The Complete Guide to Buying a New Skoda

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The Complete Guide to Buying a New Skoda

Skoda Auto, or Skoda, is a Czech Republic automobile manufacturer. Although originally founded under the name Laurin & Klement in 1895, Skoda Works acquired the company in 1925. Since 2000, Skoda has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. This takeover improved the image of Skoda cars, which were once known as the "laughing stock" of the automobile market. By 2005, Skodas became a sought after car in the United Kingdom vehicle market and production soared. Today, the popularity and production of Skoda models continues to rapidly increase. Further, the sale of Skoda models has expanded to new global markets, even making a return to the Australian market in 2007, after selling the last Skoda there in 1983.

New Skoda models are available for purchase at Skoda dealerships, Volkswagen dealerships, and online at websites like eBay. There are a number of current Skoda models available to choose from. As such, buyers should take the time to research and compare each model to figure out which Skoda model is the right purchase.

Current Skoda Models

There are several Skoda models currently being produced. Each of these models has their own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. A thorough look at each model helps consumers walk into the buying process of a new Skoda with a better idea of what model they are interested in purchasing.


The Skoda Citigo is a protege of the concept city car Volkswagen up!, which was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011. The Citigo is available in a three-door or five-door hatchback, with front engine placement and front-wheel drive. The Citigo offers a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, which provides 60 horsepower. The Citigo engine offers consumers the option of Green Tech technology, which incorporates a start/stop system and regenerative braking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Further, the Citigo utilises an automated braking system called City Safe Drive, which automatically activates at speeds below 30 kilometres per hour to identify a danger of collision. The Citigo comes standard with a five-speed manual transmission and goes from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 14.4 seconds. The Citigo has received a five-star overall rating for safety from the European New Car Assessment Program.


The Fabia is a supermini that has been manufactured by Skoda since 1999. The Fabia entered its second generation of production in 2007 and produces both a five-door hatchback, and five-door estate body style. The Fabia is based on the platform of the Volkswagen Polo Mk4. Although the Fabia comes standard with a 1.2-litre 12V PS engine, the Fabia offers a range of different engine options fuelled by both petrol and diesel. The second generation Fabia offers four different trim levels and all models are sold with front passenger, driver, and side airbags. The Fabia is fitted with a central automated locking system that automatically locks the vehicle if the keys are not in the ignition and the bonnet is closed.


The Rapid is Skoda's newest five-door liftback family car that is the middle size between the Octavia and the Fabia. Although technically a hatchback, the Rapid gives the appearance of a saloon and has three trim options. The standard Rapid comes equipped with a 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine fuelled by petrol. However, the Rapid offers three other engines with various power outputs and a diesel-fuel option.

The Rapid has three transmission options including, a five-speed manual, six-speed manual, and seven-speed automatic. The Rapid is the protege of the MissionL concept car introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011. The Rapid is best-in-class for passenger head and knee room and offers 550 litres of storage space in the boot.


The Octavia is Skoda's smallest five-door family car available in both hatchback and estate body styles. The Skoda Octavia is currently in its third generation of production offering more luxury and space than its predecessors. The third generation Octavia boasts a 20.3-centimetre touch screen display, as well as an electronic panoramic roof. The Octavia offers a class-leading 590 litres of luggage space and has a variety of new safety options including, forward collision warning, driver fatigue detection systems, driver knee airbag, and rear side airbags. Further, the Octavia offers additional features such as lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition systems. The Octavia comes standard with a 1.2-litre engine but has a variety of other engines available as well, including a diesel-fuel option.


The Superb is Skoda's large luxury family car with history dating back to Skoda's flagship model. The original Superb was based on the Volkswagen Passat platform, but has strayed from this model in its second generation of production. The second generation is a five-door, five-seat, stretched out version of the Skoda Octavia. The Superb has an innovative tailgate that doubles as a regular saloon boot and has a transverse engine layout. The Superb offers five different trim options and four transmission options including the six and seven-speed direct shift gearbox automatic transmissions.

