The Complete Guide to Buying a Briefcase on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Briefcase on eBay

Most women carry purses, shoulder bags, and the always popular handbags. The ubiquity of all styles and fashions of bags geared to feminine portable travel is impressive. Still, the briefcase-carrying woman is rather rare. That is not surprising as the term “briefcase” generally holds a masculine connotation. Briefcases are now popular with both men and women, though in the latter more for working professionals.

The briefcase is functional and practical. It can be a portable office for a professional woman, a mobile study for a writer, or a book bag for a student. For a lot of women though, fashion is just as important as functionality. A briefcase with both utility and style can be difficult to find.

There are many places that carry briefcases, an online store, like eBay, however, provides a greater selection for a more accommodating range of prices and styles. There are several elements to consider when buying a briefcase on eBay, such as size, style, functionality, material, and colour.

Pre-buy Preparation for eBay

There are many popular online stores for everything from specialty items, rare items, to mundane things seen every day; eBay is one of those stores. The following are helpful tips that make a buyer’s experiences on eBay, or any online store, better.

Comparison Shopping

Buyers should know all the details of the item they want to purchase before going to an online shop. It is an efficient way to maximise time, and not spend hours looking for the perfect brand, style or colour. Identify the briefcase that is the most appropriate purchase for specific needs or preferences before going to eBay.

eBay Search and Navigation

While finding the desired selections is simply a matter of typing a search parameter, like "zippered briefcases", there is still a lot more to finding the item most suited to a customer’s needs. The list results in eBay are sorted by those best matched to the search terms. Changing this to display results with the lowest prices first can show the most appropriate results depending on the customer’s preferences. For customers pressed for time, it is possible to display items that they can buy immediately, or auctions that are ending soon.

Seller Feedback

Always check seller feedback. On eBay, feedback is viewable in percentages. A 100 per cent feedback means all customers have been satisfied with the merchant. However, also check the ratio of negative to positive feedback. A 100 percent rating does not mean much when the merchant has only sold one or two items. A merchant with a 98 per cent rating, but thousands of satisfied customers, is better. There are sellers with hundreds of transactions that have perfect feedback. These are the sellers that are most likely to satisfy a buyer.

Product Description

Read the product description thoroughly. Sellers also put contact information, sales requirements, postage terms, and other useful information in the product description. Check shipping policies and return information. Be careful of terms like "no refunds", "no returns", and so forth. It could be a problem if the item received is of the wrong size or the wrong colour.

Many product descriptions have photos, and they are useful in determining the exact product that should be received. Check if the photos are of the actual item and not just stock photos from the item manufacturer’s website.

What to Look for in a Briefcase

A briefcase organises papers, books, or office documents for portable mobility from home to office or school. Different women have different requirements for briefcases, of course, but some of the more important considerations are listed here.


A woman may need a briefcase for carrying something as simple as a few files and a writing pad, or may need more space for a laptop. Briefcase are available in enough sizes that these uses and more can be accommodated easily.

Larger sizes may be excellent choices because of the additional space, but they have greater weight as well. Packing a briefcase too large can strain one’s arm or shoulder.

Practicality and Use

There are many different types of briefcases. The type of briefcase that is chosen depends upon the purpose for which it is most used.

Professional Duties

There are many women who need briefcases for the office, like lawyers, for instance. A lot of briefcases are made with this function in mind. The professional woman can find many products that accommodate the need for organisation and office-readiness.

There are briefcases for simple documents and others that can accommodate larger file cases; others contain built-in laptop compartments. Briefcases with accordion compartments are always useful, whether for the student or the professional and everyone in between.

Work and Play

There are briefcases designed to be more than a receptacle in which to keep work. A versatile briefcase of this sort suits after-work activities, like a night on the town. Fortunately, briefcase manufacturers today have been taking leisure into account when creating their bags.


