The Complete Guide to Buying a Cream Lipstick

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Cream Lipstick

It is difficult to overlook our own lips, but they are usually one of the first things we notice about someone else. Apart from when we use a keyboard or mouse, we communicate with each other mainly through our lips and a great deal of our facial expressions such as happiness or anger are driven by precisely how we position them. Our lips are our greatest communicators, and so they deserve a little bit of TLC occasionally.

Having full, nicely coloured lips are a great way to look and feel better about ourselves, and eBay sells a wide range of cream lipsticks that are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their lips. Lipstick is one of the most commonly found items of make-up in any modern woman's make-up bag and every colour from purple to pink, orange and red can be found on the eBay website.

So, if a woman wants to wear some lipstick, where is the best place to find a great selection at pries that are affordable too? Online suppliers such as sellers on eBay provide the answer, as eBay represents a simple and quick way for keen lipstick shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for - good quality lipstick at affordable prices.

Buying a Cream Lipstick on eBay

Modern life seems to be increasingly busy, and our shopping habits are changing to suit a more technological approach to finding what we want, when we want it. Shopping in the high street during the day has gradually given way to online shopping in the evening, with eBay at the forefront of this modern trend. The modern woman can now maximise her leisure time by shopping on the eBay website in the comfort of her own home.

Shopping online is a fun way to relax and with detailed product descriptions and accompanying photographs readily available, it is as easy to see the product are buying online as it is when shopping in a 'bricks and mortar' high street shop.

Cream lipstick is just one of the vast array of products listed on eBay, and the following list shows just some of the advantages of shopping for cream lipstick and other products in this way.

* Shop at any time, 24/7 to suit busy lifestyles

* Literally hundreds of cream lipstick suppliers and various brands to choose from

* A wide variety of shades displayed clearly in full colour photos

* Suppliers given independent ratings by other purchasers

* Purchasing can be done safely and securely by using the PayPal method

* Delivery charges are generally reasonable and are clearly displayed

* Delivery is prompt and to the door

What is a Cream Lipstick?

Cream lipsticks are the normal form of lipstick. They represent an easy to apply colour option, but also have other benefits. They are smooth in texture yet non-greasy, comfortable to wear, moisturising and conditioning, as well as giving the lips some much-needed protection against the weather. They achieve their results by having higher wax content than satin or sheen lipsticks, which are better for those with dry lips.

Cream lipsticks do not stay in place for quite as long as the so-called long lasting lipsticks, but share none of that product's disadvantages such as becoming cake like and thick after some time. The durability and shine of cream lipsticks can be significantly improved by applying a lip gloss over the cream lipstick's surface layer.

The Benefits of a Cream Lipstick

With cream lipsticks, the wearer does not suffer from dry lips, thanks to the moisturising content of the better quality lipsticks. Cream lipsticks also offer high comfort levels combined with reasonable durability. They are readily available on eBay and come in a fantastic range of colours, offering a shade for every conceivable occasion. By choosing cream lipsticks, buyers gain the maximum choice in colour, brand, supplier and price.

What a Cream Lipstick Offers

A cream lipstick is probably the best and certainly the widest choice for everyday use. Easy to apply and reapply, it can provide a natural looking finish for the well groomed woman. Its pigmentation is rich, giving excellent colour coverage, and the soft glaze enhances the appearance of a woman's lips in a fetching way. It may leave a tell tale mark after kissing someone, but that kiss will be much more pleasurable for both parties than with most long lasting lipsticks, whose texture is more durable but coarser than the softer, more tactile glaze of cream lipsticks.

Continued use of cream lipstick can in some cases lead to a real and not just an apparent increase in lip volume and underlying smoothness, again both qualities that are attractive to potential partners.

Sets of Cream Lipsticks

There is really no such thing as a universal lipstick, one that will look equally good on every type of occasion. A cream lipstick that looks very smart at work might look inconsequential or even barely visible in a late night disco or bar. Consequently, every woman who regularly uses make-up will want to have a range of lipsticks available to her. Fortunately, she needs to look no further than eBay, which lists over a thousand different offers on cream lipstick sets.

Every colour and combination of colours is listed here with the lipstick sets often achieving significant cost savings compared with buying the same lipsticks individually. Inevitably, some colours in such sets might get included that the purchaser thinks would never be suitable or wearable and yet they can be pleasantly surprised after trying them out and finding that they quickly become a firm favourite.

Assorted Colours

Cream lipsticks, just as any other type of lipstick, come in a variety of different colours.Reds, pinks and browns are all available with additional moisturising agents in them and it is always important to pair your lipstick colour with your lip liner colour.

Benefit of Cream Lipstick

When to Wear

Used for…

Rich Colour

At night, on special occasions.

To give a splash of colour to the lips, perfect for parties and special occasions.

Moisturising agent

Anytime of the day or night.

To give the lips additional moisture, good for use in extremely hot or cold climates when lips are prone to drying.

Added Vitamins

Anytime of the day or night.

To provide the lips with added vitamins.

Using a Lip Liner with a Cream Lipstick

Lip liners can help provide the element of durability that cream lipsticks on their own may lack while also providing a shinier look. In addition, they can help with lip hydration, an important consideration as dry looking lips are unattractive. A selection of lip liners is provided on eBay, along with cream lipsticks.

Affordable Cream Lipsticks

The great thing about shopping for cream lipsticks on eBay is that customers can instantly and accurately compare prices without having to spend a single penny on car parking, fuel or bus fares. Everything is accessible from the comfort of their own home, and buyers can seek out the best value and buy what is most suitable for their needs and their budget. Delivery costs are also very reasonable, due to the small size and weight of the product, but do check the shipping costs before buying.

Cream Lipsticks for Sensitive Skin

As with many skin products, there is always a small chance that some individuals will have a reaction to cream lipsticks. This risk can be minimised by choosing cream lipsticks on eBay that are particularly suited for sensitive skin. There are even some cream lipsticks on eBay that offer sun protection.

Looking after Lipstick

Lipstick is rather like lips themselves - they need a little bit of careful care to keep them at their best. This list covers some simple tips for looking after lipstick.

* Avoid leaving lipstick in direct sunlight.

* Avoid exposure to damp by keeping lipstick dry.

* Avoid excessive heat or cold.

* Retract lipstick into tube when it is not in use.

* If not fully used up, replace after a long period has elapsed.

Shopping on eBay for a Cream Lipstick

eBay offers a simple to use platform to shop online with and with a wide selection of cream lipsticks available, it's easy to see why so many people use eBay to do their shopping. Simply move your cursor over the Shop by Category option to the left of the search bar. Click here and wait for the drop down menu to appear before clicking on the relevant category (Health and Beauty). Another list of sub categories will then be provided and here you will need to look for 'lipsticks'.

To conduct a more specific search for cream lipsticks, red lipsticks, or moisturising lipsticks simply type these words or phrases into the search tool bar and see what search results come up.

First time users on the eBay website may prefer to check out the Search Tips page before beginning their shopping spree.


Lipstick is one of the main items in a woman's make-up armoury, and getting the colour and texture right for each occasion is crucial. What colour you choose to wear on your lips will largely depend on individual make-up preferences and other factors such as skin tone and even hair colour.

A careful choice and application of cream lipstick colour and finish from the wide selection on eBay has the potential to significantly enhance the appearance of any woman.

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