The Superb comes standard with a 1.4-litre inline four-cylinder engine expelling 123 horsepower. However, the Superb offers eight different engines total, four of which are diesel-fuelled. The Superb comes equipped with bi-xenon headlamps, front proximity sensors, sunroof with solar panels, and rain sensors, among other features. In 2009, the Superb was named Top Gear Magazine's luxury car of the year.


The Skoda Roomster is a five-door, five-seat leisure activity car, first produced in 2006. The Roomster is the first Skoda model that is not entirely based on a Volkswagen vehicle platform since the Volkswagen Group takeover in 2001. The theme behind the Roomster design is driving room ahead and generous living room to the rear. The Roomster cabin has the option of many seating configurations based on the buyer's preference. Because the rear seats are taller than the front seats, the seats can be folded into a 40-20-40 split.

The Roomster's luggage compartment also becomes a completely flat surface when the rear seats are removed. The Roomster comes standard with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder multi-valve engine and five-speed manual transmission. However, similar to the Superb, the Roomster offers the option of eight different engines, as well as other transmission options. The Roomster received an adult occupant safety rating of five stars out of five stars by the European New Car Assessment Programme.


The Yeti is Skoda's only SUV. The Yeti is a five-door, five-seat compact vehicle with the option of four-wheel drive. The Yeti offers three different trim options and up to 1,760 litres of luggage capacity when the rear seats are removed. The Yeti has received a five star overall safety rating by the European New Car Assessment Programme, and comes standard with driver and passenger seatbelt reminders.

The Yeti also features electronic stability programme, anti-lock brakes, hydraulic brake assist, anti-slip regulation, and an electronic differential lock system. The Yeti come standard with a 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine and has three transmission options.

Comparison of Current Skoda Models

The following chart gives a side-by-side comparison of the Skoda models currently available for purchase. The chart breaks down each vehicle model by class, length, height, and kerb weight.



Length (mm)

Height (mm)

Kerb Weight (kg)


City Car




Fabia (Hatchback)






Small Family Car




Octavia (Hatchback)

Small Family Car





Large Family Car





Leisure Activity Car





Compact SUV




This chart should act as a starting point for consumers interested in purchasing a new Skoda. This chart should not the replace individual research into Skoda models that buyers are potentially interested in purchasing.

How to Buy a New Skoda on eBay

The Skoda brand has made a comeback over the past decade and is now more popular than ever. As a result, there are many Skoda models to choose from to suit all types of vehicle needs. Luckily, eBay has a variety of new Skoda models available to purchase from various different sellers. Perhaps you are looking for a new Skoda that focuses on safety, such as the Skoda Yeti. To find out what your buying options are on eBay for this vehicle, simply type Skoda Yeti into the keyword search box located on any eBay web page. After you click on the search button a list of options matching this description is populated for you. You can also narrow your search by colour, model year, and price.

For most buyers, purchasing a new vehicle is a milestone. In order to ensure the best possible buying experience, be sure to take advantage of eBay's Top-rated seller feature. With this label, eBay identifies sellers that deliver consistently, provide accurate product descriptions, and charge fair postage. This is just one way eBay helps you have the best shopping experience possible when purchasing your new Skoda.


Although the Skoda brand had a shaky start, since the Volkswagen Group takeover, the Skoda has risen to the top in popularity for affordable, practical, and stylish cars. Most of the current Skoda models are based on well-tested concept cars and Volkswagen model platforms. Further, Skoda has implemented the latest in technology and safety, with two of its vehicles receiving a five-star overall safety rating from the European New Car Assessment Programme. Additionally, Skoda has won in-class awards for both their Superb and Rapid models.

Regardless of what class of vehicle a consumer is interested in, Skoda offers many ways to customise a new vehicle to a buyer's specific needs. For example, most models offer many diesel-fuel options, multiple transmission choices, various trim options, and a couple different body-styles. Consumers should go into buying a new Skoda with the confidence that they are getting a quality car for their money.

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