Of course, to many women, the look and feel of a briefcase is just as important as its function. The briefcase is almost purely functional, which makes it difficult sometimes to find a professional yet fashionable-looking bag. A woman with a briefcase that is too fashionable may prevent colleagues from taking her too seriously.

Many briefcases are square and rigid types, but briefcases with softer lines and more compartments are increasing in number.

Other Options When Choosing Briefcases

Size, function, and style are three important elements that the customer should pay attention to when purchasing a briefcase; but the small details are important, too.

Buckles or Zippers

Buckles are not really used practically on bags these days, as zippers are better for effective fasteners. They look good though, which is a point for style. Zippers are easier to open and close, then there’s the issue of security. It is easy for a thief to place a hand under the buckle flaps and make away with a mobile phone or important documents.


There are many materials used to create briefcases, though the classic leather styles are still very popular. Synthetics are also a good choice for added extras, like waterproofing and durability, which are first-rate if the customer wants the bag to last years.

For leather, or leather-trimmed bags, check to see that the stitching is high-quality. Low-quality stitches or piping are vulnerable to rips, particularly if, like students, a customer is liable to carry a large amount of papers or books.


If the traditional brown or black looks boring, there are now briefcases available in every colour of the rainbow and more. What is more flattering to the sharp-dressed professional than a bag that coordinates with the rest of her outfit?


There are briefcases that only have a single large compartment, with little pockets sewn into the sides. Other briefcases contain numerous compartments; the accordion style, in particular, is popular with many people. Others have large pockets and small pockets and pockets made especially for business cards.

Some women’s briefcases have compartments that house an extra change of clothes or an extra pair of shoes, seeing as there are times when women may not have the time to rush home to change.

Handles and Straps

The points where the handles and straps are sewn or fastened to the body of the briefcase are stress points that may give at any time. Customers who carry heavy briefcases should choose quality briefcases, minimising shoddy work. Leather sometimes deforms when too much stress is put on the material. Many synthetic fabrics do very well with stress, but again, it is a question of high-quality workmanship.

Briefcase options are now available with straps, enabling the buyer to carry the briefcase over one shoulder, like a messenger bag or courier bag. These are useful for the customer who travels, as they give the hands a break from lugging the briefcase. A lot of briefcase straps are also removable so that they do not get in the way when not being used.

How to Buy a Briefcase on eBay

There is no denying that eBay is one of the most useful sites from where to buy briefcases. A single search results in thousands of items from sellers all over the country. Simply type the kind of ladies' briefcase you are looking for into the search bar and you are rewarded with a slew of purchasing options. It is possible to narrow down the results in two ways. The first, is by clicking and adjusting eBay options; and the second, is by typing in exactly the kind of briefcase you want into the search bar. Both of these result in a more specific selection based on your preferences. Narrowing down your search results saves you time from searching through listings that do not contain the item for which you are looking.

Acquiring a top-quality briefcase needs a little digging, as mentioned earlier. Make sure that you evaluate both seller and product before making the decision to buy. If both are satisfactory, then you can feel confident about your purchase.

Shipping is particularly important, so ask questions to make sure you receive the item you are buying in perfect condition. There are some couriers that offer better service or cheaper services than others, so if you have a particular preference then ask the seller if it is possible to ship by that particular courier.


A briefcase is more than just a bag; it is a bag that can make a statement. Briefcases can be chosen according to budget, sense of style, or utility, but the most important element is that it works for the buyer. The modern briefcase for women has many functions, and can accommodate countless professional and casual uses. The variety of functions makes a briefcase a growing popular accessory to all types of women.

Look for top-quality briefcases that are made of sturdy material and can withstand the weight of objects to be carried. Inexpensive briefcases, unless sold used, are often not suitable for the rigorous life of the student or the professional. 

Finding a briefcase that is most appropriate to a specific person is a matter of letting your fingers do the searching. Search for a briefcase online for faster transactions and convenience, the large selections at eBay are worthy of a look.

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