The Complete Guide to Buying a Skoda Roomster

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Skoda Roomster

Debuted in 2006, the Skoda Roomster offers a flexible rear interior space that allows for a variety of seating and luggage arrangements. Although reviewers commented on its unusual appearance, the Roomster quickly gained a reputation as a comfortable car, with high marks for practicality and an economical driving experience. As a mid-size multi-passenger vehicle (MPV), the Skoda Roomster is a popular choice for people who are looking for a reliable car that has the flexibility to tote both passengers and cargo.

The engine options on the Roomster are not designed to be high-performance, although the Roomster is by no means a slow car. Instead, both the diesel and petrol engines that are fuel efficient and low emissions combine with other options to make an environmentally friendlier car. There are a several reasons to buy a Skoda Roomster. It offers comfort, safety, and affordable driving. When looking for one, buyers can find a wide range of models and years available at car dealers or through an online site such as eBay. A presentation of the Skoda Roomster features may help buyers choose the right model for them.

Skoda Roomster Comfort

The Skoda Roomster comfortably seats up to five people. The second row of seats can be configured in many different ways to provide for a flexible luggage compartment, and it also sits higher in the car, providing a good view of the trip from the large rear windows. The laminated glass roof protects passengers from UV rays while filling the car with natural light. Other comfort features to consider include the VarioFlex system and the spacious luggage compartment.


The Roomster comes with Skoda's VarioFlex system. The rear row of three seats can be moved around to allow for different seating configurations. The outer seats can be folded or moved crosswise by removing the middle seat. All three seats can also be removed altogether if so desired.

Boot Capacity

The car boot has 480 litres of space at its smallest configuration. Even with all five seats in place, the boot's capacity is up to 560 litres. Once the seats are removed, the boot has more than 1,810 litres of space. That is enough room to carry a bicycle. Rear seats can also be reclined or folded completely forward. One option buyers may want to consider is the dividing net. The net can be installed behind the front seats or behind the rear headrests. It conveniently folds away behind the rear seats when not in use.

Skoda Roomster Safety

The Roomster has up to six airbags: driver and front passenger, front side, and head protection airbags. This is not the only way the Skoda protects the passengers in this car. The many safety features add up to good safety ratings for the price range. Specifically, the Roomster receives excellent ratings for side impact and child protection. Some of the other safety features that can be found in the Roomsters include flashing brake lights, parking sensors, child seat anchors, ESC, MBA, and anti-slip regulation.

Brake Lights

The brake lights are also designed with safety in mind. During hard braking from speeds above 60 kilometres per hour, the brake lights flash. This grabs the attention of the drivers behind, reducing the risk of a rear-end impact. In addition, once the car is stopped, the hazard lights switch on. Once the car begins to move again, the hazard lights switch off automatically.

Parking Sensors

Acoustic rear parking sensors contribute to the overall safety of the Skoda Roomster. Ultrasound sensors in the rear bumper detect the distance from an obstacle. When an obstacle is detected, the system triggers an audio as well as a visual alert on the radio or navigation system. This can help the driver in tight parking spots as well as when backing out of spaces.

Child Safety

The Skoda Roomster is also equipped with Isofix anchors as well as the Top Tether system to attach a child's car seat. The two systems together create an especially safe environment for a child. While the Isofix anchors are the main system by which a child's car seat should be attached, the Top Tether system reduces the rotational movement, slowing down the child's forward momentum.

Electronic Stability Control

The Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, helps to stabilise the car. The ESC prevents slipping and wheel locking by compensating for understeering or oversteering. In order to do this, the unit continually compares the driving information with the pre-set values in the system.

Emergency Braking

All Skoda cars are equipped with either Mechanical Brake Assist, also known as MBA, or Hydraulic Brake Assist, also known as HBA. In emergency braking situations, the MBA or HBA helps to increase the intensity of the braking. This allows the driver to stop quickly and safely.

Anti-Slip Regulation

The anti-slip regulation improves fuel economy and provides safer handling. The regulator detects excessive wheelspin and automatically controls it to slow down the speed of the slipping wheel. Once the wheel is under control, the car can once again move forward.

Skoda Roomster Engine

The Skoda Roomster offers several different petrol and diesel engine options. Each one is aimed at fuel economy. Petrol models offer a four-cylinder engine with up to 77 kilowatts of power. The diesel engines offer three or four cylinders with up to 77 kilowatts. All Skoda Roomster cars are a five-speed manual transmission; however, there is a six-speed transmission model available for a petrol engine. There is also a seven-speed automatic transmission available.


Model Information

Production Years

1.2 HTP

Basic Roomster models


1.2 TSI

Five-, six-, and seven-speed transmissions available in the Roomster and Scout models



Scout models



Scout models


1.2 TDI

Low carbon dioxide emissions, available on the GreenLine model


1.4 TDI

Scout and Roomster models



Low fuel consumption, available on the Scout models


1.9 TDI

Scout models


In addition to the low fuel consumption and low carbon emissions of the Skoda Roomsters, the cars have added features that make them even more environmentally friendly. These features make the Skoda Roomster cars a greener option for driving. When looking for a Roomster, buyers should check to make sure the following features are available on the model year they are considering.

The energy recovery system converts kinetic or moving energy into energy that can be either stored or used immediately. This reduces the need for fuel to keep the battery charged or power the on-board appliances. At the same time, the low rolling resistance tyres offer a longer lifespan, saving both money and space in landfills. Finally, the start-and-stop system in the engine automatically shuts the engine off when the car is stationary. Since the engine still requires fuel to run while stopped at a light or in traffic, the start-and-stop system reduces the overall fuel consumption and eliminates pollutants. Conveniently, the system also switches the engine back on when the driver is ready to move again.

Skoda Roomster Audio and Navigation System

Earlier models of the Skoda Roomster tended to come with a CD or CD changer. However, 2011 models and later also feature a Mobile Device Interface (MDI) for use with digital audio devices. There is also the more recent GSM phone preparation, allowing drivers to call from their mobiles hands-free. Finally, there is a GPS satellite navigation system with a large screen display in later model cars.

Buying a Skoda Roomster on eBay

If you have decided to buy a Skoda Roomster on eBay, you can search for available listings by typing 'Skoda Roomster' into the search box on the home page of the website. Knowing and using details such as the model year, colour, or engine type that you are interested in narrows your search considerably. Keep in mind that you can find both new and used Skoda Roomster models on eBay, and make sure to check the listing closely for details.

When deciding to buy any car, including a Skoda Roomster, it goes without saying that a test drive is ideal. You can look for eBay sellers closer to your location by sorting your search based on your postcode. You can contact the seller via the 'Ask a Question' link if you have questions about the car ahead of the test drive or if there is little information about setting up a test drive.


Having been on the market since 2006, the Skoda Roomster has a good reputation for being an affordable, spacious car that is also environmentally friendly. Buyers in the market for an MPV tend to be interested in storage capacity as well as the flexible seating possibilities. When looking for a Roomster, buyers should inform themselves about the different options available. Once they learn about the comfortable cabin space, the many different safety features, and the economical and fuel saving engine options, buyers can make a decision about the right car for them. If a buyer is interested in inputs for digital music players, they need to consider more recent models. At the same time, if a modern navigation system is important, buyers should look to purchase cars manufactured within the last two years. Whether purchasing a new or used Skoda Roomster, buyers can find the right model at the right price on eBay.

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