The Complete Guide to Buying a Gold Cuff Bracelet

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Gold Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are solid with no clasps or movable parts. They are in the shape of a "C" and they are worn by slipping them over the hand and fitting loosely over the wrist. In some cases the cuffs can also be worn higher up on the forearm. There is a gap between the the two ends of the bracelet to make it easier for women to slip them over the hand. Solid, closed circle bracelets, also called bangles, are more difficult to get on, especially for those with larger hands. The benefit of having a cuff is that it fits a little more snugly than a closed circle bracelet because it passes over the hands easier. The difficulty with closed circles is that they are not adjustable or flexible so they can only be as small as the hands are, and once they are on, they have a tendency to fall off since since they can slide over the hands.

Fine cuff bracelets are usually found in gold. They have a classic, distinguished look that can add a touch of style to any attire. They have been around for thousands of years dating back to ancient civilisations. Some particular cultures were well known for wearing them such as Egyptians, Celts, Native Americans, and Asians. Throughout the years, they have never gone completely out of style because of their unique look.

How to Find a Gold Cuff Bracelet that Fits Right

In some cases, gold cuff bracelets can be adjusted a little by a jeweller. However, the bracelet needs to be bought as close to the right size as possible because there is not a lot of room for adjustment and it can be very pricey to hire a professional to do it.

To start, women have to measure their wrist. There are three good ways to do this. The first one is the most simple. Those who have a flexible measuring tape can simply wrap it around their wrist to get their size. The second way to do it is to take a piece of string and wrap it around the wrist. Mark where the string overlaps and then remove it. Next, measure from the end of the string to where it was marked. The last way is to cut out a strip of paper approximately 20 centimetres long and 5 centimetres wide. Then wrap the paper around the wrist and mark where it overlaps. Next, take it back off and measure from the end of the strip to where it is marked.

Everyone prefers their bracelets to fit differently. After you have found your wrist measurement, add the additional amount of length listed below to find your ideal size.

Prefered Cuff Bracelet Fit

Added Centimetres to the Wrist Measurement

Snug Fit

0.6 to 1.25

Comfort Fit

2 to 2.5

Loose Fit

2.75 to 3

Keep in mind that the bracelet has to fit over the hand. Luckily, it is easy to find out how big the bracelet has to be in order to slip over the hand. First, touch the thumb to the little finger. Next, measure the circumference of the hand around the widest part. Most bracelets are categorised as small, medium, large, and extra large. The chart below lists the approximate measurements for each one.

Women's Bracelet Size

Length (cm)


15 or less


15 to 18


18 to 21

Extra Large

20 or larger

Some sellers indicate what the inside circumference of the cuff bracelet is. If they do, they list their bracelet measurements in one of two ways. It is either sized by the total inside circumference of the cuff which includes the space gap, or they use the measurement from end to end of the bracelet and not include the gap. If a seller lists measurements, be sure to find out which method they are using.

Gold Cuff Bracelet Options

Cuff bracelets are thought to all look similar. It is easy to think that there is not a lot of variation in how a gold band looks. This could not be further from the truth, though. There are many different kinds of cuffs to choose from and all look very unique.

Type of Gold for the Cuff Bracelet

The first thing to consider about the gold is how pure it is. The unit measurement for gold is called a carat. Because gold is such a soft metal, it is actually mixed with other metals when used in jewellery. The higher the amount of gold in the bracelet, the more valuable and expensive it is. Typically gold jewellery is found as 9, 14, or 18 carats. 9ct gold has 37.5 percent pure gold, 14ct gold has 58.6 percent gold in it, and 18ct gold contains 75 percent gold. Many types the carat count is lower on the larger bracelets because they are larger and require a lot of gold. An 18ct bracelet would be very expensive.

Contrary to common belief, gold can come in several different colours with the right metal combinations. Yellow gold is the most common and it is mixed with copper and silver to get its bright colour. White gold has zinc, silver, and nickel added to it. At its natural form, this combination actually has a very faint yellow hue. However, to achieve the white look, it is either plated with rhodium, or palladium is added in with the other metals. Rhodium is a metal that is similar to platinum because of its properties and white colour. Many people are not aware that there is also a black gold. It is created by adding sulphur and oxygen to the yellow gold mixture.

Rose gold has a light, pink colour that is delicate and feminine. Iit is often used in combination with another type of gold to give the bracelet a unique two-toned look. It is made by mixing the gold with different amounts of copper. Green gold is another one that most people do not know about. The green colour is achieved when metals such as silver, zinc, or copper are mixed with yellow gold. The green tint is not overly noticeable until is is compared next to rose or yellow gold.

Thickness of the Gold Cuff Bracelet

When thinking about the shape of a cuff bracelet, most people picture the wide, flat surface. However, cuff bracelets not only come with different widths, but they can also be found in other shapes, such as round. The thinner bracelets are more delicate, while the thicker ones make more of a statement. For a truly dramatic look, go with a very wide bracelet that covers up to half of the forearm.

Patterns on the Gold Cuff Bracelet

The bracelets can also have all sorts of moulded patterns on them, such as floral arrangements, intricate designs, or simple stripes. There is no limit to the kinds of pattern people can choose from. In fact, many come with engravings with a word or phrase on them. This can also be added later if the bracelet has a smooth surface.

Find Gold Cuff Bracelets on eBay

Most women already know what styles of jewellery they like. To find the perfect fit, they usually end up having to go from shop to shop looking for the piece that stands out for them. However, many women today are finding it much easier to simply shop on sites like eBay where they can browse through thousands of products without ever leaving the house. In addition, they can also find great deals by comparing prices.

To shop on eBay, all you have to do is go to their website and type in your keyword. For instance, enter "gold cuff bracelet&". You can then start looking through all of the listings. If you want to narrow things down a little, you can select your price range, a category that interests you, or other limiting factors. You can then view all of the gold cuff bracelets that match your desires. Do not forget to make sure that the gold is genuine and not just gold plated.


Cuff bracelets are often seen on many fashion runways as well as on the wrists of women in films and TV shows. They are accessories that can be fun, bold, or delicate. Often they are mistaken as only having a rough and tough look, but cuff bracelets come in many variations that can complement any wardrobe. Changing the width and design of the cuff bracelet makes a huge difference in the bracelet style. Narrower cuffs are more feminine, delicate and intricate, while wider cuffs make more of a bold statement that commands attention. Gold cuff bracelets in particular are elegant and make great statement pieces for nearly any outfit, including jeans if they are worn with a nice blouse. Anyone can shop for a gold cuff bracelet simply by knowing what sizes to look for, how wide the bracelet is, its pattern, and how pure they want the gold to be.

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