The Complete Guide to Buying a Lexus RX 300

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Lexus RX 300

When it comes to car manufacturers, Lexus vehicles are known for their sleek design, luxurious interior, and quality manufacturing practises. The Lexus RX 300 is one of the crossover multi-purpose vehicles, also known as MPVs, manufactured by Lexus. Crossover MPVs refer to mid sized multi-purpose vehicles that feature a unibody design, similar to how cars are produced. Like MPVs, crossover MPVs feature five doors and usually feature a hatchback for easy storage. However, many crossover MPVs are not intended for off-roading like some standard MPVs. The Lexus RX 300 is known as a luxury crossover MPV, and is one of the highest rated vehicles in its class.

A Lexus RX 300 is purchased new or used, directly from a car dealer or manufacturer, or online using eBay. eBay makes it easy for buyers and sellers to purchase or sell used vehicles, and offers competitive pricing because of the large selection on eBay. When purchasing a Lexus RX 300, it is important for buyers to understand the different features of the vehicle to find the most suitable vehicle for their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Features of a Lexus RX 300

Even if two cars feature the same make and model, they may not be created equally. Depending on the model year, features, and version of the model, the two cars could be different in many different ways. The Lexus RX 300 was first introduced in 1999, and comes with many different options and features making it is easy to find a Lexus RX 300 for every buyer and every budget.


One of the first considerations for purchasing a Lexus RX 300 is the condition of the vehicle. Cars can be purchased new or used, and there are benefits and drawbacks to note for each. When purchasing a new car, buyers typically pay more for the vehicle, but they must also ensure that the car is in excellent working condition. Most new cars also come with a manufacturer's warranty, which covers the car's maintenance or repair costs. The downside to purchasing a new car is that the value of the car begins to depreciate the moment the buyer drives the car off the lot, and loses value quicker than a used car.

Factors to Consider

When purchasing a used car, buyers pay less for the vehicle, but they also have to be sure that the car is in good shape before they buy it. It is also critical to check the vehicle's history report, which can be found online, to ensure the vehicle has not had any significant damage. Vehicles that have been in accidents with significant damage are more susceptible to problems down the road, and buyers may have to constantly put money into the vehicle to keep it running. The history report also tells buyers about the cars maintenance history, repairs, and any problems that the car may have experienced. It is also important for buyers to inspect the vehicle in person, to seek out any problems that is not visible from any photographs that may have been provided by the seller. This is also a good way to tell if there are any problems to note prior to driving the vehicle.

One more thing to consider when purchasing a used car is the mileage. Buyers should look for vehicles with low mileage, a clean history report, and a reasonable price. Cars with lower miles are less likely to need repairs or maintenance, and tend to last longer than vehicles associated with higher mileage. Some used cars with lower mileage may still have the original manufacturer's warranty, which covers the vehicle up to a certain number of miles or years. Even when buying the car from the previous owner, the warranty transfers with the purchase of the vehicle.


The next thing to consider when purchasing a Lexus RX 300, is the vehicle's transmission. A vehicle's transmission refers to whether the vehicle is an automatic transmission, semi-automatic transmission, or manual transmission. Also known as standard transmission, manual transmission requires the driver to shift gears manually with a clutch foot pedal and stick shift. Many drivers do not even bother learning how to drive a stick shift, since it is more difficult than automatic transmission to learn, and is worse on gas mileage. It is more difficult to find a manual transmission in the Lexus RX 300, since automatic and semi-automatic transmissions are the standard for these particular vehicles.

Vehicles with automatic transmission shift gears automatically, so the driver does not usually have control of the gears while they are driving. Semi-automatic transmission gives the driver the option to use automatic or manual transmission. Not many semi-automatic vehicles include a clutch foot pedal, so the driver merely needs to control the stick to change gears.

Safety Features

One of the most important things people look for when purchasing a vehicle is safety. Anti-lock brakes, power-assisted disk brakes, brake assist, and smart stop technology, come standard in most models of Lexus MPVs. Traction control, stability control, and front and side airbags, are other safety features that come standard in most models. Lexus MPVs may also have additional safety features based on the individual model.

Many Lexus vehicles also have optional safety features which the driver should consider before making a purchase. Four wheel drive does not come standard in all Lexus MPVs, but is an important feature for driving in the snow. In addition, some models are available with rear view cameras, to prevent the driver from hitting or running over anything when reversing. Lexus also features an optional smart park technology, or blind spot assist.


One of the most common things people look for when purchasing a vehicle is style. Aside from colour, the Lexus RX 300 is also available in a sport model, which features exclusive style inside and out. Lexus vehicles are also available with a premium or luxury package, which adds features and style to the vehicle's interior.

The next thing to consider is the vehicle's exterior and interior colour. Colour is a matter of personal preference. Silver, black, and blue are popular colours for MPVs. Most Lexus RX 300 models feature a leather interior, but custom cloth seat covers are available for those who prefer cloth or different colour seats. Although style is important, it should take a backseat to finding a vehicle that is priced at a good value.

Additional Features

Before searching for a car, buyers should make a wish list of everything they want in their car. The Lexus RX 300 comes with the option of many additional features, such as navigation, sunroof, and even heated seats. Additional features oftentimes hike up the overall price of the car, so buyers may not be able to get every item on their wish list, therefore they should know which features are most important to them personally.


When purchasing a vehicle, cost is often one of the first things to determine. Buyers should consider the down payment, as well as the monthly payments and interest rate prior to purchase. Although Lexus RX 300 MPVs tend to be on the expensive side when it comes to vehicles, purchasing a used or basic model helps to make the car more affordable. The higher the down payment when purchasing a vehicle, the less interest the buyer has to pay over time. It is also important to determine the monthly payment, and how long the payments have to be made before the car is paid off. Another cost to consider is the cost of insurance. Buyers should compare costs for different auto insurance companies in order to find the best rate.

How to Purchase a Lexus RX 300 on eBay

eBay is a great place for people to buy and sell different items, including vehicles. eBay also has a wide array of vehicle parts, making it easy to replace parts, or repair the vehicle if need be. Because of the numerous sellers on eBay, eBay offers competitive pricing on vehicles and vehicle parts. To begin your search on eBay, you can search the specific make and model you are looking for in the keyword search bar, such as 'Lexus RX 300'. To browse different Lexus multi-purpose vehicles, you can use a broader search term to compare prices and features of the different options.

Another benefit to searching on eBay is how easy it is to stay within your price range. eBay allows buyers to set their price maximum, so they do not have to waste time searching through vehicles that are outside of their price range. eBay also allows users to search for vehicles based on location, so picking up the vehicle is quick and convenient after the purchase.


Lexus RX 300 MPVs are both safe and luxurious, making them a great option for a sports utility vehicle. When purchasing a used car on eBay, it is important to check the vehicle's history report, condition, and mileage. By looking for cars in their area, buyers can schedule a time to test drive the vehicle and meet the seller. By inspecting the vehicle in person, buyers may be able to find problems that were not visible in the pictures and choose not to purchase the vehicle, or rather offer a lower price.

Many sellers would also be willing to negotiate on the price, so getting to know the seller is beneficial. Another way to get to know sellers on eBay is by checking their detailed seller rating. A seller's rating is determined by customer feedback, and is based on the seller's past transactions. Buyers should choose sellers with high seller ratings, and positive customer feedback, to ensure they do not get ripped off when purchasing their vehicle. By taking the time to research the seller and the vehicle in question, buyers are sure to get the best value when purchasing a Lexus RX 300.

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