The Complete Guide to Buying a Skoda Fabia

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Skoda Fabia

The Skoda of many years past had a reputation for being unreliable and uncomfortable, and was not an especially sought-after vehicle to own. Over the years, Skoda has come on in leaps and bounds, and now has a reputation to rival most any vehicles in its class. The Skoda Fabia has been manufactured since 1999, and has consistently developed in style and features since then. The competitive nature of the current car market means that it is possible to negotiate a great deal on the purchase of a new or used Skoda Fabia. Searching on eBay for Skoda Fabia cars is a simple process, once the potential buyer has learned to negotiate the straightforward search options on eBay. Alternatively, consumers can visit dealers and local shops for their vehicle, but can find they are limited in scope and time.

History of the Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is now in the "supermini" bracket of the purchasing market. It was first manufactured in 1999, and came onto the market as a successor to the Skoda Felicia from previous years. It was presented to the market at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1999. Skoda's close association with Volkswagen, leading to the use of Volkswagen parts in its structure, has earned it a strong reputation as a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle. In 2000, the Skoda Fabia was named as "Car of the Year" by "WhatCar?" magazine. The Skoda Fabia quickly gained in popularity following its introduction, and sales of the Fabia are second to the Skoda Octavia model in the Skoda range. Worldwide, Skoda sells in the region of 255,000 Fabia models each year as of 2013.

Skoda Fabia Mark 1

The Skoda Fabia Mark 1 produced in 2000 was already very well-equipped with a range of body shapes, such as estate, hatchback, and saloon. It also came with a choice of three different types of trim, which were the classic style of trim, the comfort trim, and the elegance style of trim. Over the next few years, more extras started to appear on the Fabia as standard, such as front fog lights and an updated, more sporty steering wheel.

Skoda Fabia Mark 2

The slightly bigger Skoda Fabia Mark 2 came into production in 2007. It was launched at the Geneva Auto Show, and brought with it a whole new advertising campaign to promote its progress. Together with the extras from the Mark 1, the new Skoda Fabia boasted four different upholstery trim levels, namely the classic, ambiente, sport, and elegance trim. This generation of Fabia has a taller cabin, improving the spacious feeling of the interior. The Skoda Fabia Mark 2 soon earned its reputation for more sophistication, safety, comfort and reliability. The Mark 2 Fabia was more reminiscent of the Mini or the Suzuki Swift, than of the original Skoda Fabia, and it is clear to see that the manufacturers have responded positively to the changes in requirements and expectations of the average car buyer.

Skoda Fabia Engines

Skoda Fabia cars come in a range of different engine sizes, so it makes sense for the purchaser to research all the options in order to find the most suitable for their needs. A notable addition to the Fabia range is the option of the Greenline model, which promises greater fuel economy and reduced emissions. The following table sets out the range of engine sizes available with the Skoda Fabia, together with the years that they came into production.

Engine Size

Year of Production

1.2 HTP






1.2 TSI


1.4 TSI


1.2 TDI CR


1.4 TDI PD


1.6 TDI CR


1.9 TDI PD


The engines listed are not all inclusive since there are minor changes even mid-model year. However, it is important to note the progression Skoda has followed with the above cars: they constantly improve.

Skoda Fabia Models

The Skoda Fabia comes in a range of estate and hatchback models, depending on the level of performance that is required from the vehicle. The range starts at the 1.2 petrol model, and rises to the 1.6 diesel model. Prices within each engine size vary according to the type of model required, and which features are important to the buyer. So for example, the 1.6 TDI with 90 bhp is more expensive than the 1.6 TDI with 75 bhp. Similarly, the price increases with the style of interior required, so the more sumptuous the interior, the higher the price tag. The range also includes special editions, which usually have different specifications from the standard range. One example of a special edition is the 2007 1.9 TDI, 130 bhp. When using looking for special editions of Skoda Fabias, the Skoda Fabia Special Edition offers a unique mix of classic features and modern touches.

Skoda Fabia Features

The Skoda Fabia has many features as standard that are highly desirable to most purchasers. All models have as standard front driver, passenger and side impact airbags, and a central locking system. Each Fabia  is also fitted with a high quality stereo system. The later models also demonstrate efficient fuel usage, and low carbon dioxide emissions, reflecting the need in society to reduce the carbon footprint.

Benefits of the Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia has gained a good reputation as a solid contender in the "supermini" class of vehicles. Some reviews suggest that it may not be quite as refined as some of the other vehicles in its class, but certainly when it comes to interior space and reliability, the Skoda Fabia scores top marks. Drawbacks to the Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is not the quietest of cars, with its engine noise being above average of those in its class. Also the support offered by the seats is not as firm as it could be, meaning that over a long journey, this is not the most comfortable of cars. However, the ample leg- and headroom makes up for this in addition to its legroom.

Skoda Fabia Reviews

The Skoda Fabia receives lots of positive feedback in most reviews of cars in its class. It is inexpensive compared to many other cars of its class and specifications, is generally comfortable and it feels spacious and solid. Reliability is a key feature, and one that has improved year on year, and continues to improve. The Skoda Fabia comes out of reviews as compact, yet spacious, and it offers plenty of in-car storage space also. When choosing a Skoda Fabia, consumers should always choose the highest specification that is affordable, because the features of this car vary greatly from the most basic model, through to the higher specification models. For example, the most basic Skoda Fabia does not offer air conditioning as standard, something that is seen as a must-have in modern life. It really is a case of getting value for money, and the features offered match the price bracket.

Shopping for Skoda Fabias Cars on eBay

Searching for Skoda Fabia cars on eBay is easy. Just type keywords Skoda Fabia into the search field on any eBay web page. All the results on eBay for the Skoda Fabia, including parts and accessories, are returned. If looking for a particular model, it is possible to refine the search criteria by looking to see which categories the Skoda Fabias are listed in, and clicking on the appropriate category. Ir replacement parts is what you need for a Fabia, eBay has an extensive listing for parts, new or used.

Seller Feedback

With any big ticket item it is important to review the product as well as the seller. eBay lets you do just this by displaying their feedback score, and giving the seller a ribbon next to their name indicating months of reliable service. After your transaction, you can leave feedback for the seller and help future buyers.


A vehicle of the "supermini" class is a great car to choose if the main priorities are fuel-efficiency, safety, value for money, and convenience of parking. By refining the search options on eBay, the buyer can make an intelligent and well-informed choice about which specific model to purchase. The Skoda Fabia has strong results in reviews on this class of vehicle. When looking to buy a Skoda Fabia, using eBay is simple, quick, and allows the buyer to browse through all the different models available. It is easy to narrow down the search criteria on eBay if searching for a very specific model or colour. If looking for a Skoda Fabia from a particular year, type Skoda Fabia followed by the year of choice into the search area of eBay. For example, Skoda Fabia 2010 reveals the results for available cars dating only from 2010. It is also possible to further refine the search criteria, with options such as petrol or diesel, vehicle mileage, and choice of colours. All in all, eBay offers much more convenience and choice than visiting different dealerships, and all from the comfort of home.

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