The Complete Guide to Buying Throws

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Few things are as pleasant in life as enjoying a cup of tea on your sofa at the end of the day. Having a throw on your sofa can provide you with cosy warmth and comfort, while adding a touch of style to the room at the same time. With so many types of throws available, choosing the right one for your living room may look like a difficult decision. Learning more about different types of throws and how to purchase them can help you make a wise choice for ultimate comfort.


Choosing the Fabric for a Throw

Whether you are looking for a throw as a decorative accessory for a sofa or as something to keep you warm on a frosty winter night, the choice of materials is wide. Selecting a particular fabric depends on the texture and warmth you prefer. A popular option is wool, which includes various types, such as alpaca, fleece, mohair, sheep's wool, merino wool, camel wool, and more. Cashmere throws are an ideal choice for those looking for a fine and soft throw that adds a touch of luxury to the sofa. Finally, a rich faux fur throw can keep you toasty warm on those chilly late autumn nights.


Buying a Throw in the Correct Size

Choosing a throw in the correct size means paying attention to the size of your bed or sofa. As a rule of thumb, a throw blanket has the dimensions of 127 by 178 inches. However, there are multiple variations from this standard size. For example, throws in a twin size may be a good option for a particularly large sofa or for a double bed. Throws that are specifically designed for use on a bed over the linen often come in the standard dimensions of beds. Shop for a king-size throw bed cover or a queen-size cover according to the bed size.


Choosing the Colour Palette of a Throw

Throws come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so it should be easy to find something that perfectly matches the existing colour palette in a room. Bright, vibrant colours such as red, orange, and yellow add a splash of joy to a room, while simple and elegant dark colour combinations work well in a traditionally decorated room. Add some instant interest to the sofa in your living room with a throw in an African-inspired pattern.

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