The Complete Guide to Buying a Chrysler PT Cruiser on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Chrysler PT Cruiser on eBay

As the ultimate retro style statement, the Chrysler PT Cruiser has become a popular vehicle for those who like to do things a little bit differently and stand out from the crowd. From 2000 to 2010, the PT Cruiser was one of the most distinct cars on new car lots. From its original classic roadster style to later convertible/cabriolet versions, this car always looked entirely different than more traditional vehicles on the road. For those who would still like to own a PT Cruiser, several models are available in used condition.

Learning about PT Cruiser options is essential before beginning the purchasing process. Once a consumer decides to begin the search for a Cruiser in earnest, he or she can leverage the numerous options available on the online retail site eBay. This site brings together multiple vendors from around the UK and offers a wide catalogue of choices. Learning how to shop for a vehicle on the site gives consumers the tools they need to find their ideal PT Cruisers.

Buying a Chrysler PT Cruiser on eBay

The first step in the purchasing process on eBay is to run a search utilising the search bar found on all pages on the site. This tool allows you to narrow in on the item you wish to purchase out of the countless listings on the site. To get an idea of the overall market for Chrysler PT Cruisers on eBay, you can run a search with a general term such as 'PT Cruiser'. If you want to run a more detailed and focussed search, you should first familiarise yourself with the vehicle, its various iterations, and their features.

An Overview of the Chrysler PT Cruiser

The PT Cruiser is a five-passenger vehicle with front-wheel drive that is designed to evoke the 1930s 'gangster' getaway vehicles made famous by Hollywood movies. The car was the result of a collaboration between three people at Chrysler: Robert Lutz, Bryan Nesbitt, and Dr. Clotaire Rapaille. European releases of the PT Cruiser were manufactured in Graz, Austria, in 2002 and in Chrysler's Toluca, Mexico, assembly plant in all other release years. In addition to the standard version of the PT Cruiser, European releases of the car include a diesel model and a model with a 2.0-litre petrol engine. Production of the PT Cruiser ceased in 2010.

The Design of the PT Cruiser

The PT Cruiser is one of the most distinct vehicles in terms of design on the road today. Styled after a 1930s roadster, the PT Cruiser has a long wheelbase, an aerodynamic nose with a curved grille, and a wagon-style design to the body. The Cruiser was originally made as just a five-door hatchback, but later releases included a two-door convertible/cabriolet design, as well.

Types of PT Cruisers

The PT Cruiser can be found in the eBay marketplace in a variety of design packages. These different approaches give the PT Cruiser entirely different looks, each of which might appeal to different consumers.

Flame & Wood PT Cruisers

Some PT cruisers are enhanced with unique aftermarket touches that give them a much more game-changing look than a standard, one-colour body design. The most popular of these aftermarket additions are flames and wood panelling. The flames are applied as decals and extend back over the vehicle from the front fender. The 'woodie' package for PT Cruisers is an aftermarket accessory that mimics the wood-panelled look of cars that were popular from the 1930s until the 1970s. The wood panelling is applied to the door panels and around the hatch door of the car. Consumers on eBay may be able to find cars with these options already installed or be able to find the add-ons separately.

The Street Cruiser Series of PT Cruisers

The Street Cruiser series included some innovative visual designs that may appeal to certain consumers. These options include the Route 66 PT Cruiser, the Sunset Boulevard PT Cruiser, and the Pacific Coast Highway PT Cruiser.

Street Cruiser Route 66 Edition PT Cruiser

The Route 66 edition of the PT Cruiser, named after the iconic U.S. highway, comes with yellow accents around the body and on certain component parts of the car, including the brake callipers. It has four-wheel, anti-lock brakes and sports suspension, making it one of the more comfortable Cruisers. Chrome accents on the vehicle include the exhaust and chrome-plating on the wheels. The body colour can be either Solar Yellow or Black. The car is marked with special badges denoting the special edition. The car comes in both manual and automatic transmission versions.

Street Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway Edition PT Cruiser

The PCH edition of the PT Cruiser features a Blue Pearl body colour, anti-lock disc brakes, and chrome and silver accenting at various points around the vehicle, including on the gear shift. Badges denoting the car's Street Cruiser and Pacific Coast Highway demarcations are included on the boot. The standard package of the PCH edition included many high-end features, including satellite radio, sport suspension, leather steering wheel, and aluminium/platinum wheels. The Pacific Coast Highway comes in manual and automatic transmission versions, as well.

Street Cruiser Sunset Boulevard Edition PT Cruiser

The Sunset Boulevard edition from the Street Cruiser series was a very limited release. There were only 500 units of this vehicle released onto the market, making it a rare and exciting find. It features chrome body accents, tinted windows, and chrome-clad wheels. The car was based on the Cruiser LX and comes in a manual transaxle version and an automatic transaxle version.

The Dream Cruiser PT Cruiser

Released in 2009, the Dream Cruiser was a release of almost 1,800 units that featured a very distinct Pearl White body. The roof and spoiler of the vehicle are black, and chrome accents are featured around the body of the vehicle. A Dream Cruiser badge is situated on the boot hatch, and a PT badge can be found on the side doors. In perhaps its most unique touch, the Dream Cruiser also has a hoop spoiler in Black Crystal Pearl.

The PT Cruiser Sport

The Sport version of the PT Cruiser takes the classic trim package and enhances it with a few extra features, including a body coloured spoiler on the rear roof. The body colour is applied in a graphite metallic paint, giving the vehicle a bold look. A PT Cruiser Sport badge is located on the rear hatch door. This version was released with a 2.0-litre petrol engine.

The Couture Edition PT Cruiser

The Couture Edition was another limited release from Chrysler that has perhaps the most unique look of all the PT Cruiser editions. The top half of the vehicle is painted black, while the bottom half is coated in silver metallic paint. A red pinstripe defines the beltline between these two contrasting components. The leather interior was manufactured in red leather with dark grey as an option at purchase. Chrome accents define the dash, and a bright red shifter knob controls the gear shift.

The Purchasing Process on eBay

After reviewing the different types of PT Cruisers, you can begin your search for a vehicle on eBay in earnest. Use the search bar to run a search for a particular model or search for PT Cruisers in general to get an overview of eBay's options. Click on any titles that look interesting and be sure to review all relevant information on a listing's page. Items to keep an eye out for include the history of a vehicle, whether aftermarket changes have been made, and any purchasing information you may need, including the payment methods accepted by a seller.

Getting to Know the Sellers on eBay

You can also really benefit when shopping on eBay if you take the time to get to know the sellers. You can do this by visiting their seller pages. To access these pages, just click on a seller's name on the listing page. Look for feedback from other consumers and read through previous listings the seller has posted. You may also wish to send the seller a message with any questions you might have.


For drivers who want to make a statement and who want to enjoy the driving style of a classic era, the PT Cruiser can be the ideal car choice. These estate-style vehicles evoke the iconic look of the 1930s cars driven by everyone from Al Capone to Tyrone Power. With their unique body designs, PT Cruisers make a real style statement for a driver. The different editions may excite various customers. Choices such as flame and wood panelling or one of the special editions can really refine a consumer's choice and showcase personality.

Once a consumer has decided on a model of Cruiser, he or she can leverage eBay to get the most out of the purchasing process. This site facilitates easy communication with sellers so that consumers can both confirm the details of a car and get to know the vendor. With its easy-to-use search interface and detailed listings, eBay provides consumers with a great way to access the world of PT Cruisers and drive away in style.

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