can make the item dangerous, so always replace any damaged cables immediately. If the grill or fabric of the speaker is damaged, this can usually be easily repaired. Cosmetic damage to the speaker enclosure will not usually affect the sound produced but will reduce the aesthetic quality of the item.

Speaker Parts

Replacing speaker parts can be easy or can be a specialist task, depending on the part to be replaced. There are many speaker and audio parts listed on eBay, including the following:

Speaker Part



The cone is the sound-producing component of a speaker and can be purchased with or without a supporting basket frame.


The grill can be metal, fabric, cloth, or foam, comes in a variety of colours, and covers the speaker or box.


Cables and jacks connect the input source to the speaker.


The cone surround can be foam or rubber. Lightweight foam surrounds may need replacing after several years or through heavy usage. Replacement foam repair kits are available.

Stands and Mounts

The relative location of a speaker can alter its sound in terms of placement and acoustics. Using a stand or bracket can enable more freedom of speaker placement and can reduce reverberation caused by sound vibrations of a speaker placed on a solid surface, such as a shelf.

Buying Speakers on eBay

Thousands of speakers are listed on eBay. Use sub-categories to refine listings, and read descriptions carefully to be certain of the details and condition of the speakers. View photographs of individual items and, if necessary, arrange viewings before making a purchase. Compare similar listings to find the best item at the lowest price. Review sellers' feedback scores, and read feedback comments to be confident in making a good purchase from a trustworthy seller. Check sellers' returns and refund policies. Confirm accepted payment methods and delivery method before buying a speaker on eBay; speakers are fragile items, so be certain the seller will post them in a responsible manner. Contact the seller to obtain any further information.


Speakers provide the sound element of electric audio equipment. Different speakers are designed to cover a range of frequencies and to produce a variety of outputs so that a suitable speaker can be found for any identifiable home or commercial use. Used speakers can be an affordable alternative to new speakers, providing they have been properly maintained. Damaged speakers can sometimes be repaired with replacement parts. A range of speakers are available to purchase on eBay. Research sellers and individual items, and compare prices to be confident in making a quality purchase at a good price.

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