The Complete Guide to Buying Vehicle Paint on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Vehicle Paint on eBay

Purchasing vehicle paint on eBay requires time, consideration, and a foreknowledge of the colour and style of paint being purchased. Many people purchasing paint are looking for something to touch up a scratch or fill in a dent while others are looking to repaint or restore their old car. In some cases repainting means starting new with any colour of paint, while in others it means selecting paint carefully to recreate an authentic factory hue or old style look.

Buyers looking on eBay should decide what type and colour of paint they want before making the purchase. Checking the car to decide if it requires primer, a top coat, or just a fix-up is also important because it might be necessary to purchase sanding and painting equipment along with the paint. A checklist for purchasing vehicle paint on eBay could include matching or selecting a paint colour, choosing a lacquer or top coat, and setting a budget for the paint.

Types of Vehicle Paint

There are multiple types of paint intended to be used on vehicles but most of them use special lacquers to add a shine to the paint. Many paints can also be purchased without the shine and then given a top-coat, lacquer, or enamel finish to add to the smoothness of the paint. Most finishes actually strengthen the paint as well, allowing it to resist damage and discolouration in the sun.

Original Body Vehicle Paint

Body paint for vehicles can be purchased in any colour and then painted over the entire car. This paint is often sold as 'vehicle paint' or 'car paint' and is usually designed specifically to be painted onto either fibreglass or metal depending on the age of the car. Original body paints can be mixed and coloured to almost any shade although popular ones remain as red, orange, blue, grey, black, beige, white, and silver. Experts suggest that white and silver cars are less likely to get into accidents due to being easier to see at night.

Touch-Up Vehicle Paint

Touch-up paint is more difficult to choose because it is normally meant to simply cover a body fill or a scratch. Touch-up paint is often sold in aerosol cans so that it can be evenly sprayed over the fill in the car to match the thickness and density of the previous car paint. To find an exact matching shade, buyers should check the owner's manual of the car to see if a colour has been listed or lookup the model and year number of the car and check which shades of paint it was produced in. From there, buyers can search eBay for the exact matching shade of paint.


Lacquer is one of the oldest types of paint but is now seldom used due to it being less durable than more modern options. Because lacquer can be rubbed off using acetone, it is easy for beginners to work with because they can easily fix any mistakes. Lacquer is also used on older cars so anyone who would like to authentically restore a car from the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s should consider investing in it. Some lacquers can be purchased as a top coat to spray on after the actual paint job to add essential sheen to a restored car.


Enamel paint is also mostly out of style today. Usually enamel is very cheap and durable and so is an excellent option for anyone who simply wants a nice paint job without going through a lot of trouble. Enamel paints are often effective with just a few coats of paint and can be quite thick if applied correctly. These paints can be purchased on eBay in a variety of colours to match a suitable range of vehicles.


Urethane is the most popular vehicle paint used today because it allows for a vibrant range of colour choices, helps block UV rays, which can prevent the paint from discolouring, is durable, and can be easily used with a two-layer colour and clear paint to produce a excellent paint job. The second coat of clear paint gives the entire look its sheen, which is the standard look that most people are used to seeing on cars.

Aerosol vs. Standard Vehicle Paint

Some car paint is available in aerosol spray cans but for the most part buyers should consider these to be touch-up paint. Aerosols are usually inefficient for painting large areas and can be much more costly than renting or purchasing a paint gun. Usually vehicles should be spray painted but electric or air based spray guns are relatively affordable and could end up costing a great deal less than purchasing individual spray cans.

Vehicle Paint Additives

Many paints have a variety of additives included in the mix to change the way that the paint behaves. Some paints automatically have additives included while others cost extra for additives, or only come with special additives. Buyers can watch out for special options that they are looking for, or for features that cause the paint to dry faster, bond better, or have more flexibility.

Vehicle Paint Additive



Promotes cross bonding for more durability


Optimises paint for a spray gun


Decreases drying time


Slows drying time

Flex Additive

Helps the paint remain flexible

There are various additives available but buyers who simply want to do a basic paint job and do not necessarily know why they would want to slow down the drying of paint probably do not need such additives. A basic paint with no additives is perfectly fine for most vehicles; therefore, unless the car owner has a specific look in mind, extras are not necessary.

Choosing Vehicle Paint on eBay

Choosing vehicle paint should involve deciding on a shade, enamel, and paint method. Most people choose to either repaint the car in its original factory colour in order to maintain authenticity or to completely change vehicle and personalise it with a new shade. Buyers should choose a paint colour that looks good on the car body and suits the personality of the person who drives it. Red tends to attract a great deal of attention while beige, tan, and light grey tend to blend in.

Painting Accessories

People purchasing vehicle paint on eBay might want to consider purchasing anything else they need at the same time. Most refurbished cars require sanding and a coat of primer before being painted in order to avoid peeling and cracking issues later down the road. Purchasing a spray gun, primer paint, sandpaper, a few paint brushes, and perhaps acetone for clean-up could save time and money when the car is actually being painted. While not all of these steps are necessary, they can help to achieve a perfect paint job later.

Shipping Considerations

Paint can be quite heavy so purchasing it from long distances can be somewhat expensive. Most buyers should consider looking for local eBay sellers who allow pick-ups or more affordable shipping. A single two litre pot of paint can weigh as much as 4.5 kg and most cars require upwards of four to five litres of paint. Buyers purchasing a small aerosol can of touch-up paint do not have to worry about the shipping but anyone else should pay attention and consider it. Paint can be shipped via standard post as well as freight transport provided that it is boxed appropriately.

Buying Vehicle Paint on eBay

Once you have picked out the style and colour of the paint you are looking for, you can head to eBay to start your search. Try searching for individual colours or characteristics to help narrow down your search results. If you are searching for touch-up paint then you should include the exact colour number, or search for paint that has not yet been mixed so that you can specify the exact shade.

You can also search for accessories including gloves, acetone, primer, sandpaper, and more right on eBay and then make all of your purchases together. Depending on the seller, you might have to pay for shipping or go to pick up the paint in person but you should be able to discuss your options before making a purchase. Finally, you can check out using eBay's purchase options and wait for your vehicle paint to arrive.


Purchasing vehicle paint on eBay requires thought and consideration as to the paint colour, style, and additives. Most buyers can choose a paint brand based purely on colour while others prefer to choose an exact enamel finish and factory paint colour for an authentic look. Buyers who want an exact paint job should consider looking into a paint gun as well as sanding materials, primer, and perhaps a clear topcoat.

A popular type of vehicle paint is urethane because it is affordable and easy to use to create a professional look. Enamel paint is also popular because it is very cheap and durable. Lacquer paint is rare but mostly used to restore vintage cars to their original appearance. Buyers should decide which paint they want, what colour they want, how much they can afford to spend on the paint, and then search for it on eBay and make a purchase.

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