The Complete Guide to Buying a Toyota Yaris

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is considered a subcompact car, and its small size makes it an affordable option for buyers on a budget who do not need too much room. The Yaris has been around since its creation in 1999. Newer models include a hatchback design, and older Yaris styles include a sedan model. Even the hatchback is compact and sleek, offering many colours, features, and safety options.

The economical Yaris offers good gas mileage, and hatchback versions can seat up to five people comfortably. If consumers are looking for an affordable, reliable car that offers updated features and comfortable seating, along with fuel efficiency and modern safety features, the Yaris is a good option, and there are plenty of models and styles of the Yaris available for purchase on eBay. Consumers can find a used Yaris that is in good condition, or they can splurge on a new Toyota Yaris, depending on what their budget has room for.

Toyota Yaris Models

When consumers are browsing the Yaris options, they need to choose between the various styles of Yaris before making a purchasing decision. There are several factors to weigh, including the amount of space the buyers need and what the budget is for the vehicle.

Three-Door Models

A Yaris sedan includes three-door models such as the L and the LE. The hatchback with three doors can seat five people, and comes in either automatic transmission or manual transmission models. The main difference between the L and the LE models is the way the trim looks on the exterior as well as the design of the interior of the cars.

Another difference between the L and the LE that music lovers may find interesting is that the L offers a stereo system with four speakers, while the LE bumps it up a notch with a six-speaker system. The three-door models offer two doors on the body of the car, with the third door being the hatch in the back that opens upward to reveal cargo space. This roomy area offers more space than a traditional boot.

Five-Door Models

Just as consumers are offered different options with the three-door models, there are several options to choose from when purchasers are seeking a five-door Yaris. The five-door model comes in three styles: the L, the LE, and the SE. The L and the LE have varying trims and not many other differences, but the jump from the five-door L to the SE is a bit of a difference for a few reasons.

The SE is a bit sportier in design, and offers a rear spoiler. The SE also includes alloy wheels as opposed to the steel wheels of the other models. The headlights are a bit different with a fog light addition, as well. The SE also has various features that the other models do not have, such as a leather steering wheel and cruise control as standard features. Four doors along with the hatchback make it a bit roomier than three-door models, but the sporty SE is still an affordable option.

Toyota Yaris Features

Though the Yaris may be a compact car, it is not lacking when it comes to features, especially inside the more recent model years of the Yaris. If consumers want a fully loaded car that is still cost effective and offers maximum fuel efficiency, the Yaris has it all.


All of the Yaris models offer standard safety features such as nine airbags, and that includes specialty airbags that deploy during side impact that are placed on the front and rear of the vehicle. Other safety features include traction control, anti-lock brakes, and Smart Stop Technology. These features all combine to create the safest driving experience possible.

The seats of the Yaris are also designed for safety. They include a technology called Whiplash-Injury-Lessening, which means that if there is an accident, the seats actually provide a bit of give to reduce the chances that the passengers end up with whiplash. For purchasers with children, they can rest easy knowing that the Yaris is equipped with helpful anchors to make it easy to install child safety seats in the back to keep them sturdy and properly placed.


When it comes to entertainment features, newer models of the Yaris are fully equipped to make it easy for consumers to enjoy their favourite form of media. There are USB plugs to hook up MP3 players and stream music through an iPod or smartphone. A CD player is included as well as an AM/FM radio tuner.

Consumers have easy access to Sirius XM radio, and the Yaris has Bluetooth capability as well. To make changing the station or skipping to the next song easier while driving, the Yaris has steering wheel controls so drivers never have to take their hands off the wheel. This is convenient, and safer too.

Toyota Yaris Model Years and Colours

When consumers are looking to purchase a Yaris, they need to decide not only on the style and size of the hatchback or sedan, but also select a model year. There are many choices for purchasing a used Yaris, and buyers can select everything from a 2002 model to a 2008 model. Though, purchasers who enjoy the more modern, updated features like MP3 access are likely want a newer model to enjoy more current technology, such as a 2012.

The Yaris also comes in a broad array of colours for buyers who are looking for a specific shade, such as black, blue, red, white, silver, and even a bold, bright turquoise shade called mica. Accents and trims vary according to the model of the car, as well as interior fabrics, materials, and colours.

Selecting the Right Toyota Yaris

While all of the newer Yaris models offer the signature hatchback design, there are still a few variances between the three different styles of Yaris cars. Many consumers may be shopping by price alone, but some buyers may feel strongly about having a fully loaded car with extra, updated features.

Yaris L

Yaris LE

Yaris SE

Three-door or five-door styles

Three-door or five-door styles

More powerful suspension

Plastic trim

Automatic or manual transmission

More luxurious fabric interior, soft trim

Least expensive Yaris model

Power windows

Most expensive Yaris model

Four-speaker sound system

Six-speaker sound system

Cruise control standard

Essentially, for consumers who are not concerned about fancy features but simply want a reliable vehicle, the Yaris L is a good choice. Buyers who are not on a tight budget and enjoy technological features as well as a more decadent interior may opt for the sportier, more luxurious look of the Yaris SE. All of the Yaris models maintain the high quality that Toyota promises its consumers when purchasing any of its vehicles. All models are available in either automatic or manual transmission styles.

How to Buy a Toyota Yaris on eBay

If you are looking for affordability in a subcompact car that still offers style and loads of features, then a Toyota Yaris may be the perfect car to fit your needs. There are many options on eBay when it comes to buying a Yaris, and you can see three-door and five-door models available. Navigate to the Toyota Yaris listings, and from there you can customise your selection with options like a petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle, how many miles the Yaris has on it, and what the model year of the Yaris is.

The most important factor for buyers when purchasing a vehicle on eBay is that they go through a reputable, high-quality seller in order to get the best deal on a good Toyota Yaris. Check to see if the merchant has been given the Top-rated seller distinction by eBay, and note how many successful transactions he or she has processed. Also, be sure to note what type of feedback comments previous buyers have left. If you are having a hard time deciding between two or three vehicles, the feedback and seller status can be a good determining factor. Leave your own feedback for the seller once your transaction is successfully completed.


For some consumers, buying a car can be an exciting experience, while other consumers find it stressful, especially for those on a tight budget with not much leeway. Instead of driving around to various dealerships and haggling with salespeople, alleviate the anxiety of car shopping by using eBay to purchase a Yaris instead. Clicking through pages of cars and taking the time to examine every listing carefully while comparison shopping between models, styles, and colours at leisure is much more enjoyable than hitting the car lots.

Some sellers may even offer the option to test drive the car in person if they are asked, and buyers are able to get a reliable, affordable Toyota Yaris that fits their budget quite easily. To further customise their new set of wheels, buyers can also purchase any other accessories for their new vehicle such as floor mats, air fresheners, seat covers, and boot organisers on eBay.

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