The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Hyundai

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Hyundai

Hyundais are Korean-made cars that are well-known for their reliability. Offering a range of car types from tiny micro-cars that are made for the city, to larger MPVs that can seat up to 10 people, there is a used Hyundai model for seemingly every need imaginable. When considering a used Hyundai, the main thing a shopper needs to know is the different models that are available in each category, as well as their positive and negative characteristics.

One benefit available to the used car buyer that is not available to new car buyers is the fact that plenty of information is available about the performance of older models over time. This is a significant advantage that can save a car buyer money and time. Not only can one avoid models that turned out to be flawed, but one can also get a good idea of the problems that might crop up over time, and how much time and effort one is likely to spend on maintenance. By learning about different Hyundai models that have come out in the past ten years and learning how to shop for used Hyundais online at websites like eBay, those in the market for a used car can come out on top.

Hyundai Cars

Hyundai cars range in size from small hatchbacks to coupés, to longer estates and even full-size sedans. There is some overlap between the estates and the crossover SUVs, with some models falling somewhere in between the two groups. Several models, including the Accent and the Elantra, were available in more than one form. For example, the Accent was offered as a coupé, a hatchback, and a saloon from the years 1994 to 1997.


Hyundai offered a line of sports car coupés as well as a subcompact that came in coupé form. The sports coupe line started with the S Coupé, while the subcompact Accent came in various forms and is still offered in a four-door form today.

S Coupé

The S Coupé was made from 1990 to 1995. It had two doors and a 1.5-litre 92 hp I4 engine, as well as the option of either a 5-speed manual, or 4-speed automatic transmission. The engine was made a little more powerful in 1993 (with a turbo option) and a few style changes were made as well. The car has a generic somewhat anonymous look that does not attract much attention, which is a positive feature in some places, and is very reliable with proper servicing.


In 1996, the S Coupé was succeeded by the Coupe. The Coupe improved significantly on the S Coupé's looks, had more horsepower, and was produced up until the year 2002. Unlike the S Coupé, the Coupe actually looks like a sports car. However, it received some criticism because it didn not handle as well as it looked. Overall, though, the Coupe represents good value for money and became a popular model. The second generation of the Coupe, called the Coupe SIII, was made from 2001 to 2008 and had more styling changes as well as more powerful engine options, among other changes.


After the Coupe stopped production in 2008, Hyundai did not have a sports car in their lineup until 2011 when the Veloster was released. Aimed at younger drivers, the Veloster has 1.6-litre engine with a turbo option, and a 6-speed manual, automatic, or dual clutch transmission.


Perhaps the most popular Hyundai model of all time, the Accent came out in 1994 and is still made today. The two-door coupe form was praised for its styling and handling but some criticised the interior. Some of the early Accents rated poorly on crash test ratings but this was improved in later models.


Hatchbacks can come in a range of sizes from the smallest micro-cars to those that fall into the crossover category. The first Hyundai hatchback was a version of the Accent. The next hatchbacks to be made by Hyundai were the Amica or Atoz, the Getz, and the i10 series.

Amica and Atoz

The Atoz consisted of a  compact size and cute styling. These were and still are reliable and relatively inexpensive cars. However, tall people might find the interior a little cramped and it is really only meant for short city trips, not for the highway. The name was changed in the UK to the Amica but the car remained basically the same. The Atoz was made from 1998 to 2001 and the Amica from 2000 to 2003, and then from 2006 to 2009


The Getz was in production from 2002 until 2008. More spacious than the Amica, the Getz won awards in Portugal, Australia, Denmark, and Scotland. Several versions were made, including three-door and five-door versions. The only possible complaint about the Getz is the steering, which felt vague to some.

i10, i20, and i30

The Hyundai i10 came to the UK in 2008 as a city car. It replaced the Atoz and Amica and enjoyed success in many markets, especially in Asia. The i20 eventually replaced the Getz although both were sold concurrently for a little while in many markets. The i30 is a small family car that comes as a hatchback or as an estate and has diesel engine options. While the i30 has a better quality interior and lower CO2 emissions than the i10 and i20, it is also more expensive.


Hyundai has made two estates that have enjoyed some success in the UK market. These were the i30 and the second generation Elantra, also marketed as the Lantra. In recent years, estates have turned into bigger crossover SUVs like the Hyundai ix20 and the ix35. There are also more roomy options like the i30 Touring.


