The Complete Guide to Buying Tickets for T in the Park

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The Complete Guide to Buying Tickets for T in the Park

The T in the Park Festival is a highly popular musical that has been hosted every year since 1994. Its unique title originated from the festival's main sponsor, the Tennents. The event's location was originally at the Strathclyde Park in Lanarkshire, but after a few years, it was moved to Balado airfield in Kincross-shire. When the festival was first put together, it was only two days long, but after 2007 the organisers decided to turn it into a three day event, giving fans the opportunity to begin camping on-site the day before the musicians began performing.

The festival has seven music stages that fans can wander between as well as camping areas that allow the biggest enthusiasts to remain on the grounds for the entire duration of the event. However, in addition to the musical performances, there are also numerous concessions stalls, shops with souvenirs, and a large funfair that even includes a Big Wheel.

T in the Park has solidified itself as one of the major annual phenomena that fans flock to every year. The 2013 tickets sold out within one hour and the previous years have sold out nearly as fast. However, those who missed out on tickets may still be able to find them if they know where to look.

T in the Park History

The T in the Park was created in 1994 when the two large companies DF Concerts and MCD Promotions teamed up to create Big Day Out Ltd. Right off the bat, the 1994 festival was considered to be a large artistic success, though they struggled financially. However, even with the original struggle with profits, the festival regularly attracted 17,000 fans each of the consecutive years. Encouraged by their success with the fans, the creators were able to keep the festival going annually and continue to find ways to improve it.

With DF Concerts and their sponsor, Tennent's Lager at the helm, they created Scotland's first major musical event with multiple stages and performances over the course of a few days. The successful partnerships between the founders has allowed them to continually scale up the size of the festival, making it a world renown musical event. The music media clamours to attend the festival which further promotes it to fans over TV, radio, and social media venues. In fact, the 2007 festival welcomed people from places like Ireland, France, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Dubai, Israel, Tokyo, Australia, New York, Canada and Argentina.

In 1997 the founders ran into problems with their festival location when it was developed into a supermarket. However, Kincross ended up becoming an excellent new site because it was large enough and conveniently located in the heart of Scotland. As predicted, the move ended up boosting the festival's popularity because more fans in Scotland and in the UK could easily reach the location.

The move increased the diversity of the festival as well. Currently, 45 per cent of the visitors are from countries outside of Scotland. This means that the T in the Park is the country's biggest tourist attraction every year. Scotland has welcomed the festival and the tourists with open arms and in 2006, T in the Park became the first festival to be awarded a three year license twice in a row. The festival is so successful, that it has received support from all political parties and Parliament has passed motions congratulating the event for its UK Festival Awards.

T in the Park Attractions

T in the Park has a lot of attractions to offer their guests. With multiple stages, concessions stands, great food, and fun rides, there is something for everyone can enjoy.

The Main Stage

The main stage is the biggest attraction of the festival. Only the most famous bands and singers perform there and it is usually these music legends that attract the most attention from the media and guests from around the world.

The Radio 1 Stage

The Radio 1 Stage is the second largest one at the festival and is home to the innovative, new, and unique musical performances.

The King Tut's Wah Wah Tent

The King Tut's Wah Wah tent originated from the Glasgow venue and is a famous part of the T in the Park festival. Artists and fans alike both enjoy this stage and it never fails to be one of the festival's favourite places to be.

The Slam Tent

The Slam tent is where the action is. Visitors can find loud bass, crazy lighting, and a fun dancing opportunity. The atmosphere creates one big party and the electronic DJs are more than up to the task of keeping the crowd up and jamming. Since the tent was such a big success, it has recently been decided that it would stay open later into the night.

The Transmissions Stage

This stage is reserved for the new and promising acts of the year that have a shot at stardom. Each day has a new theme so that fans can visit while their favourite music genre is being played. For example, there may be a rock, indie, or metal day featured.

The T Break Stage

The T Break tent is the greatest opportunity for any musician looking to be signed on for a record deal. Thousands of demos are sent in every year from artists looking for a chance at their big break. Only 16 slots are available each year and a talented board of Scottish judges decide who gets to play at the T in the Park Festival.

The BBC Introducing Stage

Like the T Break stage, the BBC introducing stage also showcases unsigned artists who are trying to start their career. Bands and singers also have to submit their material for approval by the BBC in order to get chosen as featured artists.


Over 70,000 people take advantage of the T in the Park camping sites every year. There are several different fields that campers can choose to pitch their tent in. Some of the fields are closer to the action, while others are further away and offer more peace and quiet during the night. Many people often end up meeting new neighbours and spending the entire weekend together with their new friends.

Temporary residents also have the opportunity to come in the day before the festivities if they want the chance to settle in and start the fun early.

Caring for the Environment

T in the Park is the largest CarbonNeutral event in the world, and every year they make more efforts to reduce the festival's negative impacts of the environment. The event became CarbonNeutral in 2006 and has remained so by using low-energy electronics and the best possible fuel-systems. Participants are also encouraged to join in the effort by using the bus system and cups that can be recycled. One of the ways they encouraged this was by offering partial refunds to those who returned their pint cups.

How to Find Tickets for the T in the Park Festival on eBay

Because the T in the Park festival is so well known, finding tickets is not always the easiest thing to do. The best thing to do is purchase them early before they are sold out. However, there are other places to purchase tickets in time for the festival. eBay is a website where anybody can list items for sale, including tickets. Fans can also find hotel accommodations as well rental car reservations and airline tickets. Use the eBay search bar to find anything that you are looking for. For example, enter "T in the Park tickets" and then click on the search button. A list of tickets appears that you can sort through. If you want to compare deals, use the "sort" box to arrange the products by the lowest price first. Then you can add the tickets that look promising into your Watch List. If you do this, you can later access those saved listings on your My eBay page.

As you compare the various tickets for sale, read all the descriptions to make sure that you understand what the tickets include. Some of them are a weekend pass for several days, while others are are a one-day pass. If you want a camping spot, be sure to find tickets that include that as well.


T in the Park has been drawing in crowds of thousands for over 15 years and is a solid part of Scottish festival history. However, the event's popularity reaches out far past Scotland and into the rest of the world. Its outstanding reputation has been earned from years of commitment and dedication to musical artistry since its inception in 1994. Because the festival has earned such high credibility in the music industry, artists and fans alike clamour to get involved in the prestigious event. Top acts are consistently brought in year after year and the lineups are always the best.

The tickets can be difficult to find and obtain due to the high demand. Anyone who is not ready when they go on sale could easily miss out. Fortunately, sometimes people and companies purchase tickets to resell later, or those who purchase tickets end up not being able to make it, and need to sell their tickets to someone else. These can easily be found by festival-goers who know where to look.

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