The Complete Guide to Buying a Battery Charger on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Battery Charger on eBay

Many electronic devices or toys are powered by batteries and while this does ensure their portability, the cost of continually buying new batteries can prove to be really expensive, particularly for devices such as digital cameras, which require a lot of power. The use of rechargeable batteries can prove to be much cheaper, but it is important to have a good quality battery charger to ensure that the rechargeable batteries have a long life. It is easy to find battery chargers for sale on eBay, but it is important to know about the different types of chargers and which features are important before deciding on a purchase.

Smart Charger

A battery charger may be described in the eBay listing as a smart charger. This means that the battery charger has the ability to monitor each battery that is placed in it and then assess the level of charge that is currently held in the battery. The charger will then stop charging the battery just before it is fully charged. This is a very useful feature because it prevents the possibility that the batteries will be overcharged by the charger which could damage them and potentially reduce their life. A smart charger may also be referred to as a delta-V charger.

Speed of Charge

The time that a battery charger can take to charge a battery will vary depending on the model of charger. Some models will guarantee to charge a battery in under an hour, whereas some chargers will need to be left overnight in order to fully charge the batteries. It is a matter of personal choice as to which one is chosen, but it is worth considering how urgent it would be for batteries to be recharged and if speed is an essential feature. A battery charger which takes a longer period of time to charge will probably be cheaper to buy, so the deciding factor could be whether cost or speed is the most important feature. The eBay listing should include details of the average charging times for the battery charger, but if this is not included, then the seller should be able to provide the information.


It is obvious that a battery charger is going to be used to charge batteries, but the type and the size of the batteries that will need to be charged can influence the choice of the battery charger. A larger and more powerful battery will contain more amp hours, so it will require a stronger and larger battery charger. This will not be an issue if the intention is to buy a battery charger for charging household batteries, but it is an important consideration when choosing a charger for a larger specialist battery.


Not every battery charger will be able to charge every type of battery, so if the eBay listing does not give any information about compatibility, then the seller should be asked to confirm which types of battery are compatible with the charger.

Multiple Charging

Battery chargers are available in a variation of sizes, so before deciding on a size, it is important to think about how many batteries will need to be charged on a regular basis and whether they will need to be charged in batches. The eBay listing should state how many batteries can be placed in the battery charger at one time.


Some battery chargers discharge any remaining power in a battery before it is then fully recharged. The benefit of this is that it helps to prolong the life of the battery and is said to improve the general performance of the battery.


The voltage overseas is different to the UK, so if the battery charger will need to be used on holiday, it will be necessary to buy one with a mains adapter. This enables the voltage of the battery charger to be altered. It is also possible to buy some battery chargers which have an adapter so that they can be used in the car which could be useful for long journeys. The seller should indicate in the listing if a mains adapter or a car adapter is included in the sale.


When choosing a battery charger which does not have an automatic switch off when the battery is nearing a full charge, it is important to look for a charger which has some inbuilt safety features. A temperature sensor is a useful feature as it will prevent any chance of the charger overheating and a safety timer will stop any chance of the batteries being overcharged. These features should be included in the eBay listing if the battery charger has them.

To Find a Battery Charger on eBay

It is a simple process to find a battery charge on eBay. eBay divides items that are listed for sale into appropriate categories and the category for battery chargers is Sound & Vision. This can be reached by clicking on the Shop By Category link. This appears on the eBay home page, and clicking on it will then give the user the opportunity to click a link to See all categories..

When this link is clicked, then a list will be displayed of all of the eBay categories including the Sound & Vision category. The next step is to click the More link under the Sound & Vision category, and this will reveal a full list of sub categories that are available, including one called Multipurpose Batteries & Power which should be clicked. A list of sub categories will then be displayed, and the final step is to click the sub category titled Battery Chargers.. All of the battery chargers that are currently listed on eBay for sale will be shown. The search for battery chargers can be refined by making use of the sub menus that are displayed on the left of the screen.

There are sub menus where the user can specify the condition of the charger, the brands that they are interested in, and the types of battery that the charger will need to be compatible with. This will enable the search to be significantly narrowed if necessary. Another way to search for battery chargers that are listed on eBay is to utilise the search bar that users can find on every page of eBay. It is very simple and all that needs to be done is to type in specific keywords such as 'new Sony battery charger', and every battery charger that fits this description will then be found.


A battery charger is a very cost effective way to power batteries for various devices. Many chargers are now able to charge batteries in a very short period of time, and many models now possess safety features to prevent the unit overheating and to monitor the power levels of the batteries and therefore prevent overcharging which can damage the battery. A battery charger which possesses these safety features and which has a quick charging time may be more expensive than a traditional charger that may need to be left overnight to fully charge batteries.

When buying a battery charger on eBay, it is important to carefully check the listing to see what information is given about the charger and its features and performance. If sufficient information is not given in the listing for the battery charger, then the seller should be asked to give the required information. Sellers on eBay are keen to sell their item successfully and will generally be happy to answer questions from prospective buyers.

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