The Complete Guide to Buying a TV Wall Mount on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying a TV Wall Mount on eBay

A little care should be exercised when buying a TV wall mount.. Although there is thousands of TV wall mount devices to choose from on eBay, compatibility issues mean that the majority will prove unsuitable for any given installation. However, identifying which TV wall mounts are compatible with the chosen application is usually a fairly quick and simple matter. A few minutes spent researching television, TV wall mount, and retailer is often all that is needed to ensure a trouble free purchase.

Researching the Television

The first step to choosing the correct TV wall mount is to identify which type of wall mount the television is designed to accept.

Identifying the Television's Mounting Type

Modern panel televisions usually come with bolt holes located on the back, which are intended to be used for mounting the device to a wall. These are arranged in different patterns, known as the VESA Type of the television. Identifying the VESA Type of the television should be the first step whenever a TV wall mount is being purchased. Many televisions have the VESA Type stamped on the back. It will read something like "VESA Type 100mm x 100mm". Should this not be the case, the information can usually be found in the Specifications section of the product manual. The VESA Type can also be ascertained by either visiting the manufacturer's website or contacting an authorised dealer for the brand.

Researching the TV Wall Mount

There are many different styles of TV wall mount available from fixed brackets to fully articulated models which can extend, swivel, and tilt. It is worth taking a bit of time to explore the various mounting options that are on offer as well as identifying which mounts are compatible with the television.

Researching TV Wall Mounts on eBay

A good place to start researching the various types of TV wall mount that are available is by using the eBay product review and buying guide facility. The extensive content can be searched or browsed to find information about the intended purchase.

Buying a TV Wall Mount on eBay

Purchasing a TV wall mount on eBay is simplicity itself. However, which method is the best to use will depend on how quickly the item is required and how important it is to the buyer that they get the best value for money. Many TV wall mounts are available for instant purchase in the same way as any other online store. However, on eBay it is also sometimes possible to bid on the same items at auction and get them for less or to haggle with the vendor by making an offer that is less than the asking price.

When a potential purchaser assigns a price to an item, whether by agreeing to buy it or by bidding or offering on it, they are committing to buy the item at that price. If they subsequently fail to complete the transaction by paying for the item, they may find that their privileges on eBay are reduced. This can mean they are no longer able to purchase goods from some vendors. It is therefore important for the buyer to be sure they are happy with the price they are offering before they make a commitment to it.

Purchasing a TV Wall Mount Using Buy it Now

When the TV wall mount is required as soon as possible, it is best to attempt the purchase of one using the "Buy It Now" method. Once the item is paid for, it should be despatched according to the delivery details in the listing. Some eBay vendors offer an express delivery option at extra cost, which can be useful when the TV wall mount is required with the least possible delay.

Purchasing a TV Wall Mount by Making an Offer

Some eBay sellers allow offers to be made on their goods. However, as the offering process can take a few days to complete, this is not the best option for someone looking to make a quick purchase. Having decided on the amount to offer, one simply enters the sum using the "Make Offer" option and then waits for the vendor to respond. The seller may decide to accept the offer, or reject it if they feel it is too low. They may also choose to make a counter offer, which will be somewhere between the buyer's original offer and the asking price.

The buyer will then have the same three choices: accept, reject, or counter offer. The counter offering process can be repeated through several iterations, with each party allowed a few days to consider the last offer they received. Offering on an item can be a great way to get a bargain, but it can require patience to get the very best price. If the two parties have not managed to come to an agreement by the end of the counter offering procedure, the TV wall mount will remain unsold and another suitable device will have to found elsewhere.

Purchasing a TV Wall Mount at Auction

Bidding on a TV wall mount at auction can be fun and is often a great way to get a bargain. However, as auctions can last several days, and there can be no guarantee of actually winning the item, it is not a suitable method of purchase for an urgently required TV wall mount. Once a suitable TV mount has been located that is for sale by auction, a potential purchaser can enter the amount they would like to bid. They will immediately be informed if they are the highest bidder. If not, they can place additional bids until either their bid is the highest or they decide they do not want to buy the item for the suggested price. Having the highest bid is no guarantee of success, as other eBay members can place higher bids at any time before the end of the auction. However, should this happen and the auction is not just about to end, the previous highest bidder will receive an email informing them that they have been outbid. They can then decide whether they want to put in a higher bid, or accept defeat and look for the same item elsewhere.

Researching the eBay Retailer

As well as comparing the specs and prices of the TV wall mounts on offer, it can be a good idea to compare the eBay retailers themselves.

Delivery Details

Comparing the delivery details of the different TV wall mount listings allows the vendor with the quickest despatch times to be identified.

Returns Policy

A quick check of the returns policy can be useful if there is any remaining doubt about the compatibility of the TV wall mount on offer.

Retailer Feedback

The Detailed Seller Rating information shows at a glance how successfully the vendor fulfils their customer's expectations. More detailed information can be gained by examining the individual feedbacks.

Ask a Question

Most vendors of TV wall mounts are only too happy to confirm whether a particular item will be suitable for the intended application. Where this is not the case, they will often be able to advise on alternative devices they have in stock which are compatible.

Finding a TV Wall Mount on eBay

Every conceivable kind of TV wall mount is available for purchase on eBay. There are branded and unbranded items, both new and used, being offered by both professional and amateur retailers alike. Any desired TV wall mount can be easily found, either by directly searching for it or by browsing using the links provided. Where the exact model of the desired TV wall mount is known, the relevant details can simply be entered into eBay's search facility located at the head of every page. For example, to identify branded Panasonic TV wall mounts, simply type in "genuine Panasonic TV wall mount". To browse all the TV wall mounts available on eBay, select the All Categories drop-down menu, and click on Sound & Vision and then on TV & Home Audio Accessories followed by TV Wall Mounts & Brackets and finally check the Mount option. Whether searching or browsing, the options to the left of the page can be used to show only the most suitable items. For example, these can restrict the TV wall mounts displayed to be only new LG TV wall mounts with a Vesa Size of 100mm x 100mm .


Buying a TV wall mount on eBay is an easy process, provided a little care is taken to get the right one. Time spent researching the television's mounting requirements and matching these to the TV wall mounts on offer on eBay should ensure the transaction goes smoothly. It is also worth bearing in mind that a few moments spent searching for the best eBay vendor can help ensure that the correct item arrives all the more speedily.

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