The Complete Guide to Buying a Mazda MX 5

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Mazda MX 5

In modern society, there are literally hundreds of thousands of cars, both new and used, that are available for purchase. Ranging from huge pickup trucks to the tiniest of sport cars, automobiles are available for virtually any buyer. However, as great as all of these options can be, the wide selection of cars can be difficult to navigate. Knowing what size car is desired is often the first step in deciding on the right vehicle. For those buyers who do not need an excessively large vehicle and who are looking for a smaller, fun vehicle, the Mazda MX 5 can be a great option. With its lightweight build and stylish appearance, the MX 5 has been snapped up fresh off the assembly lines by customers since the car first debuted in 1990.

The cars can now be purchased from automobile dealerships and also from online sites, such as eBay. However, buying a new car, whether it is brand new or previously owned, can be quite an investment. Because of this, careful consideration must be given to the specific details and characteristics of an MX 5 before it is purchased. Buying a car may seem challenging, but by understanding the history, generations, construction, and accessories that pertain to the Mazda MX 5, buyers can simplify the process.

History of the Mazda MX 5

The Mazda MX 5, also known as the Miata, first appeared on the automobile scene in 1989. The car was one of just a handful of vehicles known as 'roadsters' at the time, having been inspired by the small Italian and British roadsters of the 1960s. These particular cars are most prominently recognised by their small size and sleek, stylish appearance. The cars typically only fit two people, a driver and a front passenger. The MX 5 is also available as a convertible, allowing owners to enjoy fresh air with the roof down while out driving.

Construction of the Mazda MX 5

Although the specifics of each model of the Mazda MX 5 may change slightly or somewhat drastically, the general construction of the Miata is relatively standard across all the models. The MX 5 is well known for its small size and lightweight body, which optimises sensitive steering and neutral handling, as the vehicle is weighted evenly on both sides. Mazda MX 5s are all made with just two doors and room for two people and are considered to be on the better side of fuel efficiency, although this changes with different year models and trims. This particular roadster is also made as a convertible. The convertible top can come as either a hard top, made of strong, solid materials, or a soft top, which is typically made of cloth. The convertible tops also come in a variety of colours, from tan to black, depending on the type of top.

Trims for the Mazda MX 5

More variety is created through the different trims that are available for the MX 5, as well. Trim essentially refers to the different types of cars that are created as subsets of the primary model. The trims also change in their specifications as the different yearly models change. The most standard trims for the Mazda MX 5 are the Sport, Club, and Grand Touring vehicles.


The Sport trim of the Mazda MX 5 is often seen as the basic version of the roadster. This particular trim is not considered to be highly equipped or overly equipped with options and mechanisms. It has the necessary accessories for the car to be operated and enjoyed successfully and easily, but with few higher quality additions. Because of this, the Sport trim is more budget friendly for potential shoppers.


The Mazda MX 5's Club trim is considered to be the next step up from the Sport trim. The Club is not incredibly different from the Sport, but a number of performance changes make the Miata Club a slightly more luxurious car. This included improved tyres that made for a smoother drive. This particular roadster also has upgraded styling on both its exterior and interior, giving the already stylish Miata an even sleeker and more appealing appearance.

Grand Touring

For those car buyers who are looking for a fun sports car of a more luxurious calibre, the Mazda MX 5 Grand Touring is one of the best options available. This version of the roadster comes with a number of high-end additions that create an overall more enjoyable drive. A few of these features are leather seats with seat heating options and automatic climate control. Combined with the roadster's chic appearance, these options make the Grand Touring Miata a popular luxury sports car. Of course, all these high-end additions make the Grand Touring trim the most expensive of all the Mazda MX 5 models.

Generations of the Mazda MX 5

There have essentially been three main generations of the Mazda MX 5 since its debut in 1989. Although there are often different and improved models released each year, the main generations maintain a general consistency across all the different years' models. The following chart describes the defining characteristics of each generation of the Miata roadster, from engine size to horsepower.




0-100 km/h


NA, debuted 1989

1.6 litres

1.8 litres (1994)

5-speed Manual

8.1 seconds

116 horsepower

NB, debuted 1998

1.8 litres

5-speed Manual

6-speed Manual

7.8 seconds

140 horsepower

NC, debuted 2005

2.0 litres

1.8 litres

5-speed Manual

6-speed Manual

6-speed Automatic

9.4 seconds (1.8 litre)

7.9 seconds (2.0 litre)

167 horsepower

Many of the above changes between generations cannot necessarily be seen with the naked eye. Instead, the changes occurred under the car's bonnet, contributing to a different handling feel and driving and engine specifications for the vehicle. A number of stylistic changes occurred between generations, as well.

After the creation of the original NA first generation model, the later NB generation was released with retractable headlamps, as the first generation's headlamps no longer aligned with pedestrian safety standards and needed to be changed. The NB generation also debuted as a similarly sized version of the NA Mazda MX 5, which created a slightly more cramped feel inside the cabin. However, a number of basic adjustments inside the car made for a better ride. For example, simple changes to the rearview window made for a better drive.

The third generation of the Mazda MX 5 came with an upgrade on the interior and exterior, including an overall roomier inside and some general stylistic changes that slightly altered the car's appearance. The NC models also started to be produced with what came to be known as stability control, a type of safety system that became the standard for the Mazda MX 5.

Buying a Mazda MX 5 on eBay

The process of buying a car can be incredibly frustrating for many shoppers. Although having a widespread number of options available on the market is certainly nice, having too many cars to choose from can make finding exactly the right car a bit of a challenge. All of the difficulties associated with car shopping can be eliminated by searching for a Mazda MX 5 on eBay.

Whether a shopper knows exactly which types of specifications he or she is looking for in a car or a shopper has no idea whatsoever, eBay makes the process of searching and organising simple. By providing all the necessary specifications on the search page, from the year of the model to the colour of the car, eBay allows shoppers to quickly and easily refine the results that appear when they search for an MX 5.

Contacting the Seller

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a car on eBay is the condition of the car. A wise shopper should always clarify all of the car's specifications and condition. eBay's 'Ask a question' option on each listing page allows shoppers to easily contact the car's seller to ask important questions about a vehicle.


Buying a new car is an enjoyable experience for most shoppers. The feel of getting behind the wheel of a new car is both fun and exhilarating for a driver. However, some of this fun can be quickly outweighed by the incredible challenges that are often associated with finding and buying a new car. Navigating the countless options for an individual car can be more than a little overwhelming for a shopper. The Mazda MX 5 is one such car that has a wide range of specifications that vary from model to model, but shopping for this car does not have to be as difficult as many potential buyers expect it to be.

Deciding to shop for the roadster is the first step in simplifying the buying process, and then becoming familiar with the number of options available for the car comes next. By learning to recognise the general construction of the car, the different generations, and the varying specifications that are available, any shopper can find the right Mazda MX 5 for some fun drives along the motorway.

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