The very popular Accent was made as a saloon from 1994 to 1997, and then again in 2003. The Elantra was made from 2001 to 2004. Both of these can be found at great values today. In particular, the Elantra is often considered one of the best used cars to buy because of the price and reliability. The Sonata is another sedan model offered for many years by Hyundai. While it upholds Hyundai's reputation for reliability, it does not stand out in its handling or looks.

Hyundai SUVs

Hyundai has four SUV models, two of which are still being produced. These models are: the Santa Fe, Tucson, Terracan, and ix35.

Santa Fe

The Santa Fe is the oldest of the four models and emerged as a compact crossover in 2000. It became a mid-sized crossover in 2007 when the second generation came out. The third generation, which is still being sold, cwas introduced in 2013. The Santa Fe was a big hit, especially in the United States, despite criticism about the styling of the first generation. The second generation improved on the original design, in particular when Hyundai started using a 2.2-litre diesel engine in 2010. There was also a hybrid model that came out in 2009.

Tucson and ix35

The Tucson, another compact crossover that is sometimes listed as an estate, came out from 2004 to 2009. The main criticism of the Tucson is that the gas mileage is not very good compared to other cars in the same class. The second generation of the Tucson was renamed the ix35 and received much better reviews all around. The high quality of the interior materials, the low running costs, and high level of comfort make this an excellent used vehicle for anyone who needs a crossover.


The Terracan is a completely different kind of SUV. The Terracan is a tough 4X4 made for harsh off-road conditions and towing. What many SUV buyers may not be prepared for is the roughness of the ride. The Terracan's blocky form also contrasts sharply with other modern Hyundai styling which is usually more streamlined. It was sold from 2003 to 2007.

Hyundai MPVs

For those who need still more space, there are Hyundai's MPVs. These include the Trajet, the Matrix, the i800, and the ix20. The Trajet, which sold from 2000 to 2006, offers fantastic value for the space it has and as well as the ingenious seating arrangements. The back five seats are completely removable and the front seats can turn to face the back when the vehicle is parked, creating a space where a family could rest when travelling. The Matrix is a mini-MPV, or a tall five-seater hatchback, depending on how one looks at it. There are versions available with turbo diesel engines. It was sold from 2001 to 2010 and was replaced by the Hyundai ix20.

In contrast, the i800 is a full-size van that seats eight with ease. While the 2.5-litre diesel engine is strong enough for anything one might want to do, parking this monster can be tricky. The i800 has been on the market since 2008.    

How to Buy a Used Hyundai on eBay

Finding a used Hyundai is easily done on eBay, where both dealers and private owners from all over the UK post vehicles for sale. You can either shop for a certain model, if you already know which one you want, or browse through all the Hyundai models available. There are also many search refinements available to make finding the right car easy.

To find a used Hyundai on eBay, simply enter the search term 'Hyundai' in the search box that is located on any eBay page. Then choose the appropriate subcategory to look or cars for sale. You can then use the search options to refine the search to show only listings for used cars. Use other search options like price and model to narrow the search further.

Finding a reputable dealer or seller is as easy as clicking on the seller's feedback score. Choose one of eBay's Top-rated sellers to do business only with sellers who have a long history of excellent customer service on eBay. Be sure to read the entire listing and negotiate for the best terms, including a warranty if possible.


Hyundai has a lot to offer in the used car market. The Hyundai Accent and Elantra are well-known for their great value and reliability among sedans. Used Hyundai hatchbacks like the Getz are a great choice for those who need just a compact car for trips around the city. Hyundai crossovers are also becoming more popular and expensive. A used crossover like a Santa Fe is a great way to get the best of Hyundai's crossover design without spending on the latest gadgets. There are also MPVs for big families and groups.

With reliability being a top priority on trips with large numbers of people, a Hyundai MPV can be counted on to transport groups without breaking down. Hyundais are not always the flashiest or the fastest, but they are cars that get the job done. With low running costs and even some hybrid models, a used Hyundai may be the most affordable choice over the long term. By learning to shop for used cars online, anyone can get a great deal on a Hyundai without leaving the comfort of his or her home